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We Keep All Our Promises (Tsukihina Fanfic)

Chapter 2- Loving you was a losing game

ℍ𝕚𝕟𝕒𝕥𝕒 ℙ𝕠𝕧

I woke up from the chirping noises and the reflection of the sunlight, I rubbed my eyes and sit up then looked around the room. Huh? This isn’t my room. I felt something moving on the bed, I looked down and saw Tsukki sleeping peacefully, my heart started racing and my face slowly turned red. W-What am I doing here!? I heard the door open and turned out to be a beautiful woman holding some folded cloth. “Hi Dear, I brought some clean clothes for you to change into while I wash your uniform” She smiled brightly, her short light brunette hair, like the color of caramel. Her smile was similar to Tsukishima’s, so that’s Tsukki’s mom. “Thank Ma’am” I smiled back and quietly got off the bed, “Oh Sweety, call me Auntie okay? Now the bathroom to your right is at the end of the hall there is an empty basket there and you can put your clothes there and put it out in the hall and I will wash them while you take your time showering okay?” I nodded and grabbed the folded clothes and walked to the door, I stopped at the door and turned to her. “Does my parents know where I am Auntie?” I asked and she nodded “I told them you were asleep and that we didn’t want to wake you up”, “Okay Auntie I will be in the bathroom then” I smiled and walked to the bathroom.

The bathroom was small but yet cozy, I took my clothes off and set them on the and placed them into the basket just like how Auntie told me to. I set the basket out in the hallway and closed the door, I then walked to the shower and washed my face and body. I stood there still trying to understand what happened that day, the day where Kageyama and I are no longer together. How will I be able to go through it? I don’t want to cause trouble to the other members. Are we going to act as if yesterday never happened? A lot of questions were going through my mind, I’m scared to find out what’s going to happen from now on. After washing my hair and body, I turned off the water and dried myself, I grabbed the folded clothes that Auntie gave me and put them on. It was a small green dinosaur hoodie with long white sleeves and a cutout t-shirt that was stitched at the bottom below the hoodie. I then put on a black short, it was about a few inches above my knees. I dried my hair with a towel and walked out of the bathroom towards the kitchen where Auntie was preparing to start cooking. “Oh, Shoyo! You’re finally out” she smiled, I nodded and walked towards her, “Are you about to start cooking?” I asked. “Yes actually, Kei is about to wake up, so I think it’s better to start right away” I smiled and nodded and walked towards the sink to wash my hands. “I will help you, Auntie, It’s the least I can do for letting me stay the night” She looked at me and giggled a bit. “You know how to cook Shoyo?” I nodded as I was drying my hands, I grabbed a peeler and started peeling the carrots, potatoes, and cucumbers, “My dad would work overseas, so my mother would take most of the responsibility besides taking care of us, she had to work all day and night so we hardly see her. When I was in 5th grade, I started learning how to cook, not to mention help with the chores while my mom is out, I’m helping her because she’s doing her best but also for my little sister” Auntie started tearing up, I panicked a bit not knowing how to react, “P-Please don’t cry! I-It’s not sad or anything!”, she shook her head “It’s not that, I’m just touched that you’re doing this for the people you love” she smiled as her tears streamed down her cheeks. “You see, my husband is also working overseas, but since my oldest son is off to college, Kei hasn’t been his usual self, besides being with Tadashi. I know he can be himself again. Yesterday when he brought you here, I was surprised, I didn’t know how to react. After he explained what happened, I was happy that he cares about someone else other than himself, what made my heart feel full of joy is when he was holding you close while you both sleep.” She looked at me as she smiled brightly, her tone felt sincere her words were meaningful. “Shoyo, please promise you will help Kei find his true self again”

Promise #2

I smiled and nodded at her, “I’ll make sure to help Kei with his struggles” There is still a long way to be able to understand Tsukki, but if it means to help him find his own help, then so be it.

It’s been about 45 minutes since Auntie and I talked, we got along so well in only a few minutes like a daughter and mother-in-law relationship, the only thing is that I’m a boy. “That looks delicious Shoyo, you’ll be a great husband or maybe wife” she grinned, I blushed from her comment. I washed the dishes while Auntie put the food in two big bento boxes, as I was washing the plates and bowls, I felt someone laying their chin on top of my head, I looked up, and turned out to be a sleepy dino. I giggled a bit and looked at Tsukki, “You’re finally awake, take a shower so we can go to school” he nodded but hasn’t moved, instead, he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer towards him. In the corner of my eye, I could see Auntie taking pictures of us while giving me the thumbs up. I blushed and whispered over to Tsukki, “Y-Your mom is taking pictures of us, W-what if she shows it to someone?”, “She won’t show it to anybody but let me be like this for a few more minutes, did I mention that you look cute in my dino hoodie?” face turned red as a tomato. “T-Tsukki, just go take a shower, B-Baka” I stuttered as I looked down trying to hide my face. “Yeah yeah, I’m going” He chuckled a bit and walked away, I looked over at Auntie and she smirked. “You two make a cute couple” I got more flustered and looked back down, continuing cleaning the dishes. My heart won’t stop beating, why is it being like this? It feels so weird.

While Tsukki was taking a shower, Auntie gave me my uniform back, I walked towards Tsukki’s room and started changing. I then walked to the living room and grabbed my bag, Tsukki came out of the bathroom already wearing his uniform and came to the living room. “Ready?” he asked, I nodded and we both headed out to the front door with Auntie bringing the two bento boxes that were wrapped in a cloth to stay in place. We slid our shoes on and opened the door, I grabbed the bento from Auntie and thanked her for letting me stay over, “Come over anytime Shoyo, you are always welcome here” she smiled and hugged me tightly. “Thanks, Auntie, I’ll visit again soon” I pulled away and walked out of the house with Tsukishima. On our way to school, we met up with both Yachi and Yamaguchi, we all headed to school together. As the three talked, I kept thinking about how my day will be with Kageyama after what happened yesterday. Will he say anything to me? Are we even going to talk again like before? Can we act normal? “Earth to Hinata” Yachi waved her hand in front of my face yet I haven’t come back to reality when suddenly I felt a hand patting my head, I looked up and it was Tsukki laying his hand on my head. His face, it was like yesterday when I bumped into him, “You okay Sho? Do you maybe want to skip practice?” he asked, I shook my head “I’ll be fine Tsukki besides, I have you three with me” I smiled and giggled a bit. “Yes Hinata you have us after all” Yachi smiled and hugged me, we laughed and talked until we go to the club room. When we opened the door, Ennoshita, our new captain was already here, with our new vice-captain Tanaka. Kinoshita and Narita were also here, “Hey, Good morning you four” smiled Tanaka, “Get ready before the others get here” Ennoishita demanded. We nodded and started changing, while I was done changing the door suddenly opened, it was Kageyama. I looked away not wanting to make eye contact. “Hey, good morning Kageyama,” said Narita, “Morning” he responded. I could feel Kageyama looking at me, Tsukki then walked towards me, “You done changing? Let’s go” he then started walking out. “R-Right” I grabbed my volleyball shoes and followed Tsukki and we both headed to the gym.

(Third person: “Hey Yamaguchi, did something happen to Tsukishima and Hinata? They grew closer together” Kinoshita whispered to the freckled boy, “It’s a long story, let’s just say they had some things in common” he responded. Kageyama could hear their conversation, it brought anger and sorrow towards him, he regretted cheating on the little tangerine but at the same time, he didn’t. There were some things that Hinata couldn’t give Kageyama that the girl he cheated with could, the new volleyball members, Takahashi, Haruto, and Haise came in and greeted them. After Nishinoya arrived, everyone headed to the gym and did some stretching.)

“Shoyo~” Nishinoya yelled and leaped, clinging to me, “Noya-san!” I hugged him so he wouldn’t fall. Yachi came in and kneel putting her shoes on, “Okay guys, we have a practice match in 2 weeks on Wednesday after school, and 2 days after that we have a training camp with some of the powerhouse schools of Tokyo and some high school volleyball teams from America” she informed, whoa! Volleyball teams from America!? “You say America?” Tanaka asked, Yachi nodded, “Mhm, some teams are coming over here to Japan for a competition, and they needed to train before their semi-final match” everyone was excited, not only we will be training with some of Tokyo’s powerhouse schools but even schools from the U.S.! “All right guys, we should practice before classes start, try to improve on your receives, spikes, and serves, we need to focus more on our upcoming practice match, all right?” Ennoshita stated, “Yes sir!” we responded and started practicing, I decided to practice more on my receives since all I can do is receive it with my face. “Do you mind if I practice receiving with you?” Tsukki asked, I smiled and nodded and we both took turns receiving the ball back and forth. At first, we struggled but the more we did it, the more we got used to it. ( Third person: “Hey Ennoshita, look at Tsukishima and Hinata” Haise pointed out, Yamaguchi who was practicing on his serves, heard Haise and looked over to the duo who are receiving. He smiled and his eyes glowed up, “They are doing better am I right?” Yachi walked towards him as she looked at the two as well. “Yeah, I’m surprised they can both get better at receiving in just of matter of minutes” stated the freckled boy, “And I hope you can do the same with your serves” the blonde girl teased her boyfriend. “Oh come on Babe, it’s hard to hit the ball over the net from afar” frowned Yamaguchi and followed his cute little girlfriend. “Those two make me feel single” stated Tanaka, “I miss my Kyoko” he started frowning and crossed his arms. “Same Bro, I miss my momma (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ” Nishinoya then patted the bald boy’s shoulder, “What were the previous third years like?” Takahashi was curious about the previous ace, wing spiker, setter, and manager. “The captain and vice-captain before Ennoshita and Tanaka were the best, they were the reason my our team was strong and full of spirit, they looked after all of us, I guess you can say they are like the parents of the team” Kinoshita replied, “And our old manager was a beauty, the mark under her precious lip made her more sexy and attractive” stated Noya. “And our ace was the best as well, he may look mean and scary but he has a sensitive heart and a kind personality,” the captain said. “They sound so cool” replied Haruto, “Hey guys!” Takeda-sensei walked into the gym and approached the group, “Sup Takeda so who are we having a practice match with?” Tanaka questioned, “It’s ____ High school, their volleyball team is very good, especially with their quick attacks,” the teacher responded, “Also, I got a call from someone, they say that they will be coming over on Friday after school to see how the team is doing,” from the way Takeda sensei said it, both Ennoshita and Tanaka knew what he meant. Even though it’s been a few months yet it felt like years since they have seen or heard even though they still keep in touch.)

I was able to get through morning practice, the class was normal as always, I was able to relax since I wasn’t in the same class with Kageyama, yet after school, practice will be way harder since it’s longer and I will be practicing with new attacks with Kageyama. Relax Shoyo, remember, you Tsukki and the others. Just try to act normal and make sure not to show any hints. After school, I walked towards the club room and changed quickly, then I headed to the gym and waited on the others. Tsukki and Yamaguchi came in and we chatted a bit, Yachi, and the first years came in late, the rest of the team game and we started practice. I felt a bit uncomfortable since we were about to do the quick attack, our time and tempo kept going off. We kept messing up until we had to take a break and cool off, I sat on the floor against the wall with Tsukki. Ennoshita approached me and sat next to me, “Did something happen between you and Kageyama? You both haven’t talked or even acted like a couple” I looked down not being able to find the words to explain. “You should tell him, it’s better to let them know what’s going on” stated Tsukki, Ennoshita looked at Tsukki then back at me. “Hinata what happened? You know we are here to help you” I looked over at Kageyama as he was talking to the first years, I looked down at the floor and started talking, explaining to him what happened yesterday. “I’m so sorry Hinata, I hope you can recover soon, do you maybe want to sit out during the practice match?” He asked, I shook my head, “I’ll be fine, I’m already recovering quickly thanks to Tsukishima, Yamaguchi, and Yachi” I smiled. Before we started practicing again, the door suddenly opened, “E-Excuse me, I-Is this the volleyball club?” A girl asked, she had light brown silky hair and amazing hazel eyes, she looked familiar but I couldn’t put my finger down on who she could be. “Yes, can we help you with something?” Ennoshita asked, “I-Is Kageyama Tobio here? I came here to return something” when she replied, I instantly remembered her, she was the one Kageyama was making out with. My heart dropped, I stood there looking down on the ground.

𝕋𝕤𝕦𝕜𝕚𝕤𝕙𝕚𝕞𝕒 ℙ𝕠𝕧

I looked at Hinata who was looking down towards the floor, I took a glance over to the door and Kageyama was already with the girl talking. “Hey Sho, Are you okay?” I held his chin up, his eyes were already filled with tears, I slid my thumbs over his eyes to wipe the tears off. “Don’t cry okay?” I pulled him into my arms and held him close, “Hinata, let’s go outside” Yachi walked towards us smiling trying to ignore what’s going on. “I’m okay Yachi, I’ll be fine now that Tsukki is with me” His bright smile was so cute, it made me blush. “Oh my god, Kageyama is kissing the girl” Hinata’s smile faded away as he turned to the King and his chick. I could tell Hinata was heartbroken again he cried, even though his back was facing me, I knew he was crying. “Kageyama, What are you doing!?” Ennoshita yelled at him, everyone in the club knew Hinata and Kageyama’s relationship, but not about yesterday. My anger was boiling, “Hey King” I walked closer to Hinata and lifted his chin. Kageyama was facing us and was getting jealous, “Let’s see if you like it when someone else kisses your boyfriend” I smirked and gently kissed the shrimp. Everyone grew silent, I could tell his majesty was fuming mad. “You fucking four-eyes!” The King growled, I pulled away and hugged Hinata, “You have no right to be angry King, after all, you were the one who hurt the shrimp ″ I glared at him, Hinata’s face was red, I think I broke him. (0 ~~~ 0) I smirked and looked at Hinata, “You want more?~” I asked him, his face became redder, “Stop this Tsukishima!” Kageyama yelled out. “Tch, and who are you to be telling me to stop kissing my boyfriend? After all, you cheated on him” Everyone’s eyes were looking at Kageyama and the girl, Kageyama’s eyes widened. The girl’s face shifted to a solemn look, he hugged King’s arm, “I can give Tobio something that Sho can’t” she stated. Hinata pulled away and walked towards Kageyama and the girl, his head was still looking down towards the ground. Suddenly he raised both his hands, and the next thing we knew, both Kageyama and the girl’s cheeks were red, their faces were in shock. “You both are fucking sluts” stated Hinata then started walking out of the gym, “I hope you both burn in hell!” Yachi pushed the girl with her shoulder and chased after Hinata. “I’m disappointed in you Kageyama” Yamaguchi pushed him with his shoulder as well and ran out. I walked up towards Kageyama and grabbed him by the collar, “Tsukishima!” yelled Tanaka, I looked at him with a death glare. “If I see you or your disgusting bitch near Hinata, I will kill both of you” I let go of his collar and ran off to find Sho. I ran into the school to the second floor and saw Yams and Yachi facing the door to a classroom, “Shoyo please open the door, we are here” Yachi was convincing Hinata to open the door. I walked over towards them, they backed away and then I knocked on the door, “Sho? I’m here, please open the door” there was only silence for a moment. The door suddenly slid open, his tears were streaming down his cheeks, the sorrowful look he had, my heart was aching. I pulled him into my arms and tightly hugged him, “It’s going to be okay, I promise they won’t hurt you, I’m here Sho, always and forever” I stroke his orange hair, he looked up, our eyes met, “Promise?”. I smiled and caressed his cheek as I wiped his tears with my thumb.

Promise #3

“I promise Sho”, I lift his chin up and gently kiss him again, the feeling of his soft lips, I can’t forget that amazing feeling. He kissed back, the butterflies in my stomach are gone now, I promise. no matter what I won’t hurt you like the King.

After that scene, we walked to the club room, Haruto was in the club room and told us that the captain gave us an excuse to leave practice early. I looked at Shoyo and smiled while nodding, we changed and collected our belongings and headed out. We went to Coach Ukai’s store to grab some meat buns, then I walked Hinata to his house. After dropping him off, I walked back home, “I’m home” Mom came out while I was taking my shoes off, “Is Shoyo not here?” she questioned, “No, I walked him to his house, we got out of practice early due to drama” I got up and headed to my room. I grabbed my clothes then headed to the bathroom to take a shower, after I was finished I went back to my room and laid down on my bed, suddenly the scene of me and Sho kissing came up causing me to turn red. I turned to my side and chuckled a bit, “You’re so cute Sho” I smiled and the next thing I knew, I drifted to sleep.

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