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BAD BLOOD - Harry Potter


"cause baby now we got bad blood you know we used to have mad love" Cecilia malfoy was always told how bad Harry Potter was but one day she just had to find out for herself.

Fantasy / Romance
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AUTHORS NOTE: Okay here we go can't believe i'm finally posting this this is my first fan fiction so there is definitely gonna be a lot mistakes.
Thank you so much for reading it means the world to me. I'll try my best to update often but I am in high school so we all know how that goes. Hope you enjoy don't forget to comment and vote.
Love Love Love you, Saturn

Lucy Boynton as Cecilia Malfoy
a maleficent slytherin

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter
the boy who lived

Natasha Liu Bordizzo as Iris
a hopeless ravenclaw who's best
friends with cecilia malfoy

all the original harry potter characters
as themselves

bad blood by taylor swift
sober by lorde
rooms on fire by stevie nicks
illicit affairs by taylor swift
pumped up kicked by foster the people
drunk on halloween by the wallows
fell in love with a girl by the white stripes
come a little closer by cage the elephant
champagne problems by taylor swift
halloween by phoebe bridgers
cruel summer by taylor swift
playlist on my spotify annabelleg12356

started february 27 2021
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