Yuji expects to live a somewhat normal life with less gruesome fighting and tries to keep a low profile, trying to ignore the King of Curses that likes to live in his head rent-free. Life comes with hardships so Yuji considered this to be of minor inconvenience. Unfortunately, his naiveness is what lands him unprepared for the real problem. The art on the cover is not mine by the way. It belongs to @zoozzzo on Twitter.

Erotica / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Yuji Itadori. A somewhat average student, with tremendous athletic capabilities like no other, going to school as he should be. Well, he never had such a thought until about 3 years ago when his dumb 15-year-old self decided to eat a finger of the king of curses to save a life. He wished that it ended at that, but that was the turning point in his life, with an imaginary timer above his head that would reach zero once he ‘feasted’ on all of Sukuna’s fingers. However, things changed after he managed to bargain and prove his control over the said demon of all demons. Now, here he is, aged 18, working as a jujutsu sorcerer to earn money, and working on normal side jobs because there will be a time he’ll be too old to jump in the air and punch curses.

As for Sukuna, by some luck, he is no longer able to make any surprise appearances on Yuji’s face because it would cause a hindrance at work with his snide remarks and shit attitude. Sadly, he still lives inside of Yuji and now talks as if he were his own stream of consciousness. His wants to ruin the world and have millions of bloody corpses to turn into his own decoration for his new hell will always be directed at Yuji, and how he’s soon going to mess up that boy. Yuji simply tells him to give up on his baseless threats, because he no longer has the power to even pull the said boy into his domain and to admit that he is just a voice in the back of Yuji’s mind and that’s all he’ll ever be.

Despite, all this Yuji enjoyed hearing the curse cuss at him multiple times about how he’s going to regret saying such shit, to which he stares at the mirror and gives him the finger knowing he can very well see. He does have the upper hand sometimes when it comes to Yuji attempting to sleep peacefully. Those are the times when Yuji wishes to rip that man in half and toss his remains into the sea, but life just isn’t fair so he has to suck it up and deal with it.

Summaries aside, Yuji was getting ready to finally finish his work for the day, as he landed an inhumane punch on the curse he found in an abandoned building, watching as it vanished into thin air from being overpowered in terms of strength. ‘Thank every single being out there that it’s Friday because I need that goddamn sleep. Working in the cafe in the morning and then doing sorcerer duty in the afternoon till 8:00. The weekend was made for me’ Yuji wallowed in his thoughts as he reported his encounters to his superiors, and tucked his phone in his bag, starting his journey to the dorms, which was guaranteed as long as he continued to be a sorcerer...well, not like he had much of a choice anyway, but at least he got to live rent-free.

Humming whatever random tune he could think of, Yuji stared at the moon that was currently the brightest thing in this isolated area, but he wasn’t one to be startled that easily, considering what he had to go through as an immature teenager. The only thing that probably didn’t change about him, is his type. ‘Hmm yes, a tall girl with a big ass’ Yuji wanted to laugh, reminiscing the times when Todo immediately got attached to him as if he was his long-lost brother because they had the same type. Of course, he would visit his friends whenever he could, but these days everyone was busy trying to make a living.

He fondly started to indulge in the past when everyone was carefree and fought over nothing and everything. The grin on his face refused to falter because he was really glad that he came so far with the help of people who could his friends, and- the feeling of his heart beating extremely loud, stopped Yuji in his tracks. He whipped his head around, a bead of sweat sliding down his face. Being met with silence, Yuji was sure that something was there because he only gets anxious when he knows that he’s dealing with a strong opponent. However, that feeling left as fast as it came, like it was taunting him. Shaking his head, he assumed his gut feeling was just messing with him, and he was overworking himself quite a lot, trying to deal with rude customers and annoying curses.

That’s the first mistake he’d made in a long time, hearing the sound of footsteps behind him. It was as if this human or curse or whatever was able to hide its presence and sneak up on Yuji because he was sure that it was only a few meters away from him. This wasn’t a problem for why was he feeling a lot of malice that made him want to run straight ahead as fast as he could. ‘No. I can’t let it off the hook like this, I’m stronger than that’, taking a deep breath, he turned around slowly, hands ready to burst with cursed energy.

Or, so he thought.

His whole body stilled, eyes widened in utter shock, his voice caught in his throat.

“It’s been a while since you’ve looked this scared”


I swear I’m obsessed with Jujutsu Kaisen, especially Yuji and Sukuna, so I decided to write this :}. Anyways, hoii, my name is T and I like writing when I feel bothered to do so :3. This my first chapter, and I will try to update as frequently as possible since my exams will be over next week, so I’ll have more time! :D

I am NOT a professional writer and I do not proofread my work, because I am a busy person. I would appreciate the minimum commentary on my grammar and punctuation because this ain’t an English language essay. So yeah, see y’all later and I hope y’all enjoy reading this :)


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