Say You're Mine// book 1


this is a fan fiction with idk how many chapters, but there is on thing you can expect from this dirty minded writer. And that is- S M U T ~ Sarawat, a "CEO of some company Tine doesn't know the name of" and Tine, meet after a Wat went through a fresh break up at the mall and things build up really fast. Whats happening next? Normal chapters will have only the name Almost smuts will have a 🔥 emoji after name Smut chapters will have 🔞 emoji after name. Please skip if uncomfy. Not slow infact very fast progression in this story and once this one's read, make sure to read book two which you can find in my profile! "Say You're Mine// book 2"

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

1. Tine huh?

Sarawat pov.

And as per usual, here I was, with Pam at the mall spending all my allowance for a month, on her.

I seriously wonder if she even loves me or loves my money. Because I have clearly lost interest in her.

"Sarawat khaaa! Can I please have $500's? I want to buy that Gucci shoe naaaa?" Pam asks me, with an annoying expression she calls "puppy eyes". Does she even know how to make puppy eyes? Ugh...

"You already spent all my money on your stupid Chanel perfumes and three other bags, dont you think it's enough already?" I ask her instead.

"....ugh! You're so dumb and reserved! I'm done with you, you don't even go to clubs! Always working and- no. I'm JUST DONE WITH YOU. WE'RE OVER!" she screamed in the middle of the mall, catching everyone's attention.

"...." I didn't say anything and kept my blank expression, but my heart felt like it just dropped 300 pounds of steel off of it, in other words- relieved.


"Actually no. Dont think begging over you is worth it now"

"H- huh?"

"Didn't you hear what I said? I. Am. Done. With. You. Too." I said giving gap inbetween the last part.

"B- but! Sarawat khaaa, I was just kidding! I still love yo-"

"LOVE MY MONEY? I KNOW. I'VE SEEN IT. YOU ONLYDATE ME FOR MONEY AND POPULARITY!" I literally screamed, losing al my shit.

After I stated this, people threw disgusted looks from here and there on me.

"YES I DID. I NEVER LOVED YOU! THAT TIME YOU CONFESSED TO ME I THOUGHT OF 'KINDLY' REJECTING YOU. BUT THEN I THOUGHT 'I can use him for money and become popular amongst the people in our company collaboration than just some mere engineer who doesn't get enough money to buy her desired lavish goods' SO I ACCEPTED THE BIG CEO'S PROPOSAL BACK THEN!" she admitted shaking from head to toe in.... rage?

"Well, you finally get to find the 'one' for you and not use people for their money or popularity. If I still loved you right now, I dont think I would function properly." I state, as she gets in tears.

"Y- you really think so...? I do have this person... who I have liked for quite a while..." she says sniffling slightly.

"And who might that be? Someone I know?" I ask, lighting up a bit.

"I- i'ts... P' Meena..."

"You're lesbian?"

"Yeah.... I've liked her for 3 years and she'd been flirting with me too but then you proposed and..." her voice trailed off.

"Y- you like me?"

"H- huh?! P' Meena?!"

"Kha nong"


"I love you too"

Meena suddenly pulled Pam by the collar of her shirt and kissed her, while most of the crowd started squealing.

Now people were staring at us three, some even recording this incident

"Ai'Meena take your girlfriend home will you? My eyes are bleeding" I say, smiling.


"P'Sarawat.... can we still be friends?" Pam asks me

"Okay sure, but promise me that you won't use her or break Meena's heart, okay? She's like a sister to me. Understand?"

"K- kha" she tears up again and hugs me as I hug her back.

"Uhh! Pai leu!!!" (Uhh go fast!) I say before sharing my goodbye's to them.

'Well, Pam found herself her someone.... what about me-'



"Y- yeah..." I say, opening my eyes to be met with the most divine looking person.

He was wearing glasses, a collar on t- shirt, hair disheveled due to the dash and fall, pouting beautifully, creases on his forehead due to worry... plump lips, slim, cute, sexy... whatever I could think of by looking at him.

"A- are you sure...? You dont look okay"


"Huh? You sound like you're in a hurry..."

"N- no! Not at all!" By now I was practically thinking of jumping on him and stealing those plump lips and the way he was looking at me now....

"Okay.... I hope you have a good day sir" he says, smiling sweetly and giving me that... seductive yet cute look.

"You too....."

"Tine krup"

"You too Tine"

"May I... know your name?"

"Ah! Sarawat, 23"

"Oh! I see... can I have your number P'Wat?"

Wat. Heh. Only you can call me by that.

"Sure, it's ........ got it?" I ask with a small smile.

"Khrap! I'll give you a call just to see if it's correct"

*insert fave ringtone*

"Okay yes it's correct! Thank you khap" he says with that same smile that's driving my brain crazy right this moment.

"Okay I'll.... catch you later! My friends are waiting in the bar there"

"Aah... okay khap. Bye bye"

He waved as he went off with a smile and red ears.... wait! Red ears....

"Tine, huh?" I let out with a chuckle.


Yess finally on here! Make sure to support me and for the ones from wattpad, please keep in mind that am not quitting until I get whacked from there ;) and peeps who wanna find me on wattpad, it's BlHoney_bae .
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