For Your Pleasure


"Oh.. G-god!..ahh..Arthit!"

I stood there fully naked and unashamed. I pursed my lips to keep myself from moaning as I stroked myself to the sound of his calling. The sight before my eyes has me entranced despite having just completed my own chair session. My craving for this man couldn't be satisfied by that damn chair. My shaft was as hard as a metal rod again. I spat in my hand and tightened my grip around my cock, moving faster and faster trying to match the rhythm of the tube around Kongpob's cock. What I wouldn't do to be that tube right now?

"Ahh..! F-fuck..Arthit."

He cried out and choked off a gasp as the tube was yanked away. Then his load shot in the air and landed on top of his already cum covered abs. A little pool gathered in the middle of his chest, right between his pecs, threatening to spill down the sides as he continued panting. My tongue craved to dip in that little pool and slurp up every single drop. I wanted to taste every part of him. Then I watched as those robotic hands smeared his cum all over his chest and down his navel. Those hands should be mine. I should be smearing his cum all over that gorgeous body.

Then all of a sudden two lust-filled black orbs were staring right at me. Fuck!

My breath hitched as our eyes momentarily locked in on each other. My hand came to a halt, still firmly wrapped around my shaft with my thumb over my leaking slit.


I watched as Kongpob gave me a look of bewilderedness yet he couldn't tear his gaze from my naked body. His eyes darkened, staring back at mine. Those black orbs reflected a carnal desire and hungry need.

"Kong." I finally managed to utter with a shallow breath. A shiver of excitement ran through my body from his salacious eyes drinking me in, yet I felt no shame, only more lust.

I abandoned all rationale reasoning where one would either run or try to explain themselves. Instead, I took another step forward while our eyes remained locked on each other, and my hand started stroking again.

"Red," Kongpob said and the chair's hands retracted. That must be his safe word. Kongpob sat up and reached his hand out for me. "Arthit?"

I took another step closer so I was within his reach. He grabbed me by my hips and pulled me even closer. He cupped his right hand over mine that's holding my hard cock, stroking it with me.

"Fuck... you're real. How?" Kongpob gasped and then looked up to meet my eyes again.

"Fuck now. Talk later." I smirked and continued to stroke myself with his hand over mine. This was not the time for a conversation.

"Let me," Kongpob said before he removed my hand and exuberantly plunged my cock inside his mouth.

"F-fuck...Kong." I fisted my hand in his hair following his head's bobbing motion. His beautiful mouth wrapped around my cock tightly, sucking and slurping with zeal. My cock was already so hard, I don't know how long I'll last like this. Fuck! His mouth is magical. Then Kongpob looked up at me with even more thirst as his mouth kept bobbing.

"You like my cock, don't you? Tell me you like it. Tell me you want more."

"Mmm... want more...mmm," Kongpob answered me with his mouthful, and the vibrating sensation gave me even more pleasure.

Not slowing down even for a bit. Oh God, his mouth felt so good; it's so warm, soft, and wet. He took in a little more of my cock after each time he pulled back until it reached the back of his throat. He choked a little but he continued bobbing vigorously until my legs started getting weak. I felt the heat coiling within me.

"Kongpob... I'm about to...ahh...come."

"Mmm...come, baby."

Fuck! My cock was obedient. I stood there trembling as my orgasm hit me in waves of ecstasy. My load shot straight down his throat and he swallowed and continued to suck on it like it was a milk bottle. He pulled away and licked his lips clean once I was completely drained.

"You taste delicious. Just as good as I had imagined." Kongpob said to me.

Once I recovered from my orgasmic high, I pushed him back down the chair and then climbed on top of him, straddling him with my bended knees to the side of his hips. My spent cock slapped on top of Kongpob's now hard again cock that's laying on his cum soaked abs. He watched as I hungrily licked the cum that's smeared around his chest. The man tasted as good as he looked.


"You taste divine too," I spoke against his right nipple before I nibbled and sucked hard on it.

Kongpob growled as he grabbed me by my hair and pulled my mouth to his. Our tongues engaged in wet open mouth kisses vigorously battling for dominance and eager to devour the other. Loud slurping and wanton moans exchanged between our lips as both our hands roamed around each other's body, fingers digging into each other's flesh.

"Shit! Is this really happening?"

"I am real. Now, fuck me instead of this chair." I grinded my soft cock and let my balls rub against Kongpob's hard shaft.

"Fuck Arthit! That's all I've wanted to do, is fuck you so hard you that you'll beg for mercy." Kongpob groped both sides of my ass cheeks, spread them apart and then back together, making me groan for more.

"Just fuck me then. I can't wait any longer. You've been driving me insane. Put your fucking cock inside me. Now! I'm ready."

Kongpob lifted me by my hips and shoved his hard cock right inside me to the hilt. Fuck! I felt his fat veiny cock throbbing, stretching, and filling me. This is how it must feel when heaven and hell meet. Worlds collide. Amazing. I just had my own session and I'm as prepared as I can possibly be, but Kongpob's cock filled me differently. Fuck! Nothing can beat the real thing. Nothing.


Kongpob started to thrust up and I leaned forward to capture his mouth again. Every time Kongpob pulled back his own hole fucked against the chair's cock. The harder he fucked me, the harder he fucked himself.

"Oooh...Fuck!... Arthit!"

I felt his cock throbbing inside my hole as my body bounced up and down because he was fucking me so hard. His deft fingers rolled my right nipple between them and he pinched it at the same time as his teeth grazed my left one. Then he started sucking and biting wherever his mouth could reach across my chest and my neck.


I grabbed onto my own cock that was hard again to keep it from swinging up and down. I hung my head back letting him fuck me to oblivion. Even with all that lube, it felt like his cock was fucking growing inside of me. It was either that or my hole was getting smaller, because I felt my hole stretched further. Fuck! What's his cock made of?


"God! You're so fucking beautiful...ahh." Kongpob said as his hand tightened around my neck. Then he ran his thumb around my lips before pushing it into my mouth where I eagerly sucked on it.

"And you look even more beautiful right now being fucked like this. Turn around. I want you to see yourself."

My legs were shaky and my breath was labored, but I did as told and spun around with his dick still inside me.

Kongpob pulled me against his chest and peered to the side of me.

"Look in the mirror. Can you see how beautiful you are with my cock inside you?"

"Yes!" My face was all flushed and my chest was marked with red spots all over. I didn't know he could be so kinky.

Kongpob then tucked his hands under my knees and pulled my legs back to either side of my chest, nearly folded me in half, and spread me wider. My hard cock left pointing up against my abs. I instinctively gripped on the armrests of the chair.

"You like what you see now?"

"Yes, fuck!" In the mirror, I could see the back of Kongpob's fat veiny cock inside my hole, slowly slithering in and out of me. His cock looked even bigger this way. I've never seen a cock inside me like this. How the fuck did that thing fit inside me?


Then Kongpob grunted as he quickened his thrusts. My heart pounded as the pressuring heat in my lower groin coiled tight again. I couldn't tear my eyes away from the way his cock moved in and out of me, and the chair's cock moving in and out of him. His heavy balls bouncing up and down with each thrust. Our sweaty bodies pressed together, and he relentlessly thrusted inside me while I watched myself get fucked. I became a moaning and whimpering mess. My toes curled, and I knew I was getting close again.

"Kong, please... I'm coming."

The sight alone was almost too much for me. I was holding onto my last straw but the very moment his cock hit my prostate was my undoing. I felt wave after wave of electric shock pulsate through me as his cock continued abusing the same spot over and over. My load shot straight up to my chin and dripped back down my chest.

"Ahh..." I felt my whole body relax into a puddle as my euphoric release coursed through my body, down to the tip of my curled toes.

"I'm coming too," Kongpob said before he gave me a few more hard thrusts, and then paused for a second before thrusting a couple of more times to empty himself inside me. I watched as his semen gushed out the sides of my hole through the mirror. Fuck, he's so hot. That was amazing.

He let go of my legs and just leaned against my back while he was catching his breath.

After a few minutes, I finally broke the silence.

"Hey," I said.

"Hey. I can't believe you're here."

"I can't believe you're here too," I replied.

"So you heard me?"

Is he embarrassed now? After the way he just fucked me? Well, isn't that cute?

"Yeah, but I called your name during my session too."

Kongpob pressed his damp forehead against my back and chuckled.

I twisted around to face him. He's so hot and sexy like this with his after-sex glow.

"So much for taking it slow." Kongpob pulled my face closer for a kiss.

"Any slower I would need to order my own chair, and the chair wasn't even cutting it. It's like artificial sugar. It couldn't kill the craving, just suppressed it."

"So I'm the real sugar," Kongpob smirked and gave me another peck.


"Sweet and addictive, but oh so so bad."


"So are we still on for tonight? We can maybe even catch another movie if you want." Kongpob nuzzled his face against my arm.

"Kongpob, your session has now ended. Your copy of your own fuck-chair experience has been sent to the email you've provided. I hope you have enjoyed your experience. Please come again and let me pleasure you. Thank you and goodbye." The chair said.

"Ooh." Kongpob made the sound as the chair's cock was retracted from his hole.

I couldn't help it and chuckled seeing the expression on his face. "Hey, I know what we should watch tonight."


AN: Thank you for reading our story (really just smut). We hope you enjoyed our dirty and naughty minds. 😜

@suzyca 💋

Lana and Suzy ❤️
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