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The secrets

School time..

I headed out the door giving my mom a kiss on the cheek and my little brother a pat on the back. I waited for the bus kinda scared not knowing if theres mean or nice kids on there. The bus finally arrived and i got on. I sat in about the middle seats because i noticed the nerds up front and the jocks in the back. ¨Hey is it fine if I sit with you¨ This beautiful brunette said to me. ¨Of course¨ I said softly and smiled. She sat next to me. ¨Im Josie whats your name?¨ She said with a smile. ¨Kelsey im new¨ I giggle and we talk the whole way there. We both get up and get off. ¨Whats your schedule kelsey?¨ Josie said in kinda a hurry. I handed her my schedule and I seen her face light up so bright. ¨What?¨ I questioned. ¨We have all classes together, soo just walk with me.¨ She giggled and took my hand running to class. By the end of the day I had some new friends. When I got home my mom seen me smiling. ¨Why are you smiling so hard Kelsey?¨ She smiled back at me. ¨I made some new friends and I was hoping youd let me have one of them over tonight?¨ I leaned on the counter. ¨Well if your rooms cleaned and you clean the dishes she may come over.¨ She messed with me and smiled. ¨Thank you thank you¨ I ran to my room and picked everything up and cleaned the dishes.

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