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Excitement Bakugo x Male OC


The blonde looks up and spots someone familiar. "y-you went too far kacchan. " Izuku stutters with his fist clenched choking on his tears.  "I.. I.." Bakugo started   "Someone get down there now! And that male away from him!" Present Mic yelled.  Ren was losing a lot of blood. 

Romance / Horror
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Ren was an only child.

stuck on the ocean with his only father figure named jack,

jack was a nice man who always took care of him he always made sure ren had somewhere to eat and sleep.

“ren! come down here boy!”

“yes sir!.” he said climbing up the ladder. “you know that quirk you have eh?” jack said with a pipe in his mouth sharpening a shiny old knife.

ren stayed still for a second they never brought up his quirk before.

“yes sir what about it?” ren said curiously

“well boy, it’s your choice but I’m making a trip to japan tell me boy what are your thoughts on becoming a hero?”

ren stared at the sixty year old man then tripped over his own words.

“s-sir i would love becoming a hero!”

jack let out a laugh. ” that’s great to hear boy!”

he had a huge grin plastered on his face. “you will be staying with a friend of mine and her son.” he pats rens back telling him to get ready.

ren grinned running to his small bedroom climbing down the ladder to pack the little items he had.

“it’s not going to be easy but I got this,” he reassured himself repeating it to himself over and over again.

stuffing his socks in an old suitcase jack gave him he layed on the pile of rough blankets laying his head on the soft pillow fluffing it to his liking.

he turns his head to the half-burned polaroid on the wooden wall.

it only showed his father the other side half was gone. ren knew something was missing something didn’t seem right he starred at the man he never even met.

“someday maybe...I will find you...someday” he then hears steps coming down that ladder he quickly hides the photo under his pillow and looks over at Jack. “hey boy we will be in japan by tomorrow get some rest okay?”

“yes sir!.” ren wraps the blankets around himself.

he hears footsteps going up the ladder and smiles excited to finally be free. sure he liked jack but being isolated on a ship only making small stops into towns wasn’t really that exciting. ren wanted a thrill.

he buries his head into the pillow and falls into a deep peaceful sleep.

Day after the villain Attack.

“Hey boy wake up we are here.” jack shakes ren gently back and forth.

“mm, ten more minutes.”

ren groans as he suffocates himself with his pillow jack walks over to the cup of cold water and pours it on black haired male

“why?!” ren yells at the top of his lungs sitting up quickly

“there was no other way.” jack says shrugging his shoulders setting the now empty cup down “let’s go we are here.” jack says already going up the latter

ren gets off the bed looking down at his drenched t-shirt he groans quickly slipping off his shirt reaching into his black luggage for a new pair of clothes. after ren changed he grabs his bag and climbs up the ladder rushing to the exit excited for a new beginning a new chapter maybe he will make friends truth be told ren never had a friend he never knew anyone other than jack sure he knew about his father but he didn’t actually know him, he only knew bits about him like his name and such.

the first thing he spots outside the ship is the sky “wow.” ren says his mouth agape

it was so mesmerizing all the white fluffy smoke of clouds blending perfectly with the baby blue sky.

“alright boy let’s go.” jack says with wide smile already walking in front of ren.

ren lets out a big laugh following behind him like a small child.

Chapter one complete

A/N: wow i have a good feeling about this fanfic im really excited where the story is going already.

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