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I refuse


None knew that Voldemort was capable of fathering a child or even finding love but oh were they wrong he found love and had A child. 1981 that’s when my mother was born All her life she stayed in her room And only came out when it was necessary Her mother died when she gave birth to her. Anyways she was 16 just turning 17 when her father died and from those days on she wanted to get revenge for her father aka kill Harry Potter and “ purifying the wizarding race”. she married my dad and had me My name is Y/N (Y/L/N) and I’m the grand daughter of Voldemort. My birthday is June 19th 2006 and I go to Hogwarts.

Mystery / Romance
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A few months ago on my 11th birthday I received my Hogwarts letter, my mother hesitated to let me go at first but at last she
switched up real quick and said “ actually, this could be useful” meaning I could befriend the potter family and get information so my mother would know there weak spots.

But anyways when the day came I got up at 5am
Just to finish packing you know toiletries.
I went downstairs to go see my mother and father at the table for breakfast.
My mum wasn’t shutting up about the potter family she was saying “you better make me proud” or stuff like “get as much information as you can don’t disappoint me”
I hurried up eating so I could get out of there
And avoid those questions,

My mother and father came with me to platform 9 3/4, All I could smell was smoke so I started coughing but then my mother punched me in the back to show me Albus potter and said “that’s the boy, that’s the boy you HAVE to be friends with”
All I said was “yes mother” just to get her off my back.

I hugged my parents and finally got onto the train, my plan was to find Albus and sit next to him but of course I couldn’t he was surrounded by people asking him questions about his father.
So I sat on an empty carriage but 5 minutes later
It filled up.

A voice said “may I sit here?”
It was this boy with bright green eyes and
Platinum blondes hair.
“Of -of corse” I stuttered
He introduced himself he said
“Scorpius Malfoy and you are?”
And the people around us went silent
He rolled him eyes and I said
“Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N”
He sat down and said “nice to meet you”
Everyone started talking as he sat down across
From me.
The train started up and we were getting along just fine.
Until he asked who my parents were
“Erm er I-“
He smiled and said
“Don’t worry I don’t care if your a muggle born
My mother always saids that’s my father only likes Certain people that are on a list it’s called the -”
You interrupt “ The sacred 28”
He sighs and nods
“You probably hate me because I’m a Malfoy, I’m surprised word goes around fast”
You shake your hand “no no no I don’t hate anyone..yet”
He laughs and smiles “can we be friends”
You smile back “Of corse!”

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