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We Keep All Our Promises (Tsukihina Fanfic)


After discovering the hurtful truth about his lover, Hinata Shoyo didn't want to talk or be with his ex-boyfriend but it was hard despite that they go to the same school and are in the same club. Tsukishima Kei suddenly helps Shoyo by being by his side and making promises that no one else could complete but within one of those promises, Hinata couldn't make it come true. What could it be? Why couldn't he complete it? What was the reason?

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1- The Day My Heart Healed


Most of the characters in this story are NOT mine, if you don’t like this story please I’m asking nicely, don’t leave hurtful or insulting comments. ENJOY!

Thank you!


(So you don’t get confused: Afterschool, Hinata was walking down the road to the town close to his school, where there were many types of stores. On the way to a cafe, he heard soft low moans between two of the buildings.)

ℍ𝕚𝕟𝕒𝕥𝕒’𝕤 ℙ𝕠𝕧

Hi, my name is Hinata Shoyo. I am now a second-year at Karasuno High School, I am a middle blocker in the Volleyball team, and I am dating Karasuno’s 2nd years’ setter, Kageyama Tobio. We’ve been dating for nearly 6 months, yeah we had some fights but. . .Kageyama uses his cheesy and cute ways to ask for my forgiveness. I love him and he loves me. . . Well. . .That’s what I thought. . .At least. . . “K-Kageyama?. . .” I stuttered. Kageyama’s neck was covered in hickeys. . .hickeys that aren’t even from me. . .He looked at me alarmed, his eyes widened. . . the girl who he was making out with, had the top of her shirt unbuttoned showing the top of her breasts. “H-How could you. . .” My eyes got watery, trying so hard not to cry, my heart starting aching. The one I deeply loved, the one I have given everything to. . .the one who promised that he would never break my heart. . .is cheating on me. “H-Hinata. . .” He slowly walked towards me, I didn’t want him near me so I took a few steps back, “I-I can explain”. I couldn’t bear the pain, I started running while my forearm was over my eyes. I ran and ran, I could hear Kageyama yelling my name, “HINATA! WAIT!“. I don’t want to hear his excuses, I don’t want to see his face, I don’t even want to hear his voice. I kept my forearm over my eyes when suddenly, I bumped into something or someone it felt like I hit a pole but it’s a bit softer. I fell, hitting my bottom to the ground, “I’m so sorry!” I yelled as I wiped my tears off my face. “Shrimp?” I looked up to the familiar figuer and turned out to be Tsukishima, I looked down not wanting him to see my ridiculous face. I felt a finger lifting my chin, his face was a bit close to mine. In a worried face he asked, “Hey what’s wrong? Why are you crying?“, I’ve never seen this side of him at all. I opened my mouth trying to say something when suddenly, I was interrupted by someone. “Hinata! Please!” Kageyama huffed as he tried to catch his breath, Tsukishima looked at Kageyama then at me and got up holding his hand out at me “Stand up,” he said demandingly. I grabbed his hand and got up, he suddenly pulled me back and stepped in front of me, facing Kageyama. “Oi Four eyes, I need to talk to Hinata, alone,” Kageyama said, I didn’t want to be alone with him. Before Tsukishima walked, I tightly gripped his jacket making him turn his head towards me, and quickly whispered. “P-Please. . . don’t leave me with him. . .“, He looked at me with a concerned looked and faced Kageyama. “Sorry but I asked Hinata to meet me for something important,” He said, “He’s my boyfriend so back off you, Salt Shaker!” Kageyama growled which made me flinched. Tsukishima saw my reactions and his face turned to an irritated look. “If he’s your boyfriend, then why are your lips and neck covered in new hickeys and lipsticks?“, Kageyama then stood silent. I look down when I felt a warm hand holding my small hand. “Let’s go Shrimp” Tsukishima then guided me away to a cafe near the middle of the plaza by the water fountain.

We sat down at a booth table, facing each other, we looked at the menu and ordered our drinks. As we waited from ordering our food, it became silent and awkward, my heart still ached and I feel like crying again. . .I still can’t believe he would cheat on me. I hid my face by putting the menu up on the table, Tsukishima then put the menu flat on the table and looked at me. “How did you find out he was cheating on you?” He looked out the window staring outside, I looked down trying not to cry again. “I was walking down when I suddenly hear low moaning sound. . .I turned to where the sound was coming from. . .and I saw him making out with a girl” my hand turned in to two fists as tears started dropping on them. “Don’t cry”, I looked at him as he took a sip from his tea, “Don’t waste your tears over a cheater like the King, besides, I think it’s your fault for not being good enough”, “Well excuse me for not being his ideal type!!” I frowned and looked out the window. “But seriously Hinata, don’t waste your breath and tears over him, he clearly doesn’t deserve you” The way he looked at me, the way he said it, it felt like he really cares about me. I couldn’t help but giggled a bit, “Oi what are you laughing at Shrimp” His face got annoyed, “Sorry I just couldn’t hold it, I’ve never seen this side of you. . .But thank you Tsukki” I smiled brightly, his word felt warmth to my heart. He looked away as his cheeks slightly turned into a cherry blossom pink, “I-I just realized I called Tsukki! I’m so sorry!” I bowed slightly multiple times. He set his elbow on the table, putting his chin on his hand, “I don’t care if you call me that” He took another sip of his tea. “Are you sure? Won’t Yamaguchi get mad?” I tilted my head a bit, “Why would he get mad? I mean I’m not the only one who calls him Yama, Yachi calls him that too” he looked at me with a questioned look. “Aren’t they dating though?” I asked, “Still I have nothing against Yachi calling him that-” He looked out the window again and slightly smirked. “Speaking of the devils” He started waving, I looked out the window and saw Yamaguchi and Yachi waving at us, we both waved back. Yachi then grabbed Yamaguchi’s hand and dragged him inside the cafe to where we are sitting, “Hi Tsukishima, Hinata” she smiled. “Hi Yachi,” I smiled back, Yachi has been the closest person I can rely on, not only she knows the truth about me, but she can also notice what something Is wrong. “You were crying weren’t you Hinata. . .It was Kageyama right?” I looked down and slightly nodded, Yachi made a fist with both her hands. “Well! Screw him! He lost his chance with the most amazing and ball of sunshine!” She loudly said, “Ahah, Babe come on, let’s sit down, we don’t want to make a scene” Yamaguchi put his hands on Yachi’s shoulders trying to calm her down. “S-sorry Yama” Yachi scratched the back of her head, “I’ve been meaning to ask. . . Why is Tsukishima with you?” Tsukishima flinched, I’m guessing he was trying so hard not to be noticed? But then again it was kind of cute and funny of him. “We bumped into each other as we came here and he insisted on seating together” This LIAR! “That’s not true Tsukki!” I huffed and frowned. “I suddenly feel this coupled energy from you both” Yamaguchi stated, Tsukishima and I suddenly turned red, “Now that you mention it, I feel it too” Yachi replied. Our faces grew redder and we both looked away from each other.

After leaving the cafe, we spent the rest of the day hanging out. We went to the nearest mall and did some window shopping, Yachi and Yamaguchi were taking pictures while Tsukishima and I had some alone time. As we spent more time together, who knew you could see new sides of him, “Tsukki look isn’t this cute” I smiled, he suddenly chuckled and nodded slightly. “At least it’s not ugly like you” He smirked, I frowned and looked away crossing my arms, “I’m sorry Sho” He patted my head. I looked at him ghastly, “What?” he asked, “Is it because I called you Sho?” I nodded slightly, “Oh sorry” I looked away scratching behind his head. “N-no it’s okay!” I smiled and skipped away towards Yachi and Yamaguchi, when I heard him call me Sho, my memory of Kageyama earlier disappeared. My heart doesn’t hurt anymore, instead, my heart started feeling all jumpy and excited. “Hinata! Let’s go watch a movie!” Yachi smiled and pointed at the entrance of the movie theatre, “Sure!” I chatted with Yachi as we headed to the entrance while Tsukki and Yams talked in the back.

𝕋𝕤𝕦𝕜𝕚𝕤𝕙𝕚𝕞𝕒’𝕤 ℙ𝕠𝕧

“So?” I looked at Yamaguchi, his arms were above his head, “What?” I looked ahead. “What happened when you bumped into Hinata?” he asked, “Kageyama was chasing after him, his majesty demanded me to walk away, but Hinata gripped my jacket and asked me not to leave him alone with him, not to mention he was crying too” I explained, “Did Kageyama leave you both alone?” He continued, “No, he stated that Hinata was his boyfriend, I mean if he is then why did he have new hickeys and lipstick all over his lips and neck” I stated, Yamaguchi then looked at Hinata, “Poor Shoyo. . .” he looked upset after finding out what happened. I stared at Hinata as he was getting all excited with Yachi, it was cute, Wait! What am I saying! Argh!.... To be honest, the time I bumped into Hinata, my heart dropped seeing his face. He was crying, I was glad I was there to get him out of that mess, he’s being his usual annoying self right now. “Uh. . .Hello?. . .Earth to Tsukki?. . .TSUKKI!” I snapped back to reality not realizing I was staring at Hinata, “What is it?” I looked at Yamaguchi with an annoyed look. He then smirked and whispered in my ears, “I see you staring at Shoyo,” my face turned red. I looked away when I saw Shoyo coming my way, “Tsukki are you not feeling well? If not, we can go home now” the Shrimp asked, I smiled slightly and patted his head softly. “I’m okay Sho, let’s go watch a movie” I started walking with him.

( Third perspective: Yamaguchi starred at Tsukishima and Hinata walking into the theater. Yachi hugged her boyfriend’s arm and asked, “What’s wrong Baby?“, Yamaguchi looked at his cute girlfriend and looked back at the other two. “Nothing, If Tsukishima and Hinata hang together more often, don’t you think it will benefit the both of them?” he said. Yachi looked at the boys and smiled, slightly nodding, “I think so too, and who knows they might end up dating in the end” she responded, “It’s too early to know Baby” Yams mentioned. ‘Who knows, she might be right’ he thought, “Come on Yama! Let’s go watch a movie!” Yachi jumped and pulled her freckled boyfriend to the entrance. )

We looked up at the screens to see what kind of movie we should watch, “Let’s watch that one!” Yachi pointed at a horror movie. “Babe are you sure? Remember last time we watched a scary movie and you got scared in every jumped scare” Yama stated, “That’s not true! I can handle scary movies now!” Yachi frowned. While the couples were having a little argument, I looked at Hinata as he giggled awkwardly, “Do you want to watch that or something else?” I asked him. Hinata flinched a bit and stuttered, “O-oh I’m f-fine with watching h-horror,” He continued giggling. “YAY! HINATA AGREES!” Yachi grabbed Hinata’s arm and pulled him towards an arcade in the theatre. Yams and I bought the tickets and some snacks, we met up with Hinata and Yachi then headed to the theatre room. Yams and Yachi had to sit in the middle of the room while Hinata and I sat at the very back, as I set the drinks and popcorn between us I noticed Hinata being fidgety as if he is nervous. “Hey Sho, You’re not scared of horror movies, are you?” I asked concerned, “O-of course not!” he softly slapped both his cheeks. I don’t know why, but for some reason, this side of Shrimp is kind of cute, I chuckled and faced the screen after the lights dimmed low.

During the movie it wasn’t scary as I thought it would be, suddenly a huge jump scare came up and I heard someone close by yelped cutely. I looked to my right and saw Hinata hiding his face while shivering, so I was right all along, I slowly moved the popcorn that was between us and lift the armrest. As I was lifting the armrest another jump scare happened to cause Hinata to leaned against me, my eyes widened from feeling him hugging my arm while burying his face on my jacket. “G-Gomen” he stuttered, I pulled my arm away from away, “Don’t do that again” I stated. He slowly looked down and nodded, I slid my arm around his neck and pulled him close to me, “Don’t say that you can handle scary movies again, Okay?” I finished. He looked at me and smiled a bit “Yes Tsukki”, during the rest of the movie, Hinata would hug me and hide his face on me. It was cute and I felt happy to be with him, to see him enjoying today, I don’t want him hurt, not again. When the movie ended, Hinata was already asleep, both Yachi and Yamaguchi walked up the stairs to where we are sitting. “Looks like Hinata didn’t enjoy the movie,” I said, “Yachi too” Yamaguchi chuckled. “H-hey!” Yachi frowned, “Should we wake Hinata?” Yamaguchi asked, “No, I’ll carry him on my back” I got up and noticed both Yams and Yachi staring at me surprised. “What?” I asked, before Yamaguchi could say anything, “Hey Tsukki!” I looked towards the familiar voice and it was Kuroo, Kenma, Bokuto, and Akaashi. “Oh, it’s Kenma! Hi Kozume!” Yachi waved at Kenma as he and the others walked up to us, “Yachi, call me Kenma, like Shoyo” He smiled slightly. “Kenma, how come you’re always smiling when you’re with Shrimpy and Ms. Manager” Kuroo pouted. “Shut up Kuroo” Kenma glared at him, “HEY HEY HEY! Tsukki!” Bokuto yelled, “Bokuto please calm down” Akaashi stated.

“What are you guys doing here?” Yachi asked, “Well we wanted to try out a restaurant that looked tasty, but the restaurant was full so we decided to eat somewhere else and watch a movie since we are here,” Kuroo answered. Kenma was staring at Hinata which I’m guessing he knew Shrimp was crying, “Did he cry earlier?” he asked. “Y-yeah, a few hours after school actually” Yamaguchi replied, “Huh? Why was my star pupil crying?” questioned Bokuto. “Kageyama happened. . .” Yachi said which made both Bokuto and Kenma furious. “What did Kageyama do?” Kenma glared, Just from the King’s name made Hinata uneasy even though he’s asleep, he can still hear us. “We’ll keep talking on the way out” I stated and they all agreed, I got up and tried putting Hinata on my back, I got help from both Kuroo and Bokuto. As we walked out we explained what happened with Kageyama and Hinata, Kenma being the overprotective best friend, yelled in anger and glared making some of us shocked and frightened. Akaashi looked at Hinata, ” Is he okay right now?” He asked, ” We went to different places to get his mind off Kageyama” I answered. I looked behind my back, Hinata was sleeping as if he was a baby, it was cute, “Hey Yama, can you get my other sweater from my bag and wrap it around Hinata please,” “Oh sure” Yams opened my bag pulling out a dinosaur sweater and put it over Hinata, keeping him warm from the cold breeze. “I didn’t know you had a dinosaur sweater, that’s cute” I rolled my eyes as Bokuto and Kuroo laughed.

After we reached the street where the train station was, we all parted our way little by little, Akaashi, Bokuto, Kuroo, and Kenma walked into the train station. A few blocks from the train station, Yamaguchi and Yachi went in the other direction. I don’t know where Hinata lives so I took him to my place instead, I walked up to the street where my house is and slowly opened the door trying not to wake the small tangerine. Mom came out the door and stared at me with a shocked expression, I slipped my shoes out and walked up to the door to my room. “Who’s your friend Kei?” she asked, “I’ll tell you later Mom, can you please open the door?” I replied, she opened the door and I carried Hinata to my bed. Mom helped me lay Hinata down then she covered him up with a blanket, “He’s so small, Kei did you kidnap him!?” She whispered, I turned the lights to my room on and explained to her about today. Mom never judged about sexuality or race, when I told her about Hinata and his break up with Kageyama, she was only shocked that King cheated on him. “Poor thing, I’ll contact his parents and bring some rice pudding for the 2 of you” Mom smiled and walked out closing the door on her way out. I looked at the shrimp, he was still sleeping like a baby, I sat on the bed close to him and stroke his hair gently. He started shedding tears, I panicked inside not knowing what to do when suddenly he grabbed my hand and intertwine our fingers. I blushed and quietly laid down next to him, “Don’t leave me Tsukki. . . Please. . .” I looked at him, his cute face, his small lips. How could Kageyama do this is? To a person the lights up the world. . .to Hinata. I pulled Hinata closer to me. I don’t want to see him hurt again. I caressed his cheek. I will protect you. I softly kissed the top of his forehead.

Promise #1

“I promise, I will be by your side, forever and till the end”

I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep with Hinata in my arms.

𝕄𝕣𝕤. 𝕋𝕤𝕦𝕜𝕚𝕤𝕙𝕚𝕞𝕒 ℙ𝕠𝕧

“Yes. . . Yes. . . He’s asleep right now, my son carried him here. . . Oh no, it wasn’t a problem. . .Haha yes. . .He’ll be in great care. . .yes. . .okay thank you. . .Goodnight!. . . Bye Bye” I hang up and put Hinata’s phone back in his bag. I walked to the kitchen and poured rice pudding in 2 small cups, I placed them on a tray with napkins, spoons, and 2 cups of tea. I grabbed the tray and carefully walked to Kei’s room. “Kei I got you both some-” I saw the boys hugging and sleeping together, I smiled and placed the tray on the desk and walked over to them, and quietly took Kei’s glasses off, setting them on the nightstand. I covered both the boys with the blanket and walked towards the door grabbing the tray again, “Sleep well you two” I turned the lights off and closed the door on my way out. I think Hinata will take good care of my son, maybe he can get Kei to show his true colors.

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