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Even in my school !!


A first year student in a high school named Wendy Ashford that had transferred from her home to an appartement living in it by herself because of the lovey dovey mood in her country and she is an anti-romance type girl that aim for the top from elementary school to obtain a wealthy life in the future

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

“Today is my first day of school, this is a good thing that I transferred from this country to here ...” Wendy said
It is said that this school has banded the couples and any love relationships so that is why she transferred to this school .
“As expected...” , “so amazing...” and words praising her because she got the top grades or they thought so but in fact there is another student who got even the same grades as Wendy’s and they are now making election to choose the president and Vice President. And the student who got also the top score is a boy student called Steve Frederick
“Why is a boy and not a girl?” Said the angered Wendy .
“Well I’m a good boy you now . “ whispered Steve in her ear.
Wendy stared for 2 minutes in her place to outside because of these words and then she turned around to face him and said: “I will not lose to you” and the she showed off her self and went to her classroom.
But fate siding leave he and Steve was also a student in her classroom, and because of his good looking and his good manners he was loved by the the girls but Wendy wasn’t interested in him at all and she wanted was to study to achieve a wealthy and good life in the futures.

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