Cassiopeia x Klaus Luna x Kol Fred x Damon x George Theodore x Rebekah Draco x Elijah

Other / Fantasy
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*Luna is a little less dreamy when around her family and because she’s you know luna she’ll act her normal self around the Mikaelsons as well because she knows how important they’ll be to all of them. She uses her on another plane façade to throw others off mainly the dopplegang. Draco isn’t as spoiled and stuck up in this because he grew up with Cassie at Hogwarts. He’s very playful and him and Theo prank people a lot. And he’s really gonna help Elijah and loosen him up around family at least. Cassie is not completely sane her favorite cousin is Bellatrix and Bellatrix adores her.
Also Kol’s issues about not being part of always and forever almost nonexistent so he isn’t as reckless and wild he is a nice mix of Klaus and Elijah.

*Really isn’t going to follow canon of either stories. Some will be the same the rest not so much.
The hair at the top is Cassie’s.
Also I advise you read this with your background black.
Cassie’s family is beautiful like how vampires seem to have an unnatural beauty so do her and all her family but Cassie and Harry more so than anyone.

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