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Dissonant Harmony


dis·so·nance /ˈdisənəns/ a tension or clash resulting from the combination of two disharmonious or unsuitable elements. When Park Jimin goes bankrupt and Jeon Jungkook, a vampire and ex fuck buddy is his last option, Jimin must navigate a new life filled with vampires, war, and a red eyed vampire king named Min Yoongi.

Fantasy / Other
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A Niente

Padding around, Jimin chewed on his nails. In a mere 48 hours everything he had would be stripped away from him. Why? Because he was too kind. His parents lived a modest lifestyle with multiple part-time jobs and an aversion to his preferences. Even so, they were his parents who took care of and raised him into the successful adult he was. Although one wouldn’t truly consider him successful since he had to declare bankruptcy to pay for ongoing medical bills and insurance fees. Jimin halted his nail biting to stare at his cracked phone sitting on top of a cardboard box.

It was an option. One Jimin really did not want to think about but desperate times call for desperate measures in this case. So carefully, Jimin picked up his phone and unlocked it with his face thankfully. He gently swiped across the screen to find his option glaring back in his face.

Jeon Jungkook’s phone number.

It wasn’t as if he was on horrible terms with the man but Jimin knew stuff with Jungkook was never free and frankly he had nothing to give him nor the mental resilience to deal with his taunting. Alas, Jimin made another self-sacrifice on his mental being to ask the man for help by clicking on his number. Astoundingly, Jungkook picked up on the third ring and his smooth yet chilling voice filled Jimin’s ear, “Park Jimin. To what do I owe the pleasure of this call?” The man asked, clearly enjoying his daily fellatio.

Jimin shuddered at the sound of Jungkook’s activities but he cleared his voice with a sigh at the end, “Jungkook, I need help.” Jimin started only to be interrupted with a scoff and a yelp. Jungkook had pushed his ‘partner’ to the floor and shewed him away as he fixed himself, “Clearly you need help. You wouldn’t have called me otherwise but my little peach I need more than just “I need help.”” Groaning, Jimin wanted to yell so badly but he relented, “Well I would’ve continued if you weren’t busy getting your dick sucked. I wanted to see if you could put me up for a while.”

“Well little peach, why would I do that? You have a house. Oh WAIT! YOU’RE LOSING IT BECAUSE YOU’RE BANKRUPT!” Jungkook cackled, his voice filling his room. His laughing didn’t last long because a well-known face, Jung Hoseok’s to be more specific, showed up in his door frame. “His majesty wishes for you to shut the fuck up.” He smiled. Jungkook flashed a sarcastic smile and a middle finger to the male before waving him away as well.

Jimin bit his lip trying to hold back emotions. He knew it was a risky choice calling Jeon Jungkook, but it was his last option, “I didn’t call you so you could insult me and my situation. If you didn’t want to you could’ve just said so.” He mumbled, tears threatening to spill from his eyes. Of course, with his hearing Jungkook heard the small sniffs, whimpers, and rustles coming from Jimin’s side of the phone, “Now now little peach. There’s no need to cry.” Jungkook sighed, deciding to use his small of daily empathy to help Jimin. “I can’t make a promise outright because it’s not my place but if you give me a few minutes I can ask and see if Yoongi will let you stay.”

“I’m not crying.” Jimin mumbled, wiping away the little tear that fell, “but thank you.” With his own mumble, Jungkook had clothed himself accordingly. Jimin stayed on the line and listened to the pitter patter of Jungkook’s feet against the hall floor. Jimin had been listening to his feet hit the floor for almost two minutes and he didn’t know whether Jungkook was stalling or if he actually had to take that long to ask whoever Yoongi was. The phone shuffled once more and Jungkook’s voice filled his ear again, “Well his royal highness is busy so if you want to wait you can or I can call you back.”

“If you don’t mind, I’d rather wait to hear his answer.” Jimin told him and as soon as he had resolved his decision to stay on the line, Jimin heard the door open. Jungkook was met with tired gold rimmed red eyes. “Greetings majesty.” Jungkook greeted first and Yoongi just blinked tiredly at him, “What is it? I’m busy so make it quick.” Yoongi lulled out with his head resting on his fist.

“Do you remember my little peach?” Jungkook asked, cracking a half smile. He knew Yoongi had the patience of a pea, but he still had to get his jabs in where he could. “Get to the point.” Yoongi mumbled, closing his eyes to half sleep and half process the usually idiotic words that came out of his mouth. “Jimin wants to know if he can stay with us for a while. He’s gone bankrupt and the state is taking his house.” Yoongi opened his eyes to give Jungkook the “Are you fucking serious?” look that he was so good at.

“Come on. He’s actually not that bad. He has a nice ass.” Jungkook shrugged and Jimin felt his face burning. “You. Jeon Jungkook. Are asking me. Min Yoongi to house a human in my house?”

“Yes. I, Jeon Jungkook, am asking you, Min Yoongi, my brother and king, to house a human in our hallowed halls.” Jungkook spoke surprisingly serious.

“You do realize this is a house full of vampires, right? Does he know this? What is he going to offer to his house? Are you going to watch him and make sure he doesn’t get hurt or killed? How long is he going to stay? What does he look like? Is he clean? Does he clean up after himself? If you can answer my questions satisfactorily, I’ll think about it.” Yoongi went on to change his stare to that of “well? What’s your answer?”

“Yes Yoongi, I know we are vampires. He knows that as well. As for what he can offer, like I said, he has a nice ass. He’s pretty decent sized if you decide to be on the receiving end of things. Also, he smells good and has a nice face. Trust me I you’ll like it. As for cleanliness, you know all my partners are clean and well kept so you don’t need to worry about that.” Jungkook rattled off and Jimin wanted to die of embarrassment. Jungkook was offering him up as a piece of ass to a man he has never met before granted his voice was flowing through his ears in a mysterious but compelling way.

“I need a photo. I’ll judge for myself thank you. You play too many games.” Yoongi retorted, holding his hand out, waiting for his photo evidence.

“Well, here’s one.” Jungkook smirked pulling up a photo of Jimin on his phone,

“And if that doesn’t get your dick hard, here’s a cuter version of him,” Jungkook smirked even more as he saw Yoongi’s slight reaction to his first photo.

“and then just his natural sex appeal.”

“You must say he is a man of many talents. He has something for everyone. I’d take me up on this request.” Jungkook was full on Cheshire at this point and all Yoongi did was shove him away.

“I get your point. Get out of my office.” Yoongi mumbled, with a small burst of energy. “Well I’m assuming this means he can stay.”

“Yes yes he can stay. Get the fuck out of my office.” Yoongi mumbled, throwing a pen at him. Jungkook scampered out with his smile, leaving his older brother and king to fight his creeping blush. The male raised his phone to his ear and Jimin could see his shit eating grin through the phone, “well my little peach you heard the man. I’ll come get you in 48 hours. Pack your shit.”

Jimin breathed a sigh of relief and smiled, “Thank you Jungkook. I really appreciate it.”

“Don’t thank me little peach. Just make sure you put your body to good use and serve my brother well.” Jungkook told him before hanging up, leaving Jimin in an indescribable silence.

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