Chapter 3

TW: Rape/non-con, violence, and verbal abuse. (Please read at your own risk. Don’t go ahead if you can’t handle it)

“L-let go of me” Yuji could feel his stomach churning in an uncomfortable way as if it was trying to warn him to get away as fast as he could, but Sukuna’s mere hand was able to keep him steady and he couldn’t even throw a punch, because it’d just work in the other’s favor of gaining more strength and he really didn’t want to give him such satisfaction.

“Hmmm...” Sukuna mockingly brought a finger up to his chin like he was having trouble making a decision.
“Sounds fun to play a game of tag I suppose. I’ll give you ten seconds to get a headstart...starting now” and with that, he dropped Yuji to the floor, who stumbled to his feet when Sukuna started to count and immediately powered his cursed energy and went straight through the alley to try and shake him off by making himself less visible.

Once he felt he was far enough, he deactivated his powers and relied on his athletics skills to get him out of here, and possibly regroup with Gojo sensei. He reached for his pocket, fishing his phone out as the bright white screen lit up in his face, but he didn’t have time to think about such trivial things when his life was in danger at the moment.

Quickly unlocking his phone, he pressed on contacts and his finger flew to Gojo sensei’s contact to call him when he felt something on the right side of his face. He didn’t have a chance to even move his own eyeball because the next thing he knew, he went crashing through a building, skidding across the cold floor and knocking onto a pile of wooden boxes that broke easily due to old maintenance.

“How boring. Not even a minute and I was able to find you so easily. Well not that it matters anymore, and besides this new look on you is appealing for the eye. It’s been a while since you’ve been drenched in your own blood” he smiled as he started to calmly make his way towards the boy. Yuji shakily lifted his hand as he tried to force himself to get up, to do something without just lying down. He only had little strength left, and it was clear that running away was becoming more and more of a hopeless dream.

“So I’m just going to lie on the floor and admit defeat?” Yuji whispered to himself so Sukuna couldn’t hear. He frowned at the thought of losing so fast and giving up like that, because it was never like him and he always found a way through problems because they don’t last forever unless you choose to ignore them for good, and Yuji was almost about to do that.

‘Tch. As if I’d ever falter like that. Come on, don’t fail on me body, get up’ he let his thoughts encourage him as he managed to sit upright and shift his weight onto his elbow. ‘Yes. Steady. Keep going-’ a hand pushed him down back to the floor, as he stared at Sukuna who was standing above him.

“You have quite the willpower and I must commend you for that brat” Yuji just stared in confusion as to why the curse would even bother to acknowledge his efforts now because he was always stubborn like this.
“It makes it more fun for me to see how long you can go until you break” his creepy grin full of desire to crush everyone returned as Yuji tried to not pay attention to the slight increase in his pulse when Sukuna said that.

“Anyways, enough beating around the bush. The real entertainment starts now.” Yuji closed his eyes, trying to avoid the soon-to-arrive pain he’s going to receive. The worst-case scenario is that he’ll lose a few limbs and be skinned alive, and be forcefully regenerated by Sukuna for it to go on repeat until the said curse reaches his time limit of being in human form.

Feeling nothing happening yet, and assuming that he may have already passed out from overthinking, Yuji peeked through his bloodied face, to see Sukuna hovering over him, and he was going to ask what he was doing when lips smashed against own, causing him to gasp in surprise, allowing Sukuna to shove his tongue down his throat. Out of impulse, he bit on his tongue, causing the curse to pull back and glare at him. Before Yuji could realize what he had done, Sukuna punched him in the face, causing him to cough more blood.

“If you retaliate again, I will cut off your tongue and your hands and legs” he growled and Yuji tried to kick him off but he caught his leg and applied so much pressure that Yuji heard a crack, causing him to heave at the newfound pain. Sukuna attached one of his hands around both of Yuji’s hands to stop him from doing anything that would dissatisfy him.

Yuji, on the other hand, was trying to steady his breath and ignore the pain, when Sukuna grabbed his chin and forced him to resume what was previously happening, and all he could do was try to ignore what was going on because he didn’t want to crack any more bones.

The feeling of another person’s tongue connected to his own was a new feeling for him, and he could slowly feel the temperature in his body rising, saliva dripping down his chin and his face feeling even warmer, he was sure his face was flushed. He felt himself running out of oxygen when Sukuna finally pulled away and licked his lips with a face of content probably because of how Yuji was looking at the moment.

“You seem to be enjoying this more than anything” he smirked, causing Yuji to squint his eyes and furrow his eyebrows in annoyance.
“No I’m not” he spat out but Sukuna merely ignored him and proceeded to Yuji’s shirt open and watch in amusement as the boy started to thrash his hands around in an attempt to undo them so he could cover himself.
“It’s not like this is the first time you’ve shown the upper half of your body, but this time it looks more appetizing” Sukuna grinned, his hand clamping tightly around Yuji’s to warn him not to push it. Yuji shivered as he felt the curse drag his tongue up his body and he didn’t want to admit that it felt slightly relaxing, but that thought was thrown out of the window when Sukuna bit his collarbone harshly, causing blood to drip down.

The sudden action caught him off guard as he gasped and tried to divert his attention in the faintly lit area, that was visible due to the big hole he created from the wall he was thrown against, but opening his mouth made the curse shove two fingers in there which made Yuji wince with half-lidded eyes.

“I don’t think I have to repeat myself, but if you bite it I’ll make it unpleasant for you. Now go ahead and suck it” he commanded. ‘Like this was pleasant at all’ Yuji grumbled in his mind, but the scrunching of the other’s face made him avert his eyes as he started to coat his own saliva over the curse’s fingers in attempt to make him forget what he just said. He didn’t have time to continue when Sukuna suddenly retracted his fingers.

“I’ve been way too lenient with you. So, I’ll let you know what happens when you continue to use your snide remarks at me brat” feeling his pants being undone, Yuji hissed in the pain from his leg that was being moved around, but he couldn’t avoid it when Sukuna purposely held the spot that was throbbing from being neglected as he started to groan and tried pulling his leg back, but the curse held harder. He was too busy being focused on the ache that when he came to, he was already naked, his injured leg being on top of Sukuna’s shoulder, allowing him to get a better view of a place Yuji didn’t want anyone to see.

“H-hey, what the fuck are you-”

“Shut up brat or I’ll rip your mouth open” this time he felt the rage the curse was emitting that made him instantly shut his mouth, but grit his teeth because he didn’t expect any of this to happen and he so as hell didn’t want this. A shudder rushed through his whole body when he felt something prodding down there, and he looked down which instantly made his breath hitch when he saw Sukuna’s dick pressing there.

“W-w-wai-” he couldn’t even say a single word because the curse shut him up by shoving his whole length inside until he was sure that he didn’t have to push any further. The excruciating pain made Yuji experience something he hadn’t out of all the times he almost died and he was sure that whatever wetness he was filling was probably blood because he felt something tear inside. The tears started to form in his eyes as they slowly slid down and he was gasping trying to hide the sobs that wanted to spring out from his voice. He could feel a slight movement and he immediately screamed before it could get worse.

“DON’T MOVE. PLEASE” Sukuna only looked bored at the delay of his own fun time, but he smirked feeling like he could benefit from possibly lending an ear to the boy for once.
“What’s in it for me brat?” he merely stated and he watched the boy’s tears become lesser and lesser as he tried to adjust to everything.
“Oh don’t what me, If you have nothing to offer I’ll just continue for the sake of my pleasure.”
“O-okay, okay. Just please don’t move, I’ll do anything...please” Yuji closed his eyes as he turned his head to the side making sure his whispers were loud enough to be heard. Even with his eyes closed, he could tell Sukuna was smirking because when a deal is made no one can back out unless they want to face the repercussions. He leaned down so he was right next to Yuji’s ear and made sure he stressed on every single word he was telling him.

“I’ll go easy on you and in exchange, you won’t tell anyone, not a single soul, about my ability to manifest out of your body.”
“Go easy on me? But I want this to stop”
“It won’t stop. That’s a would you rather enjoy or not enjoy. That’s your choice” he stated as if this was the simplest choice to make.

“Also, hurry up before I change my mind” Yuji frowned because he was really afraid of going through this torture, but he wanted everyone to know that Sukuna can do something like this. That’s when a thought hit him like a brick. ‘What use is it if I even tell them about this...they’ll just go ahead with the execution, and wouldn’t even care about what I had to go through’ he felt his heart clench and he knew Sukuna heard him as well and chose not to say anything because he was certain of the choice the brat was going to make now that he calmed down.

“...Fine. No one will know about this...At least make this painless because everything just fucking hurts right now” Yuji muttered as Sukuna released his hands and let the boy shield his eyes from the remorse he was feeling.
“Give me your left-hand brat” he removed it from his face and lifted it in the air, allowing Sukuna to use two of his fingers and tap the back of his hand, forming a symbol that disappeared as soon as it came.

“It’s engraved in you now. Break the deal and there will be consequences to deal with.” Yuji simply just nodded his head and tried to look on the bright side that this wouldn’t be much of a nightmare coming to life. He could still feel him inside, but he wasn’t budging so he was relieved for that. The feeling of a gentle hand caressing his face made him turn his gaze back to Sukuna who leaned in and kissed him, but this time it was softer and allowed Yuji to savor what he really tasted like and he felt himself getting warmer again, while Sukuna let his free hand roam down his body as he rubbed circles around the sides of his hip, making Yuji let out a slight whimper. He continued to suck on different parts of his skin, not leaving any blood this time and he was starting to enjoy it bit by bit. Slowly, he felt himself getting hard from the slightest touches because he’d always set aside these types of thoughts to focus on work, but now that he’s been exposed to it he wanted more.

“Pl-please...” Yuji muttered, and Sukuna stopped what he was doing to stare at the boy.
“Please what? Don’t tell me this is still hurting you-” he wrapped his arms around Sukuna’s neck dragging him down.
“Please move,” he drawled out. Sukuna felt himself getting harder somehow from hearing the boy begging like that. He chuckled slightly and started to move slowly hearing the boy gasp and throw his head back.
“Aren’t you easy to please?” Yuji merely responded by grinding onto him because he was moving painfully slow and he wanted more friction. Sukuna, who caught onto this, smirked and snapped his hips harshly and was certain he found that spot when Yuji moaned really louder and clung onto him as if his life depended on it.

“M-more” he managed to splutter out, his mouth wide open saliva dripping down his chin, as he started grinding against him. As much as he didn’t want to feel this good, he wanted more and he couldn’t help but give in to his greedy desires. Sukuna decided to test the waters and brought his hand up to Yuji’s neck, and slightly pressed on the sides of his neck. To his interest, Yuji didn’t seem to feel uncomfortable and didn’t swat his hand away, and instead squirmed even more while arching his back.

Yuji was closing in and Sukuna was aware as well when he felt him get tighten around him and he leaned down his grip around his neck increasing and bit his lip hard enough to draw some blood, but Yuji was too busy focusing on chasing his high when he finally spluttered all over his stomach with a long groan.

He was about to sigh in relief but Sukuna, who wasn’t done with him, maintained his pace making Yuji feel a new sort of high from being pushed over the limits and feeling oversensitive all over. He bit his bloodied lip as he tried to keep as close as possible to satisfy his touch-starved desires and to distract himself from the thoughts of wanting more of this. He felt Sukuna curse quietly, but loud enough for him to hear, and before he could even look in his face, Sukuna gave one final thrust and Yuji suddenly felt his insides being filled up as he mewled at the sensation, legs shaking with his toes curling, his injured leg no longer in his mind.

After everything came to a screeching halt, Yuji felt his whole body become numb as his eyes started to twitch and he felt himself releasing his hold from Sukuna’s neck and slowly falling backward allowing the darkness to engulf him.

“Be prepared. Because there will be a next time.”


The way I wrote 2,609 words (minus the warning at the beginning). OOOFF. Anyways, ye I write stuff like this because I like to make my characters go through trauma. At the same time, I feel bad, but it is what it is. Writing about characters with a dark past or dealing with something dark, makes me want to write more. I’ll probably upload once a week, like every Saturday I guess. I ain’t sure yet but ye. I hope you guys had a good read tho! See y’all later!


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