For Your Pleasure


After I stepped out of the cubicle, I walked through a long hallway. Door after door came before I stood in front of the one that was mine.

Door number 02.

I slipped the keycard in and a beep told me the door opened.

Once inside, my eyes almost fell out of their sockets.

The room was illuminated with a soft purple light. It was completely empty except for the unique piece of furniture that stood proudly in the middle, a pair of hooks on the wall and a little table with a bottle of water on it.

I looked at the rather flamboyant piece of furniture.

The chair.

It sure was a sight to behold. The chair had a black baroque curly ornate frame and dark purple leather seat and backrest. The armrests were decorated with silver metal cuffs, just as the footrests were. I hadn't selected bondage, so I presumed these won't be used on me. Maybe I could use that next time though...

At the front of the chair was a large curved handle adorned with a fake purple cock at the end.

I observed the rubber cock. That thing was going to give me pleasure in a few minutes. At least that's what this company promised.

I walked to the chair and pressed start, like the video back in the cubicle showed me.

"Good day, Kongpob. Please undress." A robotic female voice ordered me.

After kicking my shoes off, I plucked my socks from my feet.

"You chose the following gadgets: massage up front, nipple clamps, blowjob, dirty talk..."

My shirt and pants were next to come off.

"...edging, scrotum attention, cockring. Are you really happy with these choices?"

"Yes." I responded, while I pulled my underwear down.

"Good. Your pleasure will be given by a 7 inch length, 5 inch girth rubber penis and afterwards you will receive an USB stick which holds a tape of this experience. Is that correct?"


"When something is not to your liking, remember the safeword. Your safeword is red. What is your safeword?"


"That is accurate. If you wish to stop only one gadgets, say the name of that gadget followed by red. Example: Blowjob, red. Enjoy your program, Sir. Please sit down now."

My body trembled. I hung my clothes on the hooks and walked to the chair. This experience was rather otherworldly to me. Slowly I sank down on the device. It felt a little cold against my hot body.

"Now, let me please you. Tell me who would you like me to be...?" the chair's voice had changed into another voice. It was a calm, masculine voice. A very pleasant voice to listen to. So soft it was like a whisper, but I heard it.


Would it be odd if I said Arthit? Cause Arthit was the one I was dying to fuck. I just didn't want him to think I wanted to use him. I'm God honestly crazy in love with him and I just thought it's better to take it slow. But here, in this room, I want this chair to represent him.

"Arthit.." I replied. "Oh..!" I was a bit startled when 2 of the softest hands started to caress my chest. Fake hands of course, but they looked and felt like they're real. They were attached to metal tubes which could snake in all directions. This chair was some sort of robot.

"So tensed... When was the last time you relaxed?"

"Uhmm... A while back..."

The massage got firmer. Wow, this thing really did a fine job. I leaned a little forward to give it good access to my back muscles.

After a little while, the hands slid down my chest again, and they pressed me back against the backrest.


And as I did, I felt the chair change its position a little, making me half lie down.

My breath hitched when a metal ring was clasped over my still flaccid cock. A cockring...

The hands then started to massage my nipples, softly pinching them.

"Let's have a little fun, shall we? Let me please you, Kongpob. Think about Arthit, I am him now. Think about my lips, my eyes, my hair, my body..."

I did what the chair asked of me and right when I was imagining to kiss him and dip my tongue into his little cheek dimple, I gasped when 2 clamps were attached to my nipples, while the chair's magical hands kept caressing my abdomen. Lower and lower they stroke, till I felt them wrapping around my penis, massaging me till I was hard.

"Oh my.. You're so big. Your big cock feels so good in my hands." Chair Arthit praised me.

One hand coated me in some slippery liquids and started to massage my balls and the sensitive skin behind them, while the other paid attention to my length. Kneading, caressing, gently stroking and firmly gripping.

I imagined them to be Arthit's hands, touching me like that.


"You like that?" his voice asked.


The clamps on my nipples pinched me a little harder once in every few seconds.

"How about my mouth. Would you like to fuck my mouth, Kongpob? Would you want to feel my lips all around you? Sucking your flesh. You want me to be your little cockslut?"

"Yes, Arthit." oh God, yes!

"It would be my pleasure..."

My eyes snapped open and I curiously looked at the wet sensation around my penis. Some sort of tube was shoved around it, sucking and slurping at the head of my erection, dripping all over me and taking me deeper inside. Fuck it felt so wet and tight.

"Ahh fuck!"

" good.. Such a big cock..." Chair Arthit mumbled as if it had its mouth full.

The tube vibrated around my dick, just like it felt when a real mouth talked around it.

The words and vibrations made a heat coil low inside my stomach. Fucking hell, what kind of device was this? If it wasn't for the cockring around my dick, I would have already climaxed by now. It was so thrilling, so strangely good, and this was just the beginning.

At the same time, I felt a lubed up thing slither against my anus.

"Spread for me."

I did. The device started to penetrate me, while the sensation of a blowjob was still going on, pleasure coming from both ways now. It wasn't the cock yet, this was something smaller, it reminded me of a finger. Slowly going in and out.

I visualized it were Arthit's lips around me and his finger inside. How he would kneel before me, bobbing his head, taking my hard flesh all the way inside his throat while looking at me with teary yet needy eyes. I imagined his throat spasm around the head of my cock and I could have sworn the device mimicked my thoughts.

The image of Arthit's filled mouth and the tube slurping on my cock and thrusting in my hole was enough to push me closer to the edge.

"Ahh..F-fuck.." My stomach tightened already. I pushed my head against the headrest and arched my back, ready to blow inside Arthit's mouth when all of a sudden the delicious feeling disappeared.


"Did I tell you that you could come, Kongpob?" Chair Arthit asked and it pulled itself out of my hole.

"N...No.. You didn't." I heavily breathed.

The tube shoved back, drizzling wet around my length, sucking and vibrating again.

"That's right, I didn't. Now look to the front, Kongpob..."

A shiver ran up and down my spine when a large mirror appeared, coming out of the ceiling and stopped right in front of me. I looked at myself, my face red and sweaty, my legs spread widely, showing my hole being penetrated and a tube thrusting over my engorged erection.

"Oh, f-fuck." I panted. I never saw myself like this before. It was such a weird sight to behold, but...kind of horny.

I gasped when some cold lube was squirted inside my hole and the handle came up high, positioning the fake penis before my dripping hole.

I watched how the thick fake cock pushed itself between my pink wrinkles and shoved deep inside of me. This must be the ordered toy, 7 inch long, 5 inch girth.

"Ahh" I gasped.

Even though it was physically impossible for Arthit to fuck and suck me at the same time, I closed my eyes and imagined it were his mouth and his gorgeous cock assulting my body right now.

My hands clasped around the armrests, clamping until my knuckles were white.

After a moment I was there again. Almost climbing over the edge. "Oh..oh..G-god, Arthit..I'm coming..I'm ahh.." I moaned when I felt my balls tighten.

Again, the device on my cock withdrew before I could blast my cum into it. The cock stayed inside my asshole but the thrusting stopped.

Oh fuck I was turning so desperate to come right now. "Ohh..Arthit...please.."

A hand massaged my balls, giving me time to catch my breath back. I recalled I selected edging. I wondered if I should call red for edging but it felt so good too. I wanted to take as much out of this experience as I could. And I know my orgasm will be so intense when I finally can come.

"Ahh...more, more Arthit." I begged like a needy slut, while I tried to trust my hips around the cock, but failed.

" desperate for me..."

"Yes.." I gasped when the cock almost pulled out and pounded back in, at full speed vibrating inside of me, while the fleshlight was enclosed over my dick again, clenching and sucking on it.

"Ahh..Arthit, I wanna come...I wanna..."

I was tortured once more. My dick twitching against my stomach, wetting my abs with precum. I was hard as a rock! The nipple clamps tightened. I really was at my end now!

"Oh.. G-god!..ahh..Arthit!"

I spread my legs more and felt the sweet pleasure of the toy against my prostate and the fleshlight sucking me off till I was allowed to come. I saw in the mirror's reflection how drool dripped out of my mouth.

And I came. I came so hard.

"Ahh..! F-fuck..Arthit!" I cried out, followed by a choked off gasp when the tube was yanked away and I shot my load in the air, finally climaxing with only one man on my mind. It felt like pure bliss when waves of satisfaction coursed through my body, making my cock pulsate and squirt with each jolt of pleasure. I almost lost it for real.

My cum rained down on me again, splashing against my chest.

After what felt like minutes, I came back to my senses again.

"Ahh..." I sighed satisfactorily. I wanted more and my fingers searched for the start button. After I found it, I pressed it again.

The program started again. I felt the nipple clamps retracting and hands slithered up my body for another massage.

"You want another round, Kongpob? You stuffed my mouth so full already. And you felt so tight around my dick..." Chair Arthit whispered in my ear.

"Ohh..Arthit.. Fuck shit, yes.." I breathlessly replied to my imagination.

My eyes stayed closed, enjoying how the fake hands, Arthit's hands, smeared my juices over the rest of my chest. It was wet and sticky.

Suddenly, I heard something else. Someone's breathing? I opened my eyes and there stood the object of my desires. Naked. Masturbarting before my very eyes. Was I hallucinating?

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