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The Unknown


Characters- Unknown, Eri,Kota,Katara,Korra,Iris,Talia. Ariauna, Lena,Carrisa ,Adrien ,Alya,Nino,Lie-la Aizawa ,Mic,Midnight, Envodor,all might,Nezo,Tonya, Toumra,Toga, Bakugo,Uraraka, mina,jiro, mineta,todorioko, momo,deku,sero,kirishma, denki,shisou,invisa girl,tsyu,iida,bloom,stella,iesha, flora,techna,Musa ,mrs.farigonda

Horror / Action
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Marinette- hey guys
All- hey
Adrien- nerd can I talk to you alone
All- you dead
With marinette and adrien
Adrien- kisses her
Marinette- kisses back
All- shock
Marinette- I can explain
Adrien- get out
Adrien- locks door
Marinette- babe go easy on them
Adrien- fine
Adrien- but I won't go easy on you
See you in part two

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