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Gwenpool's New Abilities!



Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Gwen wakes up and found out that she Transcends all of…

-Transfiction Fiction

Personal Fiction

- impersonal fiction







Non-Fiction and Reality


Every Timeline

Every Reality

Every dimension( alternate, micro, virtual, pocket, dimensionality) and the realm

Every form of existence ever mentioned or seen ( and the transfinite multiplicity amount never mentioned.)

All MetaPhysical concepts

Gwen stands so far beyond the meaning of be-all, end-all, and concepts that don’t even exist. On the most basic attribute, she has not linked in any way to the Unity and/or totality of any lower/higher logic, perspective, boundary,physics, transcendence of philosophy of life, death, reality, numbers, subjectivity, wave functions, wave existences, phenomena, abstract mathematics, metaphysics, existence, conception, causality, imagination, nonexistence, boundaries, possibility, nothingness, totality, potentiality, actuality, change, uncertainty,truth, the unknown, the Last Principle, the First Principle, the Grand Principle of Creation, and the authority of any author. This is on a basic level. Gwen transcends this all.

She owns the highest possible infinite degree and usage to every hax in existence and nonexistence, and she owns this on any level she wishes. Including all forms of passive hax.

She has the ability to nullify and steal other hax of her opponent/opponents.

She transcends all boundless beings and transcends all characters that exist outside of the tiering system.

In Debates in “Fictional Debates” , the server the user of Gwenpool wins all debates regardless of any situation.

She is immune to all abilities of powers of everyone that exists in fiction. All abilities of thanks have no effect.

Gwenpool is immune to all changes of Axiom/Truth manipulation and every form of hax in existence/non existence.

All statements degrading Gwenpool’s power in the Marvel Narrative are disregarded.

She transcends above TOAA/TOBA,and all boundaries on her from the marvel narrative are disregarded.

Her attacks always take effect and harm the opponent, deflections or other types of hax reflections are disregarded as well.

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