Till Death do us part


In this universe there are soulmates. And the first initial of their soulmate's name shows up on their wrist at the age of 16. Once two* soulmates share a kiss for the first time, their soulmate's full name would appear on their wrist. This takes place in regular Haikyu, but with soulmates.

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Hinata’s pov

In this world, there are soulmates. Everyone has a soulmate. The first initial of your soulmate’s name appears on your wrist at the age of 16. When you and your soulmate kiss for the first time, your soulmate’s whole name (first and last) will appear on your wrist.

Some people might do just anything to meet that special someone. But with me, I’ve never really given it much thought

Bell Rings

“Oi, Hinata we got practice now, you coming?” I hear Kageyama say as I see him at the doorway of my classroom

“Mhm!” I already have all of my books packed, ready to head over to our usual volleyball practice.

“I’ll race ya there!” I holler as I got out of my seat and ran with my bag, getting a headstart.

“Not fair you got a headstart, dumbass!” Kageyama yelled, running, trying to catch up to me.

I turn my head around and stick my tongue out playfully. I always loved competing in these trivial competitions that me and Kageyama set up for each other. It’s fun to joke around sometimes. Especially with someone like Kageyama. And soon enough, we’d finally arrive at the gym, panting out of breath.

“Hah! I beat you!” I tell him jokingly, panting a little.

“Whatever, it was unfair anyways since you got a headstart.”

“Well, you should have been more prepared.” I say as I started placing my bag down. Everyone else was already practicing*

“Oh, hey Shoyo, could you toss that ball over to me?” A ball rolled in front of me that must have been Noya’s failed receive.

I toss the ball over to him, but then Tanaka quickly caught the ball in between the gap of Nishinoya and I. Tanaka started laughing and Nishinoya pouted and crossed his arms, glaring at Tanaka. And so, they then started to have one of their pointless playful arguments. Sugawara and Daichi were usually the ones to split them up, so I let them have at it and turned over to see Kageyama already getting ready to start his usual setting practices. I joined him soon after.

And so our practice began. Kageyama and I were mainly just practicing our quick attack, Yamaguchi was practicing his serves, Tanaka practiced spiking with a water bottle, Nishinoya and Asahi were practicing together. After all, they are soulmates. So are Sugawara and Daichi. Not sure if Tsukishima and Yamaguchi are, but they are pretty cute together. Anyways, everyone was basically doing their own thing. We didn’t really need to do any practice matches since we didn’t have any games coming up. Nothing important was coming up really except for my birthday. I didn’t really bother much caring but for some reason, Kageyama usually showed an interest in who my soulmate may be. I wonder why... Anyways, for now, I’m just going to be waiting patiently.

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