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The Rouge Trooper


A clone trooper goes rouge after the clone wars. He doesn’t have a side, he’s a lone wolf. He comes across a new friend called Zowel and work together.

Scifi / Action
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The Beginning

“Execute order 66”

“It will be done, my lord”

Palpatine executed his plan and all the clones slaughtered the Jedi. This clone trooper wasn’t rouge yet. His chip in his head came out different to the others...

The story begins at the start of the clone wars. He was a normal trooper but had too many head aches. He was different. When order 66 was executed, the chip was found to be different. The clone ran away and wanted to give up, but he didn’t. He became a lone wolf.

During the execution of order 66...

“TROOPER!” T-5246 shouted

“Yes sir!” He replied

“Any signs of Jedi here?” Asked T-5246

“No sir!” He replied

T-5246 noticed something off with the clone. He noticed his chip was weird.

“LOWER YOUR WEAPON!” T-5246 shouted

“W-what why sir?” He asked

“YOU ARE A TRAITOR!” T-5246 replied

The trooper then became rouge. His visor turned red and then he aimed his gun at T-5246 then fired...

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