Always Yes Master


This is a story of master and a servant ..a person who is always there for your every wish and command . From childhood who had been your shadow and following you like an obedient dog.. Can love even bloom between a man and his subordinate..ten years younger to him. A story of companionship, friendship to love and more but with my typical twist.. Characters belong to bittersweet and images to Google.. Obviously the writing bug is all mine..

Romance / Poetry
Age Rating:

1. Melodies of Past

This story I am publishing here, the wattapad version is already unpublished. So enjoy if you miss this tale or enjoy if you are new reader. You may be pleasantly surprised.
This is boy*boy,mature and based on characters Krist and Singto, Thailand's bl actors of Sotus the series.

Let's begin an unique ride,hop on.


"Kit, Kit, come on, get up, lukk (child), have your breakfast, I have to go out. Master has called me up for an early duty."

Jake perawat Sangpotirat feels bad to wake the six year old on a weekend. His son loves his sleep and the whole week had been whirlwind for the little one, infact the whole month. One moment Jake was anticipating another child, the completion of his family, the very next moment his whole life turned upside down.

One fall from the stairs in the last trimester cost his wife, her and their child's life and Krist was left without his loving, doting mother . Jake doesn't want to cry again, he is glad atleast Prachaya's are nice people. They allocated them a servant quarter so that Krist can stay after school without any child care, at their mansion under supervision of so many adult servants serving the master , his wife and their three children,.
Krist gets up promptly, he has become more obedient in this past month, comprehending slowly in this last one week, that their routine here in the house is different than their home before with mom.

His father now makes the breakfast now and cannot go out without making him atleast have the meal with him. Krist understands in his child brain that this is the precious time for his Father and him, the only time through the whole day when his dad can be with him.

His father generally comes back quite late, Krist tries to stay awake but falls asleep every time due to the tiredness of the whole day. He has been placed in a different school, a very big school, walking distance from the prachaya mansion.

He goes there alone, the school also provides afternoon meal and then he comes back late afternoon and runs in the big garden with some other servant children, there are three, Bright, Tootah and Prem. They are little older than him and keep to themselves, since it's only a week he is here. May be they will become his friends soon.

All are then called for evening milk and snacks in the small dining hall in the servants wing . He does his homework afterwards and goes back to room alone until called for dinner . After dinner he dozes off waiting for his father to come back.

When his father leaves for the day, kissing his forehead he runs outside to the garden expecting any of the three children. But no one is there except a much older boy on the garden swing .. enjoying the winter morning lazy sun.

There is a pen and stacks of paper beside him and as he reaches for the pen, it rolls off the swing seat and lands a little far away due to the momentum . Krist immediately runs to pick it up and promptly faces the much older boy.

" Here master"
his father has already strictly told him to call all the people of the mansion, master and madams and he has seen this older boy getting in the same car with the old master prachaya , and his dad holding the door open for both of them , the very first day he arrived .

" thank you , who are you, what's your name baby boy."
Singto looks at the very plump and very pink much younger boy, with chubby cheeks like Chinese bun. Well, Krist loved his mom's cooking and his mother always thought he is lanky, not having enough meat on his bones and made him eat and eat . No one can blame him, for him being chubby and a little rolly polly now .

" I am krist..I am big,no baby master. I am six years old"
Krist puffs up his little chest and try to increase his height on toes. Singto watches curiously his antics.

"Hmm, I didn't really ask your age , just your name . What are you doing here alone."

"I am Planning to play."

" Alone ? You are a queer big boy alright, then do one thing, since there are no friends to play with you, run around three times this garden, you will loose all those extra buns ."

Singto feels fun to tease this cute kid , he looks like a chinese doll though male, it will be fun to see him wobbling and running around. Anyways he is thinking about the next chapter of his book and it is not still coming the way he wants even after rewriting it two time's, this will distract him from his petulant mood .

" Yes master"
and Krist starts huffing and puffing around as Singto watches him, smiling. After two rounds of the big garden , he looks at Singto pitifully, requesting mercy with his big dark orbs, hidden by the huge cheeks

" no no, no stopping, one more round, complete, then I will tell you a story."

Krist is surprised did this big bully promised to tell a story! What a strange boy but he is sucker for stories . His mom used to tell him a story every night before sleep. Krist runs faster but by the time he finishes Singto is busy writing something on those paper stack.

He approaches him all sweaty but quietly sits down beside the swing, waiting patiently for the older boy to finish whatever he is doing. He waits and waits but the older boy keeps on writing. Krist tired after the almost endless run, doesn't even know when he sleeps on the grass beside the swing. He doesn't even come to know when the afternoon call for lunch comes, he naps on and on,as Singto writes without even looking at his surroundings, immersed in his writing world.

After sometime, when satisfied with what he has written for today, Singto gets up from the swing, stretches his arms and legs and plans to go for lunch, but to his surprise he discovers the plump child sleeping on the grass , now more pink due to sun rays falling directly on his face.

" hey whats your name , yea Kit right; hey get up?" He nudges the soundly sleeping boy's chubby cheeks.

" Now will you tell me a story?" Krist promptly gets up and asks..

" Huh!! Oh .. were you waiting for the story?"

This little boy is really amusing , Singto can't help but think and decides to entertain this silly kid.

" aren't you hungry little one, the bell of lunch for servants rang a long time ago. Why didn't your parents call you?"

" My dad is with your dad. He guards his body.. and mom is a star now . So I am alone and nobody here to call me . Master will you not tell me a story?."

Singto stares at those innocent eyes, something unknown tugs at his heartstring..

" Ok, come to my wing, your lunch time is long over . Have lunch with me and I will tell you a story . Promise?"

" Pinky promise master" he happily tags along.

" Haha,yes pinky promise,now come on."

That was the first time , they will have lunch together , Singto telling his latest story which the six year old gets bored off soon. But never complains. The deep melancholic story will go, all over his head , the plot the characters everything too much for him, but he will listen on fascinated with the older boy's deep baritone voice, and his passion during the story telling .

Next weekend again a pink plump huffing puffing krist will be found while Singto will be seen on the big swing writing.

But in this one week things have changed a little , Singto now calls the boy whenever he feels like to have little fun, especially after school in the evening.
Sometimes Making Krist run, most of times helping him with his homework, or make him do small errands for him like fetch water or someone from the house or extra papers or stationary.
He loves to write his draft before finally typing in the laptop or he just rambles on his plot and poetries and Krist becomes his all listening ears, his black orbs large, trying hard not to fall asleep.
And as he will grow up, Krist will become more prominent at Singto's side and by the time he will become ten years old, and Singto a college boy, he will take the role of his own personal servant, errand boy come student , come listener, basically a constant presence in Singto's extremely introvert life ..

The first incidence to change, a small little thing between them will happen at this age , minute changes which will lead to the bigger changes years later ..


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