Chapter 5

streaks of yellow mixed with the dust particles illuminated by the sun peaked through the curtains in an attempt to remind Yuji that the day had already begun. Despite that, he showed no signs of waking up, one hand over his head and the other wrapped around his torso, legs spread apart in odd directions that one would be sure this sleeping position was definitely uncomfortable, but Yuji’s quiet snores begged to differ.

The near-silence was peaceful and was probably guaranteed to let him sleep throughout the day without any kind of disturbance because he was sure to switch off the phone before calling it lights out. A sudden bang made him stir out of his dreamland as his eyes stuttered open and his pupils moved at such a speed, while his body remained still.

There was no one in the room, and there was no sound anymore, it felt as if his brain tricked him into waking up. Sighing, he shut his eyes again feeling himself float back into his dreams, but that thought was dismissed when the banging returned ten times louder, causing Yuji to jump up in surprise, his sleep deprivation disappearing and making him much more aware of his surroundings. Noticing that the source of the noise was in fact coming from outside his room, Yuji threw his legs to the side of the bed and grumbled when he didn’t feel in touch with his body because he was so ready to be lazy for the weekend.

Dragging his feet across the floor, blanket wrapped around him to cover his upper body, he felt his eyes sulking, and he was sure his face was nowhere near presentable. He didn’t really care, but the people waiting outside the door impatiently would say otherwise.

Finally, standing right in front of the door handle, he let the weight of his hand drop the handle downwards as the door opened with a click. His eyes were staring at the two pairs of feet, and he immediately knew who they were and looked up to see a frowning Nobara and a stoic-looking Megumi. Shoving her way past Yuji, Megumi following her behind, she plopped on the side of his bed, while Megumi chose to sit on the chair.

“Oversleeping again? We’re supposed to go hang out today.” Nobara stated fluffing up the pillow and turning it over to hold the cold side, while Megumi let his nails pick at the corner of the desk. “Haha sorry about those guys, I completely forgot about it...I’ll get ready now. I’ll get ready now, ” Yuji replied, silently cursing himself for forgetting about today, and made his way towards the closet tossing his blanket to the bed as he picked out what to wear for the day. Holding onto the black oversized t-shirt and dark blue jeans he turned around to see what the others think about it.

“Is this alright for today guys?” He held it out.“Hmm? Oh I think-” Nobara stopped speaking half-way her eyes widening, causing Yuji to tilt his head.“Is there something wrong?” Yuji asked and Megumi instinctively turned his attention from the desk to Yuji and the same reaction as Nobara was written across his face. Neither of the two said anything for a while and it was starting to creep Yuji out a little, as he chuckled awkwardly wondering if there was something on his face.

The noise was enough to snap the two out of their trance and they looked back and forth from Yuji to each other and back again. Despite the actions, they didn’t utter a word and seem to be communicating with their eyes. Yuji just blinked trying to figure out what was happening.

Suddenly, the two of them were up close as they let one of their hands clamp around either side of Yuji’s shoulders, startling him as they burned holes in his eyes as if he was caught red-handed. As if on cue, both of them spoke simultaneously and in perfect sync.

“YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND?!” “W-what?” Yuji stumbled backward as he landed on his ass, wincing because he was surprised at how loud and upfront they were being. Nobara clicked her tongue as she pulled out something from that little purse of hers and shoved one of those tiny-looking mirrors in Yuji’s face and pointed at his neck. Yuji titled it and saw the bite marks, instinctively screaming fuck in his head as he realized that these wounds don’t just disappear in a day, and Sukuna was not going to bother helping him heal and was probably waiting for a moment like this because he heard the said cursed spirit chuckle in amusement. Ignoring him, Yuji’s face went red as he tried to think of any lie he could come up with, but when put under pressure, he couldn’t think of anything and his face just got redder because it was obvious this looked like something that wasn’t what he went through last night.

“You can’t escape this. You have a girlfriend, don’t you? FUCK.I was supposed to date someone first!” Nobara ranted annoyed that Yuji was able to get someone before she could.“I don’t have a girlfriend though-” Yuji tried explaining. “So you just fucked someone?” Megumi said bluntly and Yuji spluttered again.“OMG! You had a damn one-night stand with a girl?” Nobara exclaimed and at this point, Yuji’s head was spinning and he was compelled to tell the truth.

“Not a girl!” Everyone went silent at that, and Yuji could hear Sukuna’s faint ‘remember the deal, brat’ and Yuji was ready to slap himself for wanting to be so honest that he almost slipped up.

“YOU’RE GAY?” Nobara finally screeched out.

“Todo is going to be so disappointed when you lied about liking tall girls with big butts” Megumi snorted.

“No no no I like girls too-"

“Oh so you’re bisexual” Yuji just got up and grabbed the nearest pillow and stuffed his face with it as he let out a muffled scream at all the misunderstandings that he had caused with his half-truth and half-lies.

“Can we talk about this when we stop at a café or something pleaseee?” Yuji gave the best puppy dog look he could ever give because he knew his friends, no matter how much they acted as if they insulted him daily, were weak to it and the two of them tried to look away to avoid the blinding cuteness, but their resistance wasn’t strong enough as the two of them gave up with a sigh.

“Tch. Fine.” Both of them sighed and muttered that they would kill him if he didn’t spill all the “juicy details”.

Yuji certainly just dug his own grave.

At least he had time to come up with something believable.  


Hello everyone!

Hope y’all are having a great day and this chapter was enough to entertain y’all. I like to keep the pacing like this so I can improve my chapters if I need to and yes it maybe a slow pace and the scenes that y’all want aren’t immediately there, but I guess it helps build up the anticipation!
Anyways, see y’all later :D


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