The hectic struggles of being one from the great three clans, alongside having a special cursed technique, alongside throwing away your clans important values and deciding to live the life you want; to forever be by the side of the strongest sorcerer. Gojou Satoru. Gojou Satoru x fem! Reader

Romance / Action
Age Rating:

Tobacco ; stop

You hissed as you passed by the awful smell of tobacco, its scent filling your senses. You held your breath and sped up, so Gojou followed your lead. He turned his head to you, tilting it, as you sped walk ahead. “I’m surprised you didn’t tell me, honey.”

Your breath hitched, as you quickly glanced at him then back to looking ahead. “What?”

“I mean, as your husband, I think you should tell me everything. Every single detail about your life. And, as much as I like surprises, I’d prefer if you were open about yourself to me,” He smiled at you, but with the inability to see his eyes, you had no idea if it was fake or not.

You realized it a lot. You were married to Gojou Satoru, but despite that, you knew nothing about him.

“So you figured it out huh?” You sighed. You had expected him to find out much sooner, but you were too chicken to tell him and if he had figured it out a while ago and was waiting for you to tell him, he probably got tired of doing so.

Gojou hummed, melodically. “I can buy you nicotine patches if you’d like.” You furrowed your eyebrows. “I’m glad you’re trying to quit by the way. We can teleport straight home, to get away from the smell. Or maybe this will help you build a resistance towards it”-

“I’m sorry, what?”

Gojou looked straight at you as you looked up at him, visibly confused. “You’re smoking addiction, darling. You’re trying to quit right? Unless it’s something else..?”

“I do not”- you stopped yourself, clenching your jaw for a second as you looked down to recollect yourself, before looking back at him, smiling. “Yeah, I am.” You sighed, lying through your teeth. “I just feel so empty without it, I guess.”

Gojou hummed in understanding. “I have a question,” he asked. You looked at him, ready for the question. “If you had to let go of one of these thing forever which would you choose. Me or-” “That’s easy,” you interjected, rolling your eyes. Gojou smirked. “Tobacco.”

You pressed your lips together, hesitating, and he gasped. “Wow! My wife would choose tobacco over me!”

“Hey!” You put your hands up, like you were being arrested. “In my defense, tobacco is always there for me!”

Gojou chuckled, and put his hand around your waist, leaning to kiss your forehead. “Hey,” he whispered softly. “I try.”

You leaned into him, a small smile gracing your face, appreciating the domesticity. “I know you do.”

Suddenly, the two of you stopped, sensing something. “You should go,” you said softly.


You pressed your index finger to his lips, hoping your face was encouraging enough to tell him you were fine. “I’ll see you at home. Tell me all about whatever happens.” You pulled him down for a quick peck on the lips before turning your back to him and walking away.

Gojou stared at you until you were a block away, and then stepped back. Before he turned around, he made sure to take a long look at you and only after he was sure you were safe, did he go to check what was happening.
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