Chapter 7

Yuji ended up embarrassing himself in front of three people, but what really mattered was the fact that the cursed spirit heard it and it probably inflated his ego by a great amount.

Of course, Yuji said it in the spur of the moment because he didn’t want to make it look like it was forced, and besides, he hated the man with his whole being due to the way he altered his life greatly.

Despite that, deep down he was somewhat grateful for the fact that he was able to meet Megumi and Nobara and have them stick around in his life during his ups and downs and his bizarre adventures of fighting cursed spirits.

Currently, the three of them were getting ready to part ways, which was not what Yuji wanted because he did not want to be stuck with the cause of his current dilemma.

Finally, it was Megumi and Yuji as Nobara headed to the girl’s dorm and Megumi gave him a small wave before residing in the room that was right next to Yuji’s just like how it was when they first met as first years.

Reluctantly, Yuji opened the door to his room, for once despising the thought of being left by himself in his own room with night approaching him.

For some reason, Sukuna hadn’t said a word since then and it was starting to creep Yuji out a lot because it was highly likely that the spirit was going to manifest into his human form and attack him again, which was a big error due to the pact he made to not utter even a squeak to anyone and Megumi was a few feet away from him and he wasn’t sure if the slightly thick walls would be able to hide Sukuna’s chaotic nature.

Yuji knew that he was at a clear disadvantage and he was helpless and was thinking about going to a motel for the night, but he couldn’t do this continuously and it would make the others seem suspicious of his actions and the biggest problem was the fact that he couldn’t throw his money around as he pleased and had to carefully use it since he wanted to move out someday when he had enough finances.

Yuji immediately brushed his thoughts aside to avoid any unnecessary stress because he sure as hell wasn’t ready to go bald and die so soon from thinking about his future and a mere being that is between the portals of existence and non-existence.

Tossing the bag, containing the jeans he purchased, to one corner of the room as he thought of cleaning up the mess tomorrow, Yuji threw his t-shirt over his head as he stepped into the shower to get rid of that after-math feeling from having too much fun hanging out.

It felt like rubbing off invisible grime as if he had taken a drug and the side effects of a huge mood exchange hit him greatly. Once he felt refreshed, he stepped back and changed into his boxers and topped it off with his oversized t-shirt because the coolness of the air conditioner really felt like he was in the Himalayas. Switching off the lights, he flopped to the bed and snuggled under the blankets, the sweet warmth lulling him into sleep without any doubts.

The feeling of something wet against half of his body, made Yuji shiver because he swore he was under the comfort of his own blankets that never failed to give him the peaceful heat he required.

Realizing that this was not his imagination Yuji’s eyes flew open in alertness and confusion, noticing that he was indeed touching water and the fact that it was blood red probably from the people that have been killed during his treacherous reign, Yuji winced that he was at the place he didn’t want to be at the moment.

Trying to look at the bright side that this wasn’t happening in reality, Yuji stilled, closing his eyes, and didn’t move one-bit hoping Sukuna would just assume that he was asleep and let him go.

A long time went by and Yuji was almost convinced that he was back to sleeping in his comfortable bed if it wasn’t for the water seeping into his clothes and making his skin feel irritated from the sheer dampness of it.

Feeling greater discomfort from not being able to see anything, Yuji hesitantly cracked his eyes open to hopefully get a glimpse of Sukuna’s location, but his heart came to a screeching halt when two pairs of feet came into view, inches away from his face and he was quickly compelled to look up as he stared at the curse who seemed to wear a smirk, his eyes having that crazed look when he knows that he had found something greatly entertaining.

“It was very thrilling to know that I was the source of your discomfort and distaste of wanting to reside in your own room for the night and I’m going to continue to make it streak until you wish you could just die, but I’m going to resurrect you no matter how many times you try to do so” Sukuna stated while grinning as he knelt down beside Yuji and gripped his chin harshly, causing the boy to flinch slightly but he made sure to give back a piercing glare.

“Besides it’s not like you hated it now did you? Last I checked you admitted to finding it good” Yuji’s tough act shattered into pieces as his face yet again was flushed causing Sukuna’s grin to grow wider than it is. Spluttering, he attempted to deny the supposed allegations that were made against his thoughts last night.

“S-shut up! I only said that so they wouldn’t suspect me of anything else!” yet he was only able to act more of a tsundere and give a sorry ass excuse of a ‘reason’ to avoid the feelings he felt.

“Even if I did, it’s human nature from being so focused on work and not pleasure. But that doesn’t mean I enjoyed it any bit!”

“Okay then,” Sukuna said nonchalantly and Yuji was about to retort but he realized that the man had easily accepted what he had to say without any smart accusations to leave him speechless.

“Since you stated that what we didn’t was good but just your body’s reaction” Sukuna started and Yuji had a bad feeling when the curse dragged him to eye level by the collar, his crazed look not even faltering one bit.

“We can test it again”


“If your mouth can keep shut during the whole thing then I’ll accept that it’s just a bodily reaction”

“Wait! I didn’t agree-”

“See you outside brat”

Yuji felt himself falling as of a sudden, farther and farther away from Sukuna’s grasp, until his eyes shot up and he was back in the comforts of his bed...

The one problem being the curse that was on top of him...

Now, that left him speechless.


Until my books get taken down I guess I’ll update this book here :3 Anyways, I hope everyone is doing well and you guys have a great day!


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