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Two plight


Two friends messed up in one night. How will they change it. main leads and few characters belong to sotus novels and 2 moons. photos credit to respected owner.

Romance / Scifi
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

It's a happy ending story with a little angst so be caution. It’s a Mpreg story so if you are uncomfortable with it please skip it.

English is not my first language so please ignore the grammatical mistakes.


"Stop it kongpop!!! I am going! Don't come near me until you are ready to listen" Arthit shouted on Kong face and start to pack his bag for his work. Kong pressed his temple hardly in worry, this is not the first time they both fight, In this 9years of dating both fight a lot, they even went up to break up last year when they facing their parents.

But still they managed or the truth is Kong managed and got both of their parents blessings, last month when Kong business client suddenly stop working with him because of his relationship status, he got under lot of pressure, soon the gossip about Kong relationship with a man spreads in Kong company.

Kong didn't tell Arthit but Arthit find out through Kong friends, that's when the fight started, Arthit insisted Kong to keep distance for sometime, he suggested for fake breakup, Kong didn't accept that till now.

But today fight gives some bad feeling to Kong, he tired to comfort Arthit that he is OK as long as they are together but Arthit didn't listen to him, Kong thought 'why today I am having this feeling? No!! I have to talk to him before he leaves to work".

Kong grabbed Arthit wrist and stopped him, he hugged Arthit tightly, Arthit sighed in the hug, "P don't go!! I have a bad feeling today, please! Let's talk P" Arthit pushed Kong and said "No!!! Don't show your puppy eyes to me because of that I always giving in to you without going for a long fight, this time I am gonna fight long".

Kong stopped showing his puppy eyes and cursed in his mind, 'shit!!! It's not working!! I have to think of other ways to reconcile with him' sulking Kong retorted back "P then let me also put a long fight, I will not home tonight!".

Arthit smirked and said, "me too, going to meet some client other side, will be back morning only...goodbye...kongPOP" Arthit turned and walked to his car without a glance, Kong watched Arthit retreating back in hurt.

He went upstairs and start to get ready for his work, Even after working a day continously without a break Kong can't help but feel sad, he is having this bad feeling from the morning and the fight between them is not helping him at all.

Kong was having his dinner in his cabin with his secretary prae, wad entered and snorted seeing their faces "what happened? Why sour face? end your grumpiness and answer me" wad asked both of them.

Both didn't answer wad, just playing with their food, "fight with P'arthit?" Wad asked Kong who nodded his head without a glance. Wad turned to prae and asked "your mom again" for that prae nodded her head.

"So nothing new!! let's move" wad said while taking food plates from Kong and prae, All three stare each other for a moment in silence, "see my dear soul friends, not only you guys, I am also upset over something, so let's go for a drink and forgot our worries" wad said to them.

Soon all three head to the famous club in their respective cars. Wad finished his shot in one go and said "I am upset because My family gonna disown me after knowing about my love life".

Both Kong and prae got shocked, they watched wad with concern, "don't pity me, I will be ok, now you start" wad points at prae, prae smiled sadly and started, "Mom try to end her life, I thought she is just blackmailing me for the marriage but she did it, I asked her six months if i don't find my love in that time, I promised her I will marry her friend son" prae end up gulping more drinks.

"Seriously prae you Really don't feel any attractiveness towards anyone??? I mean man or women" Kong asked after gulping his shot, prae shook her head and said "I tried, I went on a date with both younger and older man but it's not working, I even tried with women still the same, ( point at her heart) it's still not allowing anyone to enter".

Both Kong and wad nodded their head in understanding, "it's same, P'arthit still want us to live alone for some time... hiccup...like we are stranger" Kong said while in between his hiccup. Prae offered a shot to Kong for his hiccup.

"It's same means why are you upset? You will reconcile with him in a day anyway, then why??" Prae retorted back while wad chuckled, before Kong could answer, a girl approached their table "you!!!! Give my man back!!!" She shouted to prae.

Both Kong and wad raised their eyebrows to prae, she just shook her head to them, "I think you are mistaking me girl!!" Prae politely said to her, "My friend is not mistaken you slut" another one came and stood next to her friend.

"After taking her man from my friend now you are acting innocent, for what? Oh...for these two? Call your man my friend and show to him how his slut cheating with these two men" second girl said spoked.

Both wad and Kong laughed hard, even the hiccup didn't stop Kong from laughing, prae may look like a fragile person from outside but she is pure devil, a bomb which destroy others in a second. Prae stood from her place and stretched her body while saying "I need these types of bitches in my life to went out my anger" she gulped two more shot.

She walked out followed by the two girls. "Kong shall we go and check?" Wad asked in worry, "wad, even though she want to went out her anger on them she know when to stop,hiccup....". Wad nodded while saying "what's with your hiccup".

"Kong!!!!! Stop drinking will you?? What happened to you today? Just stay here I am going to search for prae!!ok?" Wad raised his voice because of the music and went to search of prae.

After searching inside the club for some time, wad went out to look, he saw prae who is getting in her car, he shouted to her but she drove away fast without hearing him out, he tried her phone but it end with voice mail, pulling his hair in frustration Wad run inside to get kong.

But Kong was not in his place, 'shit!! The fu..! These two Giving me trouble???' Cursing himself he glanced around to look for kong, he saw someone familiar heading the exit, "hey! !! Is it not it P'arthit? Wait is that kong!!! Moron!! leaving without saying goodbye after seeing P'arthit!! Atleast he is ok!, now where will I search her".

Time back (prae side))

Prae pushed one girl to the wall and choked her neck harshly, when another girl try to attack her, she grabbed her hair strongly, both screamed in pain, prae watched the girl turning to pale because of her hold, she released her hold where the latter cough badly.

Prae slapped the girl without taking her hand from that girl hair "if I see you two again in my slut life, I will burn you guys alive or turn you guys ugly where no man like, understand?" Prae growled to them.

Both nodded their head in horror, when prae about to enter the entrance she bumped on another girl, "ouch!!! Sor-- what??!! How?!!", prae got surprised by the stranger, the stranger excused herself and walked away in difficult.

Gathering her mind she went to the girl who is on the road, when that girl was about to fall prae helped her, "hey!! Are you drunk!!! Shall we talk?" Prae asked the stranger, "You came here also!! Go away you Idiot!! I will not listen to you again!!! I love them a lot#!# I will not ditch them again, I will take my responsibility from on, they are my life!!" The stranger said while hitting prae chest.

"You!!!! Because of y ----'" "slap" before prae finish her sentence, the stranger slapped her, "you dare!!?" Prae went on a rage, but again the stranger start to slap her "slap..slap.. go away!!" Stranger shouted and moved away from prae.

Boiling in anger prae said "I amtired of this shit!!!" She runs to the stranger and slapped her before pushing her forward where suddenly a car crossed fast, because of the push the stranger feet tangled and she fell backwards and end up by her head bumped on the moving car.

Prae got shocked, her hands Start to tremble, everyone watched in horror, the car didn't stop, prae went to her and shake the stranger body to answer her, "hey !# alright??? Please!!! Don't die on me...wait blooddd".She asked others to help her to call the ambulance, it arrives quickly and after getting the hospital name, prae went to her car to follow the ambulance.

Time skip (Kong side)

"I miss you P'arthit" Kong whispered to his glass before gulping the shot, he glanced around for wad, suddenly he noticed Arthit who is looking around the crowd, Kong grinned ear to ear, 'so sweet P, I know you can't fight long with me'.

Kong marched to Arthit and hugged him where Arthit backed two step by the force, Kong whispered in Arthit ear, "you came for me?" . For that Arthit nodded his head, beamed Kong while saying "today you are death of me P".

Arthit again nodded his head looking around, suddenly Arthit started to run to exit but came back in a minute and dragged Kong to the upstairs,Arthit opened the room and pushed Kong who landed on the bed.

"Ouch!!# P it's hurt!!" Kong whined in pain, Arthit turned to him in guilty after locking the door, but Kong take Arthit hand and pulled him to sit on his lap, Kong watched Arthit shocking face and comment "cute as fuck!!".

Arthit tried to leave from Kong lap, but Kong hugged him tightly by wrapping his arm around Arthit waist, "P, let's stop fighting!!! I am getting tired of this P, why we have to live for others? Let's live for us, let's be selfish P! Our parents give this life to us to live not to run away!!! They will get worry if they find out we are living in a fear, society is not important for me P! I am not earning money by that one client I have others and for the employees, as long as I provide them good money for their hard work they will not be a problem".

Arthit stop struggling in Kong hold, Kong snuggled to Arthit neck and start to whisper again, "P, we don't know for sure, we are gonna meet in our next life or gonna live long in this life! Who knows maybe you or me will die tomorrow! So please let's live happily, let's face our day together!! If you get hurt just turn back P'arthit I am always behind you, lets not run away from the problem P, please!! For your loved ones, for me please fight back P! Let's end this hell of fear P! Ahhh...P you smell different today----" Kong said while smelled and licked arthit neck.

Arthit break Kong hug in panic, but Kong smashed his lips on Arthit, Kong noticed the Arthit protest "please P'arthit khrap~~~~~" Kong said once again take Arthit lips, he lay Arthit on the bed who is sweating a lot, Kong smirked while pointing arthit junior "look!! Who is excited???" .

Arthit whole body got red, Kong start to ravish arthit, arthit got startled by the knocking, Kong didn't hear it because lust and drunk filled his mind fully where he can't care anything "hiccup....you seriously smell different P..hiccup".

But Arthit just closed his face with his arm, Kong removed both of their dressess, "P, promise me, you will not run away again from our problems, because once we start to run then we are gonna run until the end so promise me, no more running P".

Arthit takes his arm from his face and stare Kong with tears which is wiped by kong, he kissed Arthit forehead, without hearing Arthit answer Kong start to kiss Arthit again, he start to feel dizzy but he want to feel his P so he start to jump on his work without seeing the tears arthit shedding.


"Ahh..P!! Today your body feels different ahh...but the warmth is same...shit!!" Kong said while unloading. He closed his eyes after second round and wrapped his arm around Arthit waist protectively.


"Pappa?? When will mom come?" A 6 year old girl asked her Appa in worry, the man sighed and caressed her hair while closing her story book, "It's okay sweet heart, let's talk to your mommy in the morning, goodnight..now sleep".

He waited until his daughter went to sleep, he removed himself from her hug and head to his room, he dialed his wife number but she is one again unreachable, his tears start to flow, he closed his eyes while murmured himself "when will this nightmare end for me and my daughter?!! I am getting tired!!"


Someone entered his home slowly, without making any sound he opened his bedroom and peeked inside, he furrowed by the empty bed, he searched the whole house and ringed to someone but it said switched off, "is he still mad at me? Like he said he didn't came home? I miss him! Where are you kong?".

Thanks for reading.... tell me how is it....🙋🏻‍♀️
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