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a toxic pleasure||dm


your classic enemies to lovers story with some very big twists and turns. (i'm writing this whilst i'm on chapter 11 and i have no idea what big twists and turns im on about🤪) hope you all enjoy. feel free to leave any comments<3 love you all will hopefully be adding a new chapter 3/4 times every week. also i hope this doesn’t get taken down for the love of god😩 !all smut is essential to the story line!

Romance / Erotica
lily ivy
Age Rating:

chapter 1

hi everyone welcome to the first chapter of atp (a toxic pleasure) i hope you all like this and feel free to leave comments for improvements and stuff like that<3
sorry the start is a little slow but just hang in there, it gets better i promise😩
keep hydrated and make sure to eat today!! ily all, have fun;)

I swept a look of disgust at him. His smug little face made me angry and want to cry at the same time but i couldn't give him the satisfaction he was so clearly craving, so i just stayed quiet.


It was a dull day at hogwarts, the sky was grey and the air was cold and damp.

"Cold y/n?" asked Harry as we walked across the courtyard.

"Slightly... weather isn't being the best today is it?"

"Not really but as soon as we get sat down to eat we're gonna warm up" Harry said with a laugh.

He'd never really been one for conversation the poor thing. Even with me it was sometimes awkward, which is saying something.

We walked into the great hall and Harry went to sit next to Ron as I went to sit next to Hermione and Ginny. After Dumbledore finished blabbing on about how well the first week back at Hogwarts had gone, the food finally appeared at our tables.

"Hey y/n, I heard about your little 'spat' earlier with Malfoy, what actually happened?" asked Ron.

"Well we were in potions, obviously, when he took my cure for boils and poured it all over the end of my robes." I paused to drink some water out of my goblet, "I got mad, of course, but I couldn't do anything because Snape was looming over me and you know how he is about his precious Slytherins...so by default i had to do nothing. I just gave him a death stare and cleaned it up" I said.

"He is such a pain in the backside and I don't even know what he gets out of it" Ron said to me.

"I think it's because of his father. You know the type right?" Harry sneered.

Hermione and Ginny had started to listen in as we all shook our heads at Harry.

"His father, Lucius, is the type of person to always have a desperate need to be better than someone else. To prove his worthiness, if you will"

"Harry you don't even know his father and I'm not sure he would appreciate you talking about him either. Tends to get quite defensive when people do that" Hermione said.

"Not like he doesn't talk about me or my family at all is it Mione?"

"Two wrongs don't make a right Harry, you of all people should know that"

Everyone seemed to be quiet after Hermione said that. Seeing as we've only known each other for 2 years, me Mione and Gin get on really well. My friends are one of the main reasons that I love coming to Hogwarts. That and the thought of going back to muggle school of course.

As we finished our meals we all headed up to the Gryffindor common room.

"What lessons do you have first tomorrow y/n?" Ginny asked me as we walked up to the fat lady.

"Caput Draconis. Uhhhh tomorrow...let me check my timetable" I said as I walked over to the fireplace to grab my notebook.

"Astronomy, transfiguration and then double charms"

"Lucky. You always get the best days."

"Yeah it's not so lucky when you have every class with Malfoy and the Slytherin 'crew'"

Ginny chuckled as we sat down on the sofa infront of the fireplace.

"Why what classes do you have tomorrow Gin?"

"Herbology, double history of magic and potions"

Me and Ginny kept chatting as everyone else packed up their things and went to bed. When our conversation had gotten to a slower point, I looked up at the clock only to see it was 1am.

"Gin I think we should go to bed now it's just gone 1 and you don't wanna be falling asleep in all of your 'fun' classes tomorrow"

"Yeah y/n you're probably right. I hate Mondays so much they're just so draining"

We went up to our dorm, making sure not to wake up Hermione, we got into our pyjamas and went to sleep.


I woke up to Hermione and Ginny making their beds after what had felt like an hours sleep.
"Mione what time is it?" I asked getting up and rubbing my eyes.

"8.15. You missed breakfast, you'd better get up"

"WHAT?! Why didn't either of you wake me?" I immediately got up out of bed and rummaged around my trunk for my clean robes.

"Well we thought that if you didn't wake up by the time we'd finished breakfast, then we'd have to wake you but you were just sleeping so soundly, we would've felt bad"

I started to get my robes on and try to make my bed at the same time.

"Hermione now isn't the time for you to be feeling bad. I have 15 minutes until I have to be in Astronomy, which by the way, I'm already already dreading because of Malfoy, and I need to get ready and actually be there by 8.30 which is definitely not going to happen" I finished after I finally got my clothes on.

"Sounds like you need an alarm to me" Ginny laughed.

"Yeah, yeah funny Ginny" I said whilst trying to run around the dorm to find my other shoe. "God I haven't even brushed my hair. Or done something to my face."

As I quickly tied my shoelace, I threw my hair up in a high ponytail and put some mascara on my eyelashes. I was already 5 minutes late and I had to actually get there yet.

"Thanks for waking me up guys but I really gotta go now" I said sarcastically whilst grabbing my wand "See you at lunch"

I headed out the door and out of the common room running through the corridors to make my way to Astronomy.

As I walked through the door into astronomy, everyone turned their heads to look back at me. I immediately caught Malfoy's glare but it was different this time.

Not the usual scowl and then a laugh to his friends...more like a kind and meaningful look. I finally pulled my eyes away from him and sat down in my seat apologising to the professor.

The lesson dragged on for what felt like a lifetime but thank god, it was only an hour. After I'd finished jotting down the last few notes in my book, I started to pack my things away in my bag.

As I looked up from my desk I caught the same 'new' Malfoy gaze. Strangely, I blushed and then turned away. I can't seriously be blushing at Draco Malfoy right now. Surely I'm not about to be soft with the person who has tormented me and my friends for the past 2 years. No I couldn't do that, and I'm not going to either.

My next lesson was transfiguration and McGonagall was making us turn our pets into common objects. I kept thinking back to Astronomy and about Malfoy. I think I can't get it out of my head just because it was so abnormal and weird for him. That's the reason. I'm gonna tell Ginny and Mione and lunch and they might be able to offer some consolidation as I'm obviously delirious.

Time ticked away in transfiguration as I failed yet again to make my owl into a goblet. I heard Malfoy, across from me, laughing to Pansy, talking about a blood traitor? They had both already successfully transfigured their pets into goblets.

"She's just so stupid" Pansy laughed as she fawned over Malfoy.

"Tell me about it. Blood traitors are useless, if you have the ability, then use it" Malfoy stopped and opened his book.

"Y'know Pansy if you keep being loud she's gonna hear us. Y/n's right over there"

Were they talking about me? They could've been talking about Ginny, Malfoy often calls Ginny a "blood traitor". Even so, it's just as bad.

They're so pathetic both of them, just because they're in Slytherin and are pure-bloods, they think that they are the supreme type of wizard. Makes my blood boil if I'm gonna be completely honest. Wait, maybe he is like this because of his father...that's what Harry was on about yesterday right? I shot Malfoy a death stare and started to pack away my things in my bag, ready to go to lunch to tell my Gin and Mione everything.

When I walked out of the classroom I felt something tug on my bag. I turned around and it was Malfoy. Looming over me, his hair ruffled in my face and his deep grey ocean eyes staring straight into my soul.


"What do you want Malfoy"

He looked as if he were about to say something, but then he paused and took a step back.

"What's wrong Malfoy, cat got your tongue?"

"Get out of my way. Blood traitor" Malfoy turned to walk away.

"Malfoy. Turn your arse around now. What did you just call me? I think I heard correctly but I just need to check because I thought you might've stopped being such an arsehole"

"I said...blood traitor"

"For the millisecond I thought you could've changed and maybe even grown up! I was yet again, obviously wrong. You know what Malfoy? Just piss off. You're a waste of my time" I turned away and strode down the corridor heading to the great hall.

He pulled my arm back and pulled my waist into his.

"No one" he paused, roughly taking my chin and lifting it, making our eyes meet once again, "Gets to talk to me like that. You're just a filthy little blood traitor desperate for attention. Fucking slut"

I looked at him and slapped him across the face. I couldn't have been more angry. "No one gets to shout at me blah blah blah- just shut the fuck up Malfoy." I stormed all the way to the Great Hall.
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