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Rescue love


A mission which ties them in love. Kong-Arthit: Forth- Beam May-Knott ***** All characters belong to bittersweet. It's purely my imagination.

Romance / Scifi
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First of all I am new writer here, I have this story on wattpad too, it’s a fanfiction with sotus boys. English is not my first language so please ignore my grammatical mistakes.

So if you are not comfortable with boy * boy please skip it.

Thanks for all who giving it a chance. Happy reading..


Kong side:

Kong: May please consider our company reputation if anyone see me like this, what will they think of me, I swear I will never go with P'beam again..

Beam: what?! You insolent soul? I will also never take you with me, MAY! I also swear that I will kill you once this punishment ends.

May: I don't care P'beam! Kong and P'beam your time starts from now on, go and change your outfits my beamy and Mia, hahhaha...don't worry you guys will thank me one day for this.


Kong: May thank you so much sister, I will ask dad to give you more shares, I will also replace your turn in house cleaning.

Beam: me too May, If it is not for your punishment we may end up with boys and cried in pain, I promise you that I will never fuck your friends again.

May: I want you both to stop fucking thank me, just find a way to get out of this place, I really don't want to die.


Arthit side:

Arthit: what are you doing here p?

Forth: first tell me, what are you doing here arthit?

Arthit : I am working here p, please leave me alone, don't follow me in this path, it's dangerous for you and may be ....for your mom and dad.

Forth: my mom and dad?!! How can you be this cruel to them arthit? Please hear them for once arthit!!, forgive them.

Arthit: forgive them who killed my child before even born? I don't want to forgive them, because of them I lost my girlfriend and my unborn child, never In my life I will come with you to meet them..

Before forth answer him, both their phone pinged with message, after reading the message both starred into each other without a word for a moment, knot broke the silence by opening the door and told, "we have a mission, stop your nonsense and come down quick, we need to catch a flight".

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