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The secrets


This is about a girl named Kelsey that had to move around all the time due to her mom working so much. She then made friends but, suddenly noticed that her new friend stole something of hers. Book 1 will continue on how she started off in the begging of her school year. Book 2 will continue off into the middle of the year with a little bit of thriller and violence. Book 3 will end up being about the end of her school year and how shes grown some much. Book 4 will be very interesting adding some twilight twists to it. Enjoy reading and let me know what I should add.:)

Thriller / Fantasy
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Dear Diary.

Dear diary, Its my first day at a new school. I´m a very shy kid i´m also very emo. So, I have a feeling ill get bullied a lot. My mom moves around alot so that´s why i´m at a new school. It sucks having to make friends and then have to leave a month later. Honestly, I miss being in my hometown. Little Rock, Arkansas. The open air. A lot of fighting and gangs. It just really made me feel at home. Besides that the only pace that made me feel like home was Louisville Kentucky. I now live in Melbourne, Florida. I know moving from the country to a kinda big city wheres its really nice. I hate being the kid that´s from the country going into a big city. Anyway i´ll get back to you later journal im about to head out to school. Xoxo-Kelsey🖤

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