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His Domain


She entered the sewers skeptical of the clown's existence. Now she won't be leaving unless it's under his domain.

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Chapter One

How she’d gotten there, or even when she didn’t know. She’d been investigating, as usual, everything seemed to be going fine (even if literally everyone in this town was a creepy fucker) and then she was suddenly in...well it smelled like a damn sewer and if she had to guess that’s what it was. She just didn’t want to think about it because if she thought about it too hard not only would she panic but she’d vomit. Those were two of the things she didn’t need to do in the moment. She got to her feet feeling light-headed, maybe she’d been drugged and kidnapped. That certainly made more sense than randomly appearing here after being in the woods somewhere. It was a mistake coming here and she should have asked for reassignment days ago.

“There’s a logical explanation for this,” She muttered and felt around in her coat pockets until she found her phone. She switched on the flashlight app and shone it down the tunnel that was closest to her. Her phone wasn’t getting a signal in here but that wasn’t surprising either. Well, if she’d gotten into this place there was going to be a way out it was just a matter of finding it. That was it. If that didn’t happen she could just stay in the same spot until someone found her because people would definitely be looking.

She couldn’t see any immediate ending to the tunnel but she headed down it anyway wishing she had something to mark which way she was going as she went but she didn’t. Oddly enough she still had her weapon in a holster on her hip so whoever had brought her down here was either stupid or not afraid of a gun, for some dumb reason. Then again, they may just be completely insane. From the stories, she was hearing or had heard, about some demon clown allegedly named Pennywise she was thinking that it was just a guy in a clown suit so terrifying and intimidating that people thought he was a demon.

The thing about a small town like this was that it was overrun with religious nuts and superstitious folk. They believed in demons and monsters (as well as the bible) and so they translated these murders into a demon doing them. Who else would kill and possibly eat children other than a demon? To her, it could be nothing more than a mortal man who was incredibly mentally disturbed. Maybe like Gacy or something. Certainly, people referred to him as a demon enough but he was just a man.

She took the vast majority of stories she heard with a grain of salt and interpreted them to the most logical possibility because demons weren’t real. Nor were monsters or clowns that lived in a sewer that was quite possibly the dumbest thing she ever heard. Ergo, if some clown came at her, then her gun would work just fine and this whole mentality gave her the confidence she needed not to panic, not to be afraid, and trudge on through the sewers in very uncomfortable high heels.

“You don’t fear me?” A voice came from everywhere and nowhere at once. She looked up and shone her light around. It was an interesting voice, one of a man and maybe a child all at the same time. Reminiscent of the weird high pitched deranged tones she’d heard visiting various mental institutions over her career. That was strange but not enough for her to be scared, startled but not scared.

“No,” She called back calmly. Even if she couldn’t see where the voice was coming from or tell, she was in a sewer it wasn’t like there weren’t a lot of areas from sound to come from and bounce off of and distort, “I’m not afraid of a man in a clown suit.”

“But I am no man...”

“Yeah right and I’m the queen of England,” She muttered and kept walking. Her guard was now up because he could clearly see her even if she couldn’t see him and she was getting prepared to fight if she had to. She slowly reached for her gun and removed it from its holster. Seconds after she had it in her hand she heard laughing or more accurately giggling. The most sinister, amused, and highly pitched laughter she’d ever heard. It was so loud and irritating she nearly lost her grip and dropped it but she took a deep breath to steady herself and her hold. She couldn’t deny that was creepy as fuck but it was just a crazy guy being crazy.

“A queen in my domain?” He asked sarcastically.

“A queen who’s going to catch you,” She snapped back angrily, “Show yourself. Now!”

“And why should I do that?”

“Because I fucking told you to, I’m a federal agent!”

“I thought you were a QUEEN!” He mocked really drawing out the last word. She was now unnerved as well as irritated. Could they not just get this over with so she could file her report, close the case, and go the fuck home? “Are you not afraid yet?”

“Why? Why would I be afraid? I haven’t even seen you yet!” She demanded. She was still walking and felt her hope pick up a bit as she believed she saw a light up ahead of her. One that would indicate she was nearly out of the tunnel. She sped up to get more towards it.

“You’re going the wrong way...” He taunted in a sing-songy voice. She ignored it and continued the way she was going thinking that he was just trying to psyche her out. Soon enough, about 20 yards ahead there was definitely an exit. She smiled and shut her phone off, starting to jog towards it as best she could given that this was still a sewer and she was still in heels. About 50 feet before she’d have reached the exit a metal gate came down in front of her nearly smashing her skull and probably would have if she hadn’t possessed the reflexes that she did. She yelped and stumbled back, falling down completely.

“FUCK!” She yelled.

“That’s right, be afraid....”

“I’m not afraid I’m annoyed and...well...startling someone with pointless things like that isn’t scary it’s just stupid.” She said realizing how insane she sounded herself essentially talking to nothing. She was more in the light now and she got up, feeling grossed out since she was in sewer water and it didn’t smell nice and now her clothes were soaked. She stepped towards the gate and put her hand on it trying to shake it. Test how strong it was. She glanced up and saw how the gate was positioned. This didn’t make any sense, how could it have slid down like that? It wasn’t built to do that it was built right into the cement. Was she losing her mind? Had she just not seen the gate before? Maybe she was still drugged from whatever had knocked her out enough to take her there. She pounded her fist on the metal bars angrily then turned around in a huff only to see him standing there. Not right there really, but down the tunnel. His eyes appeared to be glowing and he was so huge he was nearly bent over. She raised her gun, her hand shaking just a bit. “Don’t move.”

“What do you think that’s going to do?”

“Kill you.” She replied. Though there was really nowhere he could have come from that quietly and that quickly she didn’t discount the possibility that he knew these sewers better than her and that gave him a huge advantage when it came to stalking his prey, “I’m not even a child this doesn’t fit your M.O.”

“Trying to put me in a box?”

“I’ll put you wherever the hell I want after what you’ve done.” She took a few steps towards him. He wasn’t moving so maybe she really did have him right where she wanted. He was just a very crazy and very tall man after all. Fuck that makeup was just awful she found that she didn’t want to look directly at him but also couldn’t pull her gaze away. “Hands where I can see them, NOW!” He shifted and took a step forward but no more than that before putting his hands up, looking overly annoyed with her as if he’d been through this a thousand times before.

“And maybe I will do what I want with you.” He said once again the words were in a taunting tone, exaggerated, very sing-songy and eerie. The acoustics in this area definitely weren’t helping either. She shook her head as she tried to ignore it, her heart pounding even harder as she neared.

“Yeah well I’d like to see you try,” She said, “The authorities don’t take kindly to crazy men who do anything to Federal Agents.”

“I am no man,” He repeated as he had done the first time.

“Yes, you are. You are very clearly a man. A creepy, nasty, unsettling man but just a man.” She insisted. It was a good costume, great makeup, and he was kind of huge, but nothing outside of the realm of possibility for a human male.

“It’s not real. It’s all an illusion.” He taunted.

“Yeah so are the bullets in this gun and the handcuffs I’m about to put on you.” She told him getting close enough that she was within striking distance, either for him to make a move or for her. He towered over her as she reached behind to grab her handcuffs from her belt keeping her eyes and the gun on him at all times. He just stood there not trying to do anything to stop her, something seemed off about this but she was going to take her chance while she had it. She reached up and grabbed his wrist about to snap the handcuff around it when suddenly she was against the wall with a very large and gloved hand gripping her throat.

“What now?” He asked and then started laughing loudly. The same demonic laugh she’d heard before except now it was right in her face and it was quite honestly terrifying. She struggled against him, both of her hands coming up to his massive arm and clawing at the fabric of his very elaborate clown costume. “What do we have here?” He raised his other hand up he somehow had her gun but when he’d gotten it out of her hand she hadn’t a clue.

“Let me...go...” She rasped he was allowing her just enough air to also allow her not to pass out but she didn’t know how long that would last.

“You thought you could stop me with this?” He asked waving it in front of her in an exaggerated theatrical gesture. “Foolish human,”

“I’m not afraid of you,” She hissed. It was only half true, only because she was more afraid she was going to die than of him and she still didn’t believe he was anything other than a crazy guy in a weird clown suit and makeup. He hadn’t done anything to convince her otherwise even if she also couldn’t explain how he got her in this position. He snarled at her with an absolutely inhuman sound his eyes meeting hers, starting to glow far more intensely almost blindingly bright.

“You will be...” He hissed his tone dropping several pitches to a low demonic sound, “You. Will. Be.”

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