" 𝐈'𝐦 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐠𝐚𝐲. " - A Tsukiyama Fanfiction


It's finally time. Finally the day where Tadashi Yamaguchi will come out to his team. But,, there's one issue. His best friend (whom he's had a crush on for a while now), seems.. off. Despite that, Yamaguchi still confesses, to which Tsukishima replies, "I'm not gay." leaving Tadashi broken-hearted. But what happens when Tsukishima realizes he might actually feel something for his best friend?

Romance / Drama
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.. Quick Disclaimer before we begin! ..

This story deals with really heavy topics, such as :

S3lf h4rm, su1c1de, and 4buse! (<< If you need translations, please let me know, it’s just safer to censor that)

Also, the idea for this story is HEAVILY inspired by ’ANG3LBE4TS's story, so please check hers out if you enjoy this!

Now.. without further ado-

I present..

" πˆβ€™π¦ 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐠𝐚𝐲. ” - A TSUKIYAMA FANFICTION

He was finally going to do it.
Today was the day..

-The day that Yamaguchi would finally come out to his volleyball team.

Everyone that was in the gym was already doing their stretches- despite it being a little early, as Yamaguchi walked into the gym. He set his stuff down and went to stretch with them, gathering courage to say what he needed.
C'mon Tadashi, you can do this.. I mean, Nishinoya did it, and it turned out well, so why is anything any different for you?
For reference, Nishinoya had come out as bisexual to the team about a month or two prior. He didn't actually even mean to, it just kind of slipped in conversation one day. The whole team was really accepting, despite being extremely surprised.
"What? Now all of the girls AND the boys at Karasuno can get a piece of this!" He giggled, pointing to himself.
And that was that. It came up in casual conversation a few times, but it was pretty much normalized and accepted into the club immediately.
According to Tanaka, Nishinoya's parents were extremely accepting, and even let him hang a bi pride flag in his room, and go to a few pride events.
Unfortunately, Yamaguchi's parents were not the same way. Well, his dad anyways.
His dad was apparently extremely homophobic, which would've been nice to know BEFORE Yams came out.
"Stop it Tadashi. You don't like boys." His father said, before his son could even finish his sentence.
"Dad-" Tadashi pled, his eyes watering a teensy bit.
"You're straight. End of story." He said, then walking out of the room, leaving his son to process what had just happened.
Yams' mom gave him a sympathetic look, then followed her husband, not wanting to cause any more conflict than necessary.

..But the team wasn't like that, right?
No, they definitely weren't. They were so accepting of Nishinoya.
So, Yamaguchi took a deep breath and muttered, "Guys.. can I um- talk to the whole team for a second?"
"Yeah, of course Yamaguchi! What's up?" Sugawara said, the whole team gathering around to head what the green-headed boy had to say.
"Ah- well.." He took a deep breath in, closing his eyes.
Moment of truth.
"I'm.. gay."
He kept his eyes closed, bracing himself for the worst.
"Really? That's sick!" Nishinoya said, patting a hand on Yamaguchi's shoulder. "Welcome to the man-lovers club!"
Yamaguchi slightly opened his eyes, looking around.
Nobody thought to defy him. Nobody told him he was straight. In fact, everyone was smiling, giving him thumbs up and congratulating him.
Everyone but Tsukishima.
He stared down at Yamaguchi with a blank expression. He was somewhat.. disgusted by him. It's not like he was homophobic or anything. He had no issues with anybody that's LGBTQ+ at all, actually.
But come on, him and Yamaguchi had sleepovers all the time, they had changed in front of eachother! He felt repulsed by the thought that Yamaguchi might actually be attracted to him.
Yamaguchi glanced up, watching Tsukishima slowly turn even paler than he already was (if even possible).
Sugawara must've caught on as well, who asked Tsukishima, "Hey.. Tsukki, aren't you gonna congratulate Yamaguchi?"
Tsukishima shifted his attention to the grey-haired boy, looking him in the eyes. "Don't call me Tsukki." He muttered, then looking away, "And yeah, I will.. later."
Suga nodded with a skeptical glance, "Oh.. okay."
Hinata tugged on Yamaguchi's shirt to get his attention, pulling him away from Tsukishima.
"Hey.. ah- Yamaguchi? How did you.. figure it out, if that makes sense?" Hinata questioned, seeming much more nervous than usual.
Yamaguchi shrugged, simply speaking whichever words came to mind. "Oh-! Well.. I guess I kinda figured it out when I started to like this boy.. and I slowly realized that I never really liked girls, I've always had way more interest in guys!"
Hinata nodded, seemingly satisfied, but Yamaguchi could tell the short boy's face was turning pink.
He was going to ask about it, but before he could, Tanaka hollered something from behind them.
"Did y'all hear that?! Yamaguchi has a CRUSH!! C-R-U-S-H!"
Noya and Yachi let out a few excited squeals, Noya even pestering Yamaguchi with a few questions, but Yams' attention was focused on one person and one person only.
He looked disgusted and scared.
Did.. did Tsukishima think it was him?
Well, the truth is.. if he did, he was right. Yamaguchi had a huge crush on Tsukishima, ever since the beginning of their first year.
He didn't exactly have a reason for it, it's not like Tsukishima really showed much 'caring' behavior.
Something about him was just so.. mysterious. Yamaguchi felt like there was a spot in Tsukki's heart that he hadn't yet unlocked, and he was desperate to conquer it.

"Tsukki--!" Yamaguchi yelled, desperately running after the boy.
Tsukki turned around to face Yamaguchi, wincing at the fact that he noticed him. Tsukishima was trying to sneak home before Yamaguchi was done training, but it looked like Tadashi had caught up to him after all.
"..Hey, Yamaguchi." He said with a sigh as the younger boy walked next to him.
Yamaguchi didn't even notice his negative attitude, the boy was just happy to talk to him, as always.
He smiled the whole way home, even though they weren't even really talking about much, just making small talk.
When they finally parted ways, Yamaguchi put some headphones in and listened to the same music that spotify said Tsukki was listening to.
He'd done this for a while now, and never told Tsukki about it.
Something about it made him feel like he was finally getting a peek into that secluded section of Tsukishima's heart, so he kept on, never telling a word to anyone.
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