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Excitement Bakugo x Male OC

Chapter 2

Ren and jack stand oustside the door of the apartment until a teenager around rens age opens it. “h-hello?” the teenager spoke. “hey I’m jack is inko here?”

“oh! yeah she’s in the kitchen!” the freckled boy says with a smile “come in.” he says moving out of the way ren smiles at the freckled boy and grabs his hand with a tight grip shaking it “I’m ren!”

the freckled male’s green eyes widen.

“ren..?” the short green-haired woman looked over at ren her eyes started filling with tears. “oh ma’am I’m sorry did I upset you?” ren says his smile dropping to a frown worried that he hurt the woman. “n-no! not at all,” she says walking over to him pulling him into a tight hug patting his lower back.

“Welcome home son.”


ren was beyond confused he had a mother who was hugging him.. is the freckled boy his brother? where is his father...

ren stood still unable to move from the pure shock that wrecked his body then he gently spoke patting her hair

Mom?” she cried harder then let go of him she then turns to the freckled boy. “he’s home finally..”

that’s when the freckled boy bursts into tears “it-its b-been so l-ong.” he quickly launches into rens arms hugging him tightly. “can someone explain what’s going on..?” ren asks

“mom we are going to my room.” the freckled boy says grabbing rens arm already dragging him to his bedroom.

“okay izuku..” the boy’s mother said tears still rushing down her face as she rested her head on Jack’s shoulder.

izuku shuts the door to his room tears falling down his freckled cheeks as he sits on his bed. “ren y-you went missing years ago..”

“no I didnt!” ren argued confused. “I was on a ship with jack!”

ren eyed izuku.

“you went out with kacchan to play but never came back.”

ren was lost. wasn’t he on the ship his whole life why doesn’t he remember anything? “who is kacchan?” ren spoke after a minute in a calming voice.

his brother’s eyes widen clenching onto the allmight comforter

“He was our friend..”



“What happened to him.”

“nothing he’s fine.. but after you went missing he started blaming himself he started building up his anger and taking it out on other people...”

“where is he now?” ren asked eager to meet the boy

izuku set his eyes to the ground and started crying even more

“it’s better that we don’t see him.”

ren knew something was wrong he wanted to know what happened all those years ago and he was going to find out.

minutes later the boy’s mother knocked on the allmight themed door lightly “boys it’s time for dinner.” the two boys opened the door and walked to the table both of them in shock one found their brother and the other shocked that they were being lied to the whole time.

after a long silent dinner izuku spoke.

“you start school tomorrow just follow me when we get there.”


End of chapter 2



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