Chapter 6

The rest of the day went painfully slow much to Yuji’s as well as Megumi’s dismay, with Nobara whining about how 3 hours of shopping were too little and she didn’t want to be rushed when making her choices on buying the perfect clothing to suit her everyday looks.

Yuji and Megumi bit back any remarks as they noticed how happy and delightful she looked while humming with her hands behind her back, peeking through the windows of each shop and thinking as if she was finding ways to solve an unsolved maths problem.

The two of them exchanged one look, each of them reaching the limit of how many bags they were capable of holding, and let out what was half a chuckle and half a sigh as she went into yet another shop.

“Hurry up! You guys are so slow” she nagged at them, both replying with ‘yes ma’am’, picking up their pace, not even hesitating to question her authority because she would most likely throw her nails at one of them and they did not want that happening any time soon. Nobara made her way to the men’s section and beckoned them to follow her.

Yet again they both exchanged quizzical looks, but if Nobara wanted to wear men’s clothes then she had every right to do so and they weren’t going to mention it.

She was going through a variety of jeans when she suddenly halted as if something struck her mind and she whipped her head to stare directly at Yuji’s soul...well that’s what it felt like to Yuji when her eyes looked like they were going to pop off any second.

“Yuji...what’s your waist size?” Nobara asked all of sudden.

“Oh uh...lemme check” he muttered as twisted his body to the side and flipped the belt area of his jeans the other way around, to look at the size that has been stitched inside.

“It says 30” he turned back around.

“Wow that’s really small...oh wait, men’s and women’s size charts are different, I completely forgot about that” Nobara rambled as she started to speed check every single jean and started what looked like a sorting check, where she picked jeans of different colors and finally gave out a sigh with 5 in her hand.

“Okay, now go try these fashionable picks out since your wardrobe looks freaking dull, and get Megumi here to rate each pick, because I’m going to check something on my phone and also go and try out some shorts in the women’s section, so be right back!” she stated, throwing the jeans at Yuji who managed to catch them without dropping any of the bags, and before he could give her a reply, she was already gone. He looked back at Megumi who shrugged back at him, and so it was decided that Yuji was going to play dress-up for the next 10 minutes hopefully.

“How’s this?”
“...Alright, I suppose”
“And this one?”
“*snort* it’s so tight, your ass can be outlined.”
“At least I ain’t flat”
“...Whatever...if you want to hook up again then buy that”
“Shut it, Fushiguro...Imma wear the next one”
“Yeah yeah whatever”
“Oh this one is comfortable”
“That one is actually decent. So go ahead and buy it, if you want to”

While Yuji was contemplating whether or not to purchase the said product, Nobara had already made her way towards them, an item of her own neatly tucked under her arm as she was busy fiddling with her phone.

“Oh that looks good on you Yuji, I suggest you buy it” Nobara made sure to add her opinion because she couldn’t entirely trust Yuji with choosing his style and he certainly didn’t suit Megumi’s take on what is known as tech-wear. She snorted at the mere thought of Yuji having the same style as Megumi, as she imagined him looking more like a side-kick like Robin is to batman.

“Alright then! I’ve decided to buy it because both of you gave the okay” Yuji’s sudden outburst startled Nobara out of her thoughts as she shook her head, a smile gracing her lips at how Yuji was Yuji and she never ever wanted her friend to change that part of him because he was one of the reasons that prevented her from going insane after all they’ve been through as sorcerers.

“Yeah yeah!” She smiled as she pulled both of them together and grinned as they struggled to breathe from the partial headlock she put them in, bags threatening to fall yet again.

“Let’s go purchase this shit bitcchhhess...well it’s not shit because it’s actually really really-”
“We got it!” the boys said simultaneously, and the trio broke out into light chuckles at Nobara’s attempt of keeping clothes and fashion in a good light.

After making their final purchase for the day, the three of them sat inside a popular restaurant, enjoying the soothing music and the fancy aesthetic it was emitting.

Yuji was stuffing his face with French fries as usual because it was his favorite and once he had no more fries to munch on, he brought a slice of pizza that has strings of warm cheese falling from the sides, followed by the colorful red coming from the circular pepperonis that were drizzled all over to give it the finishing touch and make Yuji’s stomach growl in anticipation when the smell danced across his nose, begging him to eat it.

“Now...tell us about your escapades with the mystery man” his train to heaven was immediately halted, as he dropped half of his pizza slice back onto the plate, with the other half long gone as it had succumbed to his stomach.

Taking a gulp of the ice-cold water to bring him back to reality, Yuji hesitantly wiped his mouth with the napkin knowing he couldn’t escape this when those two gave eyes that stated if he did anything but tell what happened he would definitely be getting a peek of what hell looks like. Luckily he rehearsed what he was going to say and he sighed, closing his eyes and opening them back up with determination to hide the real truth.

“Okay so like this happened yesterday-”
“Get to the point already!” Nobara whined.
“Jezuz Christ bitch, calm the fuck down...anyways, I was finished with my ‘work’ super early and It was near home, so I decided to go and chill at the bar and get some drinks since it was going to be the weekend.

It was hella crowded in there and I was planning on just having a few, but I guess I lost count and the next thing I knew I was heading to the dance floor and random people were pushing me and there, and finally, I landed on the guy...we were dancing and the next thing you know we were at a hotel and stuff and we did the deed and yeah I woke up at like 2:00 am and went home because I’ve never done it with a guy and I was shocked” Yuji finished his ramblings as he stared back at his friends who were thoroughly invested in every drop of the word that had fallen out of his mouth.

“So...did you like it?” Megumi boldly questioned him. This made Yuji freeze because he hadn’t even thought about that. He certainly did not suddenly imagine the pleasure he received after that painful experience, those tattoos that seemed to glow when his muscles contracted and his face that was usually smug, slightly creased from having done a virgin. There was no way he’d be chasing after someone that forced him to the ground like that.

“Yuji you’re you did like it” Nobara stated smugly and Yuji just flared up even more.

‘Maybe it was good...wait! What the fuck am I thinking? Holy shit thank god he isn’t here to hear that’

‘Who said I wasn’t here brat, and it seems you’ve enjoyed that huh?’

‘..Fuck’ if anyone asked to describe the color of a tomato people would definitely point Yuji’s way.

‘Nice expression you’ve got there’

‘Shut up!’


Hoi everyone!

I hope y’all are doing fine today as usual. Soooo, I’m about to start studying again since my two-week holiday is almost over, and it appears I’m highly booked on Saturday. Due to that, I will be changing the day I will be updating my work and currently I’ve thought about doing Friday. Anyways, see y’all later!


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