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Rescue love

Chapter 1


It's early morning 3clk, where every soul is sleeping peacefully, but here is the 2 soul, where waiting for their lady lucifier to shoot them with words, both get caught while sneak back to beam room after their one night stand.

Both Kong and beam stood there with head low, May eyes filled with fire, she shouted to beam, "how many times you are gonna cheat me P'beam?! It's been 3 years since I promised aunty to make you right, I am really loosing my hope on you, why the hell you like to break every girls heart?, when will you change and learn to love someone?".

May now turned to Kong in disbelief and said, "dad always tell me that never trust men fully even he is your own blood, think of that----", beam cut her off, "don't scold him, I am the one who persuaded him to accompany me, because I want him to loss his virgin, he is 25, he is always working like a maniac, so please don't blame him for enjoying his life".

May stood from her place and raised her voice, "virigin? Enjoying his life? Bullshit!! Even if you get a best girl to his bedroom he will not fuck her because he..", "May!!! Stop it please, It's my fault to join P'beam and for not stopping him, just give us another chance, a last chance, we will change to good this time" kong pleaded at her.

May smiled bitterly and told, "I already gave P'beam a thousand chances before, for you its already a 10th chance, do you know how you guys caught, don't worry this time he didn't fuck my friend, this time your so called neighbor comes best friend P'beam just fucked our new client ocean electronic CEO's sister, how I know? She posted a photo of beam and her from the club with status of 'beginning of new relationship', I am tired of him breaking girls heart, now a days aunty is getting more worried".

Kong glared beam with wide eyes, beam shrugged his shoulders without guilty and told, "it's not my fault that she posted like that, I clearly told her i am only for physical relationship, nothing else, plus I already stated to her clearly that it's just for one night, don't blame me May".

May told in defeat, "OK! I am tired of you guys, let's break our bond, hereafter Kong is not my brother and you are not my friend P'beam, I will not come with you guys to the island next week, let's not talk with each other".

Without giving them chance, she leaved to her home, both Kong and beam sighed in frustration, they know may will come around to them in a day so they kept silence but this time it's didn't happened like they predicted, it's been a week since May talked with them, tomorrow is the day where they need to leave to the island for a week to celebrate kong's birthday.

Beam marched into kong cabin and throwing his white coat at the sofa he sat in the middle, he told in irritation, "kong May still didn't talk with me, what we are going to do?".

Kong just adjusted his specs in place and moved his eyes from the file to beam and told, "there is only one way, promise her that you will stop your playboy life, I will also promise her for, let's go and beg her p".

Beam pulled his hair in frustration, but his life without May is like life without family, all beam had is his mom and kong family, he always see kong as his brother and May as his sister, so after a thought he decided to beg for her forgiveness.

Both kneeled in front of May table after locking her cabin door, May sighed and stood from her chair to leave, both beam and kong said in same time, "we promised you to change ourselves for our good, for our loved ones, for our life, please forgive us god lucifier, for our sinful act you can punish as however you want".

May beamed in happiness without turning to them, after a silence of seconds, she turned with her straight face and told, "OK I will give you guys another chance, but P'beam this time I will not act as your girlfriend for that girl, she is our client it may cause trouble for our business, so break up with her your own!! And be ready in the evening to go shopping", she walked and opened her cabin door for them to leave, both stand on their feet and head outside, before closing the door she said, "be ready for the punishment, you guys promised me", both kong and beam gulped their saliva.

"NO!! Way in the hell? I will do this!, kong!! say something rather than stood with in wide eyes!", beam shouted to kong, kong pleaded at her with his puppy eyes "please May! Change your punishment, you know how much we wanted to enjoy there please stop",but she ignored them and start to pick the dress.

May finished her shopping ignoring their bickering. in the evening kong's dad and beam mother accompanied them to the airport, beam said, "it's not like you are marrying me off with someone Mom, change your sad face pretty please".

She slapped his chest and told, "don't ridicule me beam, it's just...I don't know..I feel something weird..like bad—-", beam cut her off by, "wowww... stop it mom, you can't stop us, we waited for this trip from last year".

Beam mother just nodded her head and smiled to him, but still her heart feels heavy for some reason, both May and kong hugged their daddy and said goodbye.

While waiting for their flight after security check, beam excused himself to restroom, kong asked, "May are you really want people to humiliate us? Please change the punishment".

May smiled and replied, "ok I will change but on one condition, tell beam and dad why are you not dating anyone, come out to all", kong expression changed to sadness, he didn't talk to her after that.

Beam returned and called kong to the side, "hey kong...help that kid", kong turned his head to side, a child stood there crying, kong raised his eyebrows towards Beam "No! I can't help her because she is using sighing language".

Kong nodded his head and went to the child, he returned after some minutes to his seat with a big smile, both beam and May shared a confused look, the announcement got their attention, they get into the flight.

"May please! I have a reputation to maintain for our company, what if someone recognise me?, please!!! I swear I will not go with P'beam again", kong pleaded with a dress in his hand.

"You insolent soul!, I will also not take you anymore, you and your sister are pure evil and selfish, I swear May that I will kill you once the punishment ends", beam exploded with a dress in hand.

May told while laughing, "I don't care about that, trust me I have my reasons to choose this as a punishment for you guys, I already got permission from dad and aunty, they said if it was to change you guys then they have no problem in this, I am sure one day you guys will thank me for this".

"Will thank you? My foot!! How can my mom do this to me? I choosed medical for her only, I even promised to take over her hospital once I returned from the vacation, how can she betray me" beam told annoyingly.

Kong sighed and told, "you deserved aunty betrayal p! So stop fighting! Come on p our time is running! We need to start otherwise our ending time will extend".

Beam is the one who came first and took his seat, May eyes beamed in happiness and told, "I know P'beam you will rock in this skirt, shit!!! See your legs!!You are gonna be my competition in the island beamy", beam just glared her murderously.

(Imagine beam dress like this but his dress covered up to his knees.)

May helped beam to adjust his makeup, both heard the footsteps, they turned and watched with a mouth opening, kong walked to them nervously, he approached infront of them and asked, "hmm..is my..make up ok?.....the dress..is it ok?".

(Imagine kong dressed like this, you guys can imagine other dress if you want)

Coming out of his snap Beam cursed, "Fuck kong!!! You are sexy as hell, I am really getting aroused seeing you biting your lips,..ouchhh shit", May pinched beam arm to shut his mouth, "beamy!! Control your mouth! Don't disturb others, and Kong, you look pretty, beautiful and ...hot as fire" May told with a sly smile.

Kong blushed, he takes his seat next to May, soon three of them went to dreamland while talking, where beam head in window, kong head in beam shoulder and may head in kong shoulder. The lady who passed by them, saw them and told to herself, "ahhh such a pretty girls, I should ask their number for my son".

Soon they reached the destination, May didn't allow them to cover their faces, she just connect her arm to beam and kong side to side and walked ahead, while leaving the airport kong again saw the child who can't talk, he waved her bye, what makes kong shocked is she waved him back, 'or not I dressed like a women? How did she recognise me?' He thought in his mind and leaved to their resort.

All three of them entered the room with tiredness, Beam went straight to restroom to finish his job first, while kong and May lay in the bed side by side in tiredness, a sudden door bell make them awake, kong went and opened the door.

A guy with a mask on shout to someone stood in the end of the corridor in some other language, after realising the meaning kong about to shut the door, but the guy slammed the door and sprayed something in kong face, before he dropped to the floor May rushed to him and caught him, he sprayed on May face too, both dropped to the floor, beam came out and watched the scene in horror where 2guys lifting kong and may, he cursed under his mouth "shit!!" before he could react he also blanked out by the guy.


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