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Singto’s Angel


How singto proposed Krist.

Romance / Erotica
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Singto’s Angel

It was one of these days when Singto and Krist had some free time. They were on a secret vacation, in Europe. They have landed here yesterday and slept off all their jet lag, so they decided to go for some sightseeing in the city.

European cities were always so much more beautiful. It's Krist's absolute favourite and there was a lot to be seen.

Like this humongous church directly in front of them. Some tourists were just stepping out the door when they arrived and they had exactly the same thought at the same moment.

Why not have a look at the inner side of the church?

So they entered through the giant wooden door. A big hall opened up in front of them, the roof supported by high stone pillars, giant paintings of Jesus and bible scenes hanging on the walls in golden frames. Statues of saints were presented on tiny balconies high up in the air and right in the middle, a giant cross was hanging, carrying the dead body of Jesus.

The high, narrow windows were letting soft rays of light shining through the colored glass. Nobody but them was in there. It was totally silent.


Krist gasped quietly, walking slowly down the corridor in between the benches, looking around, stunned. His voice was reverberated by the high walls and had a soft sound.


He said again, louder, enjoying the sound of his own voice in the giant room. Then suddenly, he started to sing.

"Take me to church, I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies, I'll tell you my sins so you can sharpen your knife, offer me my deathless death, oh good god, let me give you my life..."

Singto was just standing there, still at the entrance, watching Krist and listening to his light voice, which sounded even better in this grand church. Taking all the beauty that the milky white skinned man dressed in checkered shirt had been serving. His lens snapping the beauty without failing so that the memory wouldn't just be engrossed in Singto's poor heart.

Slowly, he started applauding and Krist turned around and laughed. He was now standing in a ray of light, which was hitting him from behind, giving him a glowing aura. He looked like an angel, and he was beautiful. Stunning.

Singto stepped closer towards him. He knew it was the right moment. The right moment to tell Krist.

"Well Kit..."

Singto began, his voice scratchy. He cleared his throat.

"I think this is the right moment... To tell you."

One step closer towards the angel, one step closer towards the light. He took Krist's hands. The confusion on Krist's face turned into recognition as he realized what Singto was going for, and a slight bit of awkwardness mixed with anxiousness in his eyes.

"You might know it already, and it might not seem appropriate to come out with that in a church, but..."

He took a deep breath.

"I'm in love with you, Krist Perawat."

A wide smile broke the stunned look on Krist's face and made Singto smile, too, as he rested his forehead on Krist's, seeing the awkward spark in his eyes turn to the warm glow of love.

"You might know it already, and it might not seem appropriate to come out with that in a church," Krist said, half laughing, "but I'm in love with you, too."

Singto smiled, released and pulled Krist closer to him in a hug.

"This changes nothing to our friendship, right?"

Krist mumbled into Singto's shoulder.

"No baby." Singto answered.

"Except I can kiss you and call you baby now."

He gave him a small peck on his cheekbone. He felt Krist grinning at his neck when he lifted his head up from Singto's shoulder, kissing him back right on the lips.

And so they stayed, kissing right beneath the giant cross, still hit by the ray of light falling through the high narrow windows and the statuses of saints smiling down on them when Krist's soft voice flew through the big hallway again.

"I can't help falling in love with you."

"Me too."

That's how the love tale of two boys started. It was sealed under sunshine. There will be dark clouds and rain in their love after this but the sun eventually will shine through. Each new day their love will get more stronger. Each city that they visited hold the memories of their endless kisses and bonding of becoming one.

But the church that holds their first kiss will stay in their heart forever!

Because that's where Singto vouched to hold his angel in his arm and heart forever.


The two male are back to their hotel from a little escapade they had. Finally proposing to each other and sealing it with a kiss in a church was like cherry on to of the cake. Once they are in the elevator Krist could feel his P'Singto's hot gaze on him. The blush is kind of permanent on his face now.

Once their room got unlocked, Krist was pressed onto the wall immediately.

"Let me make love to you tonight baby. You can take me all you want tomorrow!"

He's speechless with his P's boldness. All he could do right now is nod his head and enjoy his lips being nibbles softly. His P' tastes so sweet. The kiss sucking his whole soul out of his body. His P' showering him with all the love he could provide.

🌸 Krist's POV 🌸

P'Singto is behind me, holding me steady with his large hands on my waist. I can feel his breath on my neck, enlightening every cell in my body and sending goose bumps all over. He brushed my hair over my face, before I feel his lips on my exposed skin. I take in a breath, feeling my heart beat faster and harder. His hands move up from my waist, toward my rib cage, then they are on my shoulders. The room is cold, but I know I'm not shivering from it.

With grace, P'Singto is in front of me, looking deeply into my eyes before his fingers hook on the waistband of my black jeans. He sends me a smirk, before slowly pulling the material down my legs, leaving me in only my white boxer. P'Sing kneels before me, helping me step out of the pants before it lands somewhere. He looks up at me and I see the clear lust in his eyes. The lust that has been suppressed for seven years now, the kind of lust that makes me want to become a puddle.

He leans forward and kisses me...There... Through my boxer.

Oh, dear. I could feel myself oozing from pre cum.

He trails his lips up my navel, toward my belly and kisses each side of hip before standing up.

"That needs to go now."

He points to my checkered shirt. His finger work fast and soon there was a pool of clothes.

I'm fully exposed to him. My chest on plain view, giving him a show as the nipples perks up. P'Sing groans, breathing deeply. Looking down, I saw what I expected to see. His boner stretching his blue jeans. I gulp, before looking up.

P'Singto stares at me before throwing me on the bed. I squeal, bouncing a bit. P'Sing takes the time to take off his white shirt. He hovers over me, supporting himself on his arms. With a wink, he moves his head down and his lips wrap around my right nipple.

"Ahh.. P'!"

I moan, pushing myself upward, clenching the sheets with a tight hold. His other hand works on my left nipples, pulling it and squeezing. His tongue is a magic wand, doing wonders to my body. The way his tongue would swirl around the tiny nub, then his teeth would pull it. He switches, working his magic onto my left one.


I gasp, as I feel his fingers rubbing my bulge through my boxers. I breath deeply, rising my hips forward, wanting more and more.

P'Sing pulls away and kisses me. The kiss is fire. I surrender myself toward him. I surrender everything I have to give. All I want in return is for him to take me. To give me what I've been wanting for all these years.

The kiss stops as he pulls away and quickly works on taking his pants off. I close my eyes and try to focus on breathing in and out.

"You're so beautiful Kit! Like an angel! My angel! Only mine!"

He murmurs, quickly taking my boxer off. I open my eyes and look at him. My eyes on their own trailing down to see him. My eyes widen.

How was he going to fit?

I thought, biting my lip. P'Sing's fingers brush my chin, tilting my head toward him. He smiles down at me as he moves my legs apart with his knees. He let go before reaching for something in the drawer and ripping a foil packet with his teeth.

Keeping his eyes on me, he rolls the condom onto his cock. I spread my legs more apart as he leans down. The he took out a bottle from the same drawer and lathered some on his fingers.

"Relax and breath baby."

He circled his index finger around the rim. And slowly inserted it into the pink hole.


"Does it hurt?"

I shook my head and he continued pushing it further in. Then followed by second and third finger, by now he was scissoring my whole stretching it open. It hurts at first but now it feels euphoric. He teased me by licking the slit of my length. I want more of this, I want more of him.

"Are you ready?"

He whispers against my lips. I nod, biting my lip. His left hand trails down, grasping himself. He coated his length with more lube. I feel him as he begins to rub the tip against my folds, spreading the wetness around me. I moan softly, loving the sensation he gives me.

Without a word, he begins to ease himself at me. I don't feel anything at first but then as he thrust his whole self, I cry out in pain and reach out, wrapping my arms around his back and sinking my nails into his back. He hisses, murmuring a bit as he stills inside me.

Not a minute after, the pain that I felt ease into something bearable.

"Move P'," I rasp out, leaning back against the bed.

P'Sing groans before thrusting slowly inside me first. I cry out, arching my back as I felt the pleasurable sensation take my body.

"You're so fucking tight, baby."

He grunts out as he thrust faster inside me. The pain I once felt is gone from my thoughts and all I can feel is him. Him inside me, giving me such a erotic pleasure. He lets out an loud groan from his throat as he speeds up, sinking further into me.

"Oh gosh!"

I cry, and reach out to grip his hair. I tug as he thrust even faster, making him hiss again. With hazy eyes, I pull his face down and kiss him.

We kissed like there's no tomorrow, like it was our last kiss. It's intense, I can feel it in my stomach. I can feel everything.

This pleasure he gives me is too much. This pleasure should be illegal. It takes me and captivates me.
"Oh! Oh! Yes!"

I cry out, biting my lip as he plunges harder into me. I can feel him everywhere.

"Fuck! Fuck Kit!" he curses into my ear as he speeds up.

"Cum for me, baby." He rasp out.

The strong sensation is overwhelming, and I let go a huge load. I see stars dancing as I have my orgasm, my first. I felt myself clench around him and P'Sing grunts, throwing his head back and shooting his cum into the condom. He slumps down on top of me. His breath matching mine.

Lying there, naked with him still inside me I realized something, I am never letting go of this man. He has imprinted himself on me. My life will never be the same.

P'Sing has changed my life completely over this years together. For the better and for the worst.


Exactly one year after, they returned to the same place. Both males ring finger decorated with shiny bands. They kissed again in the church, proclaiming themselves as husbands. Skin slapping was heard in the room, it's their honeymoon.

That's how Singto captivated his angel in his grasp forever.
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