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cheerleading and drama class, (supernatural au)


football locker room

dean was ready. or at least he told himself that, he had everything on, he fiddled with his helmet and sat on a bench in the locker room. once the coach called he walked out to start the warm ups before the game. he ran into the same boy from before, he was in a cheer leading out fit but instead of a skirt it was black sweat pants. he was wearing the tank top with a t-shirt under it, he was holding 2 pom poms and had on a sweat band.

''hey,'' said dean and smirked.

''h-hi,'' says cass.

then he looks down at and it looks like he is looking at his chest, he looks back up at dean looking nervous.

''CASSIE!'' yelled coach.

dean just goes ''huh''

cass turns around ''its cass! just cass!''

dean stands there confused for a few minutes then realizes and goes ''oh.''

cass glances at dean and runs away

''wait cass!'' he goes after cass.

''what?'' says cass.

''why are u running?'' says dean.

''why u think?'' says cass, ''you wont like me,''

''why?'' asks dean

''cause i'm a girl who thinks they are a boy'' say cass.

''no,'' says dean. ''your a boy stuck in a girls body.''

''dean i...'' cass says

''i love u cass'' says dean

''i love u too'' says cass and they both kiss a nice and long kiss not caring who is watching.

THE END hope u like

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