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Our Marraige (M-preg)

Characters introduction

Character name: Arthit rojanapat
Profession: Doctor
Surgeon in cardiac department
Relationship status: Married
Father name: David rojanapat
Profession: business
Mother name: Jessy rojanapat
Profession: ex-doctor
Husband: Kongpob rojanapat
Friends: knot, bright, prem, Yong


Character name: kongpob suthiluck
Realtionship status: Married
Father name: Jack suthiluck
Profession: A senior most doctor working as a director of hospital and also has many businesses
Mother name:Ria suthiluck
Siblings: Tew suthiluck (older brother)
Friends: wad and new


Character name: knot kriechoren
Profession: Doctor
Surgeon in neurology department
Description: fells in love with arthit left heartbroken and meets tew


Character name: Tew suthiluck
Profession: Doctor in obstetrics and gynaecology department
Description: dotting son of jack suthiluck and falls in love with childhood friend alias family Friend knot

Character name: prem arpornsutinan
Profession: doctor
Surgeon in nephrology department
Description: loves his family and friends doting son to his family, falls in love with wad

Character name: wad Lohanan
Profession: Ex-medical student
Description: orphan, PTSD. Latter studies art and will add one more friend kongpob
best friend and brother: Em hathaipraset

Character name: Bright Adulkittiporn
profession: doctor
Surgeon in pediatric department
Description: in love with Rome

Character name: Rome
Profession: Teacher
Description: in love with bright, ends up in comma and later he will find his strength to wake up

Character name: Yong sivakorn lertchoochot
Profession: Artist
Description: a famous artist in Thailand, kongpob follows his work and a big fang of him, ex-husband of nai and had a daughter twinkle

Character name: Nai lertchoochot
Description: orphan, a cancer survivor, best friend of arthit, got divorce from his husband yong.

Character name: Marise
Profession: Doctor
Surgeon in neurology department; magical hand fairy
Description: arthit's first love, villian

Character name: Deer tanapas
Profession: Doctor
Works as anaesthetist
Description: A burrocat son, a doting son, crushed wad soul, a pure villain.

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