Chapter 4

Warning: Depictions of injuries.

Yuji startled himself awake when the sound of thunder rumbled across the building, shaking it and he was sure if he stayed here for another 10 minutes he would most likely be crushed. ‘Well even if I were to die, HE’LL revive me again’ Yuji scoffed to himself, but his eyes widened as he recollected everything that happened last night. He immediately lifted himself up, but the strikingly agonizing pain that was situated from his back downwards made him fall back down. It would be surprising to not have back pain, considering he slept on the cold hard cement without any clothes.

‘Wait...where the fuck did Sukuna go?’ Yuji started to sweat at the thought of him possibly going around and causing chaos, but then he remembered that the form was temporary and he didn’t have the power to construct anything that would result in the world perishing in a second.

He let himself relax for a while, the sound of rain crashing onto the ground getting louder, followed by the musky smell of the rainwater produced by the plants growing around every part of the building. It was still nighttime, possibly could still be midnight because Yuji wasn’t one to fall asleep in a creepy and uncomfortable setting such as the one he was currently in.

“Where’s my phone?” he questioned out loud as if someone else was responsible for it. He tried patting his pockets but ended up touching his skin turning his head to stare at the shredded fabric of what used to be his hoodie. He was sure that his phone is somewhere here, and he hoped that it was still working because he couldn’t afford to buy another one and have everyone get suspicious of him.

After what felt like an eternity, Yuji used up all his remaining strength to motivate himself to look at the bright side, and slowly rose up. When he got on his knees, his legs started to shake but he reminded himself that this was nothing like the intense battles he had to go through and forced himself to stand. Slightly wobbling, he made a beeline to the wall, using it as support and took a deep breath, and began to let his eyes wander around to scan his phone’s whereabouts.

He finally ended up staring at the entrance, which he was forced to make when Sukuna punched him and found his phone in the corner. Picking it up, he was a little relieved that the damage wasn’t too much and he was able to power up the phone, the bright screen making him instantly wince and give him a mild headache.

Once he was able to adjust to the lighting, he stared at the time that read 12:30 am and was about to text Gojo sensei about what happened when he remembered the deal. He reluctantly tucked his phone inside his pocket and decided to just sprint his way home considering that he would be really fast if he used his cursed energy and no one would notice him in the rain.

He curled his fingers, expecting the blue flames to appear but nothing came out of his palms, and he stared down at his hands realizing that they had been shaking the whole time. The weight of the situation finally dawned on him, as he gritted his teeth and tried to calm himself down from this unexpected anger and fear he was feeling. Of course, he wanted to kill the thing living inside of him for making him experience something so horrific and then leave him to fend for himself after getting whatever the hell he wanted to.

Taking a deep breath, he came to the conclusion that walking was the best solution because he wasn’t in full control over his body and was sure he would end up overexerting himself very fast. Taking a step outside of the building that sheltered him, the water immediately drenched over him and made him hiss as the coldness seeping into what he assumed to be the bite marks that were left behind without being tended to.

Letting out a rueful laugh, he began his destination towards his home not caring that he no longer had a shirt, because no one would bother to stop to look at him and he would blend well with the rain. ‘If you’re hearing this...I fucking hate you’ he said, but was responded back with silence.

Hours later, Yuji stealthily made his way into the dorms and shut the door behind him. The time read 2:15 am, causing him to sigh in relief at the thought of sleeping in during the weekend and just relaxing for once. Switching on the lights, Yuji staggered towards the bathroom to take a well-deserved steaming hot shower to relax all the aches that have been coursing all over his body.

He caught himself wincing every minute or so whenever the hot water and soap seeped into his wounds but tried his best to ignore it because he needed to get rid of any germs from lying in that desolate building for so long, to avoid infecting his wounds because that would be a real problem. It would’ve been easier to let Sukuna take over but that’s not possible anymore and even if he did ask he was sure the cursed spirit would just laugh and enjoy watching him suffer having to deal with what he left for him.

Sitting down on a chair, Yuji took out the first aid kit, the locks opening with a satisfying click and creaking open as the lid got pushed back. He rummaged through the box, taking out some cotton, medicine, bandages, forceps, and a pair of scissors. Facing the mirror, he sighed as he got to work, using the forceps to hold the piece of cotton and dip it in the medicine and proceeding to apply it across the marks.

It stung a lot but he couldn’t bother flinching anymore and just continued to let the medicine cover every other area of his body. After doing that, he placed extra cotton on top of the wound so that the wound wouldn’t rub against the bandages and give him any sort of discomfort. Skillfully wrapping his bandages and tightening them to hold everything in place, but not tight enough to hurt, Yuji switched off the lights and lied down on his bed.

Staring at the ceiling, he wondered why his life was like this. What had he done to have to go through something like that and not be able to even utter a word about it in the future? Before he realized it, his own thoughts dragged him into a deep slumber leaving all his questions unanswered.


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