Falling for the Enemy


Blake has superpowers. She has the ability to turn invincible, and to make the powers of others hers. She's known it forever but has always kept it a secret. She lives in Gotham and would love to join the Justice League, but they look down on her like a little girl. One day she gets kidnapped by the Joker and he takes her powers, giving them to himself, and he also steals her heart. Lex Luthor manages to make all of the Marvel characters evil. But Diana knows that it's all Lex Luthors doing! Can she prove to the Justice League that the Joker isn't who they think he is? Or will her heart die along with the Joker?

Romance / Action
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Authors note

Before you start reading this story, I just wanted to quickly say that most of the characters in this story are from DC comics and the Marvel universe. I am only borrowing them for my own sick pleasure ;) haha
The only character that belong to me is Blake and her friends! I hope you like it!
P.S. Every reference of the joker in this story is thought of as the Joker played as by Jared Leto to me (because he's REALLY cute in that "Suicide Squad" Movie.
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