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For the sake of business, New is forced to marry a cruel and cunning man, as well as being a stepfather for the man's son. Story included: arrange marriage, mpreg, mutual pinning, and more. Please refrain from reading if you're not comfortable with it :)

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After cleaning up, New came out of the bathroom wearing a bathrobe. He sat in the chair in front of the dressing table while drying his wet hair.


“Come in,” said New lightly.

A servant comes inside.

“Dinner is ready, Sir. Mr. Vihokratana is also waiting for you in the dining room.”

“Okay, I’ll come down soon.”

The servant bowed politely and walked out of New’s room. He got up from the chair and hurried to change clothes. Then he came out of the room and walked into the dining room.

Arriving at the dining room, instead of sitting next to Tay, New choose to sit in the chair opposite Tay. It’s nothing, it’s just that New feels uncomfortable being close to the man who is now his husband. The reason is, since the wedding that took place this morning, Tay only put on a flat face and didn’t speak a word to New. And New also didn’t intend to open the conversation first or even try to get his attention. They both acted indifferently like that because they didn’t love each other.

New is forced to marry Tay because he wants to save his parents company which is at the lowest point and is almost bankrupt if Tay’s father doesn’t provide an injection of funds for the company. However, there are conditions that met by the New family. Namely marrying New with his son, Tay Vihokratana . A man who is known for his cunning, arrogant, and manipulative nature.

Of course, Paramej Thitipoom was angry and didn’t accept when Krittaphat Vihokratana told the conditions. He is not willing to marry his only son to a man who has such bad qualities. Man who prefer to torture their enemies slowly, until they prefer to give up on their lives and beg to be killed.

If he agrees, it is the same as pushing his son to hell. For letting his live with a psychopath.

But because New did not want the company that his parents had bothered to build to go bankrupt, he finally agreed to the conditions proposed by Krittaphat. Even though it concerns life and death.

Initially Paramej still insisted on not allowing New to marry Tay. But New tried to convince Paramej that he would be okay. And with a very heavy heart, Paramej finally had to give up his son.

Meanwhile, Tay married New because Krittaphat kept urging him. His father never stopped bothering his personnel life. And it makes work disturbed and messy.

First, Krittaphat arranged a marriage between him and the client’s daughter for business. But not even two years old, his marriage ended because Tay and his wife did not love each other. But Tay had one son from his first marriage.

Instead learn from his son’s failed first marriage. Krittaphat just wants to return to match Tay for the second time. Now it’s not for business, but for his poor grandson.

Because from birth, Nanon never got slightest affection from his mother, nor from Tay himself.

Since he was a baby, Nanon was not cared by his birth mother, but was cared by a nanny. Both parents are too busy with their own business. Tay is more concerned with his business, while his ex-wife prefers to hang out with his socialite friends rather than having to bother with childcare.

They both were cold to Nanon, sometimes his mother did not hesitate to play physically when Nanon cried. Meanwhile, Tay who knows about it, acts nonchalantly when his son is tortured by his mother. Even though at that time Nanon was still a toddler.

Because of that, Krittaphat wanted to find a mother and father figure for his grandson. And finally Goddess of Luck sided with her when he found that Paramej’s company was almost on the brink of collapse. He suddenly came wanting to help like a hero. But apparently there ia a hidden intention behind it all.

He took advantage of the tragedy that was befalling Paramej to make New his son-in-law. It might sound evil, but he did all because he was too desperate. He really couldn’t bear to his grandson who was abandoned by his own parents.

However, it is not without reason why Krittaphat really wants New to become a father- mother of Nanon. Because Paramej’s son is famous for his high social life. In addition, he is also a regular donor at various foundations for orphaned children in NY. Even New also routinely donates blood once every three months.

What a dignified man.

“Give the child food too”, Tay said flatly to one of the waiters waiting for Tay and New to have dinner.

New raised an eyebrow.

That man?

How could he call his own son as that child. What’s so hard to call it by name.

Before marrying Tay, New had already searched the internet for all information about Tay. Because of this he could tell if Tay had a son who was still five years old.

Of course, he had to know what kind of man he was going to marry. Even if its just a forced marry.

“Why doesn’t Nanon come to eat with us?” the question just come out of New’s mouth without being prevented.

He had held him back from asking, but it turned out that his curiosity was higher. And now he could only silently squeal and curse himself for making everyone’s attention immediately turn to him.

The atmosphere in the dining room was quiet for a moment because of New’s question. “He’s sick”, Tay replied shortly.

New is taken aback.

No wonder Nanon wasn’t at his wedding.

“Isn’t someone accompanying Nanon in the room now?”

“None.. All the servers are busy.” Tay answered flatly.

New curses Tay silently. What’s busy? Instead, all the servants gathered here just to wait for people to eat. They should have gone to Nanon’s room to take care of him. Not just sitting around like a statue.

“After eating, I want to go to Nanon’s room’” said New, making Tay’s hand who was spooning food stop.

What is this man planning?

“For what?” Tay asked in a tone of voice that sounded so cold and heavy.

“Nanon must be in a lot of pain,” he replied worriedly.

“What do you care?”

“Of course I care. He’s my son too!” New unconsciously screamed in annoyance with Tay’s indifference to his own son.

Tay was stunned.

How could he say something like that? Meanwhile, his biological mother never wanted to admit Nanon. Why did he, who was just another person, consider Nanon as his son?


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