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Kongpob is dying for a good release because of a certain beautiful man. So he gets thoroughly fucked by the amazing fuck chair. And just when he thought the fun was over, someone wants to join him. [⚠️ 18+] This is a collaboration between @suzyca and @Notmyday999.

Notmyday999 (Lana)
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I found myself in a small cubicle. It was cozy but not so small that it gave me claustrophobic feelings.

There was a tune playing in the background. Soft, calm music. Not that this helped much, I was still a little nervous.

When Bright first told me about this place, I laughed hard in his face.

"You know where you can really blow off some steam? At "For your pleasure".

"For your pleasure, what's that? You know I don't want to visit a prostitute, Bright."

"No, no! It's not an escort. It's a chair. A fuck-chair!"


"A chair. And it fucks you real good, trust me. It has all these great gadgets to choose from. The size of the sausage for example, and many more. That thing can drill and suck like no real man can, I shit you not. I passed out after it had its ways with me. Oh my God, I am telling you, if you need to get yourself pleased, go to that place!"

"hahahaha! You are so funny Bright..."

Well, it appeared that Bright wasn't joking.

So here I was, picking out a chair that was going to give me "otherworldly pleasure", like Bright mentioned. I could choose out of 20+ gadgets. Heavenly things that this chair could do to me...

I looked at the screen in front of me, and after the company advertisement ended, I was a little startled when the face of a pretty lady suddenly appeared. It wasn't a real woman, but a computer program.

"Please choose your chair now, sir." she said with a robotic voice.

After looking at a dozen different chairs, I decided I would just go with the classic style chair. That thing looked good enough in the commercial I just saw.

No heavy bdsm chair, lifelike human chair or duo chair for me, nope.

Though... the duo chair did make me think about a certain someone. That beautiful man that made me so fucking horny, I needed to visit a place like this in the first place. What did that man do to me? How did he make me fall for him so hard after just one date?!

"Thank you for choosing our classic style chair, Sir, please choose your preferences next."

I looked at all the things to choose from, and there were a few things that spoke to me. I selected them:

■ massage up front
□ nipple suckers
■ nipple clamps
■ girth size of choosing
- □ 4 inch
- ■ 5 inch
- □ 6 inch
■ length size of choosing
- □ 6 inch
- ■ 7 inch
- □ 8 inch
■ real blow job experience
□ real rim job experience
□ pussy licking
□ clit sucking massage
□ double penetration
■ dirty talk
□ bondage
□ spanking
■ edging
■ scrotum attention
□ butt-plug
□ anal beads
■ cockring
□ ball gag
□ porn video on screen:
□ gay
□ straight
□ mixed gang bang
■ buying copy of your own fuck-chair experience to enjoy it again at home

Happy with my choices, I clicked "NEXT". The lady appeared again.

"Thank you for your order, Sir. Here is the key to your room."

A keycard dropped out of the machine. I picked it up and paid by phone.

"Room number 02 is yours. Have fun, Sir. The chair is there for your pleasure..."


Tucking in my shirt, making sure my buttons were correctly aligned before I leave this facility. The last thing I need is to be stared at weirdly. I checked my reflection for the last time in the mirror before stepping out of the room. It took me a while to calm my senses after my session. This is a much needed release after spending last night trying to hold myself back all evening. After months of crushing and pining over the man of my dreams, quite literally, he has finally asked me out.

Not only is he handsome and charismatic, he's a gentleman to a fault. He wants to take things slow to show me that he's serious about us. What else can I possibly ask for, right? While I appreciate his efforts and how much he values our relationship, it's proven a real challenge to my dick. Taking things slow is not an easy task when my date was so damn tempting. Every brush of our shoulders, every whisper in my ear, every touch of our hands were sending jolts of ecstatic shivers down my spine.

Does he have any idea what he's doing to me? I barely even registered what the movie was about after sitting there for over two hours. The whole time I was only trying to calm my dick. Every accidental brush of his lips and the warm fanning of his breath against the shell of my ear made me want to moan out loud. If only I didn't find everything he does so sexy, then maybe I wouldn't need to be here at all. But I did, and just thinking about him now is getting my dick all riled up again. I need to quit this before I need another session. I'm still a little flushed to be honest, but the longer I stay, the more tempted I am to get back on that sinful chair.

I need to pull myself together and act normal. I slipped the mask over my eyes and took another deep breath before I closed the door behind me. The hallway is quiet and dim. The only source of light is from the pathway lights along the sides of the walls. All the doors to each cubicle are flush along the walls with no windows for ultimate soundproofing and privacy. Even the floors are heavily carpeted to muffle the sound of footsteps.


I heard a faint noise that I've never heard before in these corridors. All the rooms are supposedly soundproofed so I've never heard anything beyond the rustling of my own clothes. And as I approached the end of the corridor and round the corner, the sound grew a little louder.

"Ahh..Arthit, I wanna come...I wanna..."

You can call me conceited or cocky but I swear that sounded like my name.

"Oh.. G-god!..ahh..Arhtit!"

Now I'm positive! I definitely heard my name. Okay, there's probably thousands and thousands of Arthit(s) out there, but I'm still intrigued. As I turned the corner, I could already see a sliver of light along the wall. The door to a room must not have been closed all the way. I know I should really just keep walking but then I heard my name again.

My curiosity got the best of me as I peered through the narrow crack of the door. Inside was dimly lit in a purple lighting.

"Ahh..! F-fuck..Arhtit."

Fuck me! I couldn't believe what I saw. The man of my dreams was calling my name as he was shooting ribbons upon ribbons of cum in the air as a fleshlight was pulled away. I rubbed my eyes to make sure what I'm seeing is real and not a figment of my overly horny imagination. Because I swore my eyes were playing tricks on me. But nope. It's real alright and my dick was all too happy again as I could feel it stretch the fabric of my pants.

Fuck! He's hot. I have felt his tight muscles through his fitted clothes from our too innocent hugs but I had no idea he looked this hot under those fucking layers. Look at all that sinewy taut muscles covered in delicious tan skin. Why couldn't he just fuck me instead of using a chair? His beautiful veiny dick should be inside me and not some silicone fake flesh. After all, he was calling out my name so he must want me too.


I slipped inside his room and closed the door behind me. His eyes remained closed as he started another round. The nipple suckers retracted and I stood in front of his completely naked glory, mesmerized by his enticing body that's now dripping with his own cum. I have an urge to mop it up with my own tongue and taste his glistening skin. Watching the rising and falling of his chiseled chest as he panted and moaned my name was doing things to my body I couldn't explain. I could feel the heat rising to my skin just from the sound of his heavy breathing.

My nimble fingers worked on its own accord, removing my shirt to free my overheating body. My eyes never left Kongpob's body even once, as I reached down to remove my now overly tight pants and freed my hard twitching dick. Fuck! It's ready to explode in my hand. I pursed my lips to keep myself from moaning as I stroked myself to the sound of his calling. Then all of the sudden two lust filled black orbs were staring right at me. Fuck!

AN: This is a collaboration between @suzyca and I. Can you guess who wrote what? 😜

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