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Chapter 2

TW: A little bit of blood is mentioned as well as some verbal abuse.

“It’s been a while since you’ve looked this scared,” the voice said, and Yuji didn’t know what to do except be stuck in one place like a deer caught in headlights. He was in danger, yet the possible outcomes of what could happen, if he even bothered to breathe irregularly, were endless and he didn’t want to risk it. ‘This can’t be happening...how? HOW?!’ his voice tried to scream out because he was never supposed to see this in reality.

“Stop screaming, I can hear your thoughts you brat”

“Y-you aren’t supposed to be standing in front of me! So why? Why are you here Sukuna? You were supposed to be stuck in my mind. This isn’t real” Yuji tried not to freak out, but he’s the King of Curses and he has the ability to wipe out the entire world if he wanted to.

“I was able to gather the energy from the curses you kept fighting, and I have the ability to turn into this...human form, during the night when a curses power is heightened to the maximum” Sukuna stated as he stared at his two hands, still looking like a mirror version of Yuji, but with the marks all over his face and body and not to forget his murderous crimson eyes.

“The negative side to this is that I can’t use my powers, because I can only gain access when I’m stuck in your head, but you seem to have your ways of suppressing me and it really does annoy me when brats like you do this kind of shit” he stretched his bones and cracked his neck, to get used to his temporary form. ‘Wait...if he can’t use his powers...then, I might have a chance’ Yuji thought.

“I don’t know what part of ‘I can hear your thoughts' you don’t understand, or if you were trying to taunt me, but let’s see if you can defeat me then” Sukuna gave his signature bored look, his arms crossed over his white kimono.

Yuji merely glared back at him and got into his stance, heading towards Sukuna at full speed, and he jumped in the air, hands glowing with the blue flames outlined with black, aiming for his stomach and gave a double overpowered strike with all his strength. He was about to smile, but Sukuna didn’t budge one bit and instead looked up and gave a shit-eating grin. Yuji immediately stepped back as far as he could.

“What?” he muttered out loud.

“You must be confused huh brat” Sukuna laughed at him.

“Well, I forgot to tell you something, Yuji...If you are the one attacking me, then I can absorb your strength, because you are my vessel” Sukuna’s grin didn’t leave as he watched the boy try to process the new information that was handed to him.

‘No, no, no. I put too much strength into those two punches, and I’m feeling slightly worn out...I can’t fight him, because It’s like adding fuel to the fire...shit...I need to run, far, far away’ Yuji’s eyes widened again when he realized he was letting his thoughts flow. He tried to turn as fast as he could, but Sukuna was already up in his face and kicked him in the stomach sending him flying into a building. Coughing up blood, Yuji tried to scramble away, but a hand reached down and gripped him by the neck.

“You’re so dumb and arrogant brat. You thought you had a chance because I don’t my powers? Don’t underestimate my strength, I’m not the King of Curses for nothing...Apart from that, I think I should thank you for this extra strength from your cursed energy” Sukuna said as he slammed Yuji into the ground, the ground cracking open slightly.

“You’re still weak as ever. In fact, you’re nothing without me. The number of times you’ve lost parts of your body, including your heart, is a lot that I can’t keep track of it anymore. Now, fight me some more if you don’t want to die because this cursed energy is temporary and I need enough to last me for two days so I can turn this whole world into ashes” he looked at the boy who was too emotionally affected, that it led him to become defenseless and weaker than he already is. Sukuna was this close to pitying him just even a little bit, but he was also enjoying beating up the kid after the agonizing moments of being trapped in his mind 24/7.

Yuji struggled as he picked himself up, and got up with his legs slightly shaking. He lifted his head to meet the cursed’s gaze and he smirked at him.
“Then kill me...but you can’t because I am your vessel and right now you’re nothing more than a hologram and-” before he could continue, he was put on a chokehold and lifted off the ground with Sukuna throwing daggers at him with his eyes.

“So? That won’t stop me from putting you in a state of near-death experience you useless brat” Sukuna said calmly, but he knew that inside the man was raging. All of a sudden, his grin came back.

“Yeah, you’re right. I can’t kill you...but...I can make you want to kill me"

‘Oh no’

“And I know the perfect way to bring your mind to such a state”



Yeah, I’m here with another update because I didn’t want to leave this new book at one chapter lolololol. Anyway, hope whoever is reading this enjoyed this chapter and is having a wonderful day. See y’all later!


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