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What do you do when your crush isn't taking your cues? Well, Arthit will tell you he's done waiting around for Kongpob to get the hint. Sometimes, you just have to take matters into your own hands, literally. 🔞 Warning. No further warning in the story. This is a collaboration between me and the beautiful @suzyca.

Notmyday999 (Lana)
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It's another quiet night at the firm. Kongpob looked up at the monitor in front of him as he blew into his hot cup of extra strong black coffee. He carefully took a sip hoping he could stay awake for his last day on the night shift. He was covering for his partner Wad who was on his month long honeymoon. Their security company was growing and short on staff so Kongpob had no choice but to be in the field himself. But Wad will return to work tomorrow and Kongpob can't wait to return to his own work and usual schedule. He was much better at handling the business end of their company while Wad handled the operations.

The only thing that made the last month bearable and not a complete bore was the beautiful and sexy man that was currently completely focused on his task at the moment, typing away and crunching numbers while biting on the end of his pen. Kongpob can't help but imagine what it would feel like to be that pen, trapped between those plump pink lips. Arthit was the name of the beautiful man, a director at the firm. Kongpob wondered if Arthit was always so hardworking because the man has been staying late almost every day since he's been here. No wonder he's already a director at such a young age.

In the span of a month, they've only exchanged a few words here and there. Mostly just simple greetings like 'have a good evening' or 'goodbye' coupled with Arthit's dazzling smile that took Kongpob's breath away when Arthit made his way out of the office at the end of the day. But there was that one time when they were in the breakroom together making coffee where Arthit happily introduced himself and Kongpob did the same. Kongpob had told Arthit that he would be around for the month covering for his partner and he swore he saw a flash of what seemed like disappointment appear on Arthit's face and that smile fell a little. Then again, maybe he was just imagining things.

Kongpob took another slow sip of his hot coffee and smiled seeing the bouquet of flowers he got for Arthit sitting nicely on the corner of his desk. He had secretly dropped it off on the coffee table in Arthit's office earlier when he wasn't there. Kongpob didn't leave a name card or anything on the bouquet, he just wanted Arthit to have it since he overheard Arthit admire his secretary Cindy's bouquet the last time, saying he wished someone would buy him flowers sometimes. And since it was Kongpob's last day here, and he didn't know when he would see Arthit again, he decided to get him some flowers. It was also partly because it's highly inappropriate to get involved with a client and Wad would never let him hear the end of it if he caught wind of this.

Kongpob looked at all six monitors in front of him. Nothing out of the ordinary was happening since everyone was gone for the day except for Arthit. It was already past nine in the evening. He looked at Arthit in his office and wondered how late Arthit planned to stay tonight. The camera in Arthit's office wasn't directly facing Arthit's desk but whether over the meeting area where there are a couch and a pair of armchairs with a coffee table. Kongpob can only see Arthit's profile from this angle, and he was still biting on that lucky pen.

After another hour or so, Arthit suddenly stood up from his seat and started stretching, rolling his neck from side to side with his eyes closed. Kongpob perked up a bit seeing his sudden movements. Arthit then leisurely picked up the bouquet of flowers and walked over to the meeting area where he plucked a single lily out of the bouquet and put the rest on the coffee table. Kongpob watched keenly at what Arthit was doing. With his eyes closed, Arthit sniffed the single lily with a smirk and then let it glide from his cheek down his neck and the middle of his chest. Then he turned to look straight into the camera and said what looked like 'thank you' to Kongpob. Oh my god, is he really talking to me? Kongpob couldn't help but wonder while he kept watching Arthit.

He watched as Arthit walked around the coffee table over to the couch on the other side. Arthit toed off his shoes and then slowly laid down on the couch that's facing directly in front of the camera. Is he going to take a nap? He should probably just go home if he's so tired. Kongpob thought to himself as he watched the man get comfortable. But not a second later, Arthit held the lily to his face with his right hand and started unbuttoning his shirt with his left. Maybe he's feeling a little hot because Kongpob is certainly feeling a little too hot himself. He pulled on the knot of his tie to loosen it a bit so he could breathe a little easier but he kept his eyes well trained on Arthit's every move.

Arthit didn't stop at one button, two buttons, three buttons, or even four. Nope. Instead, Arthit pulled the hem of his shirt out of his pants to unbutton the very last one. The fabric fell to the sides and exposed his very smooth milky white chest underneath with one nipple peeking out.

Damn, Arthit looked so sexy Kongpob's mouth went dry so he took a big gulp of his piping hot coffee and almost burned his tongue in the process. "Shit! Ahhh..." Kongpob stuck his tongue out trying to cool it off. But before he can even recover from his tongue burn, he drops the whole cup of coffee on himself. Holy shit! He can't believe his eyes.

"Fucking hell!" He shouted, but the spilled coffee was soon forgotten because he had more important things to concentrate on right now. What the hell was Arthit doing?!

Maybe he has a date later today and is getting dressed for that? But it's so late already.

Kongpob's eyes couldn't get any wider as the man on the monitor wasn't done with just taking off his shirt because the next thing he opened up was the button of his pants. A moment later, the zipper was dragged down, and then...

"Holy. Fucking... S-shit!" Kongpob stuttered.

He gasped at the sight, his mouth hanging open while he looked at Arthit who had just pulled his cock out of his pants and smirked into the camera before he brought the flower to his nose again and then started caressing himself with it as if it was a brush and his body was a canvas.

The white lily first brushed his lips, then his neck, getting lower till it circled one of his small perky nipples.

Kongpob swallowed when he saw Arthit raising his bum into the air, shoving down his pants and underwear while drawing the flower over his other nipple and after that, over his abs and hips.

Caressing it slowly, everywhere but there on that one spot...

When it hit Kongpob that Arthit wasn't changing his clothes or taking a nap at all, he started to heavily breathe and grabbed the edges of his desk, his still eyes glued to the show on the black and gray screen.

He's doing this for me... Kongpob realized.

Arthit licked his lips while he finally brushed the long white flower petals against his still flaccid cock. He then seemed to say something again which appeared to be 'Kongpob, Kongpob... Kong-pob...' Arthit bit on his lower lip after the last word and then brushed the lily against his cock over and over again, till Kongpob saw it getting hard as it swoll and rose into the air.

What he would give to be that flower right now...

His knuckles turned white when he grabbed the desk so hard that he heard the wood squeak under his sweaty hands. His pants started to feel extremely uncomfortable when every drop of blood rushed to his nether regions, making him bulge in his pants.

The flower that Arthit used to touch himself with, wasn't just a flower. It was his gift. And it was his gift that caressed the pale white skin right now.

A show just for him.

Arthit laid the flower beside him and sat up straight, his pants and boxer briefs hanging on his knees which he pushed lower till they dropped to his ankles and Arthit opened his knees.

While looking through his eyelashes but straight into the CCTV camera, he opened his mouth and let a few drops of saliva fall down on his erected cock, which he smeared around the head before he took himself in his palm and began stroking.

Kongpob almost choked on his own spit when he saw Arthit masturbating so shamelessly. Is this really happening? Was it really true that the man who had been haunting his dreams these past 4 weeks was pleasing himself for nobody other than him? It drove Kongpob crazy. He couldn't resist the urge any longer and pushed his hand down his pants and underwear.

Arthit kicked off his pants all the way and placed his feet on the couch, wide-legged with his perfectly wrinkled hole facing the camera. He then sucked on one of his fingers and inserted it into himself, rotating it a few times, stretching, before he began to finger himself while his other hand pinched his nipples every now and then.

Kongpob felt beads of sweat roll down his temples. He had never been this horny in his life and he was positive that this was an image that he'll never ever be able to forget. Not that he wanted to forget!

Arthit's one finger turned to two and a little later, the two digits became three, vigorously pushing inside and pulling out again.

Eyes set on the monitor, Kongpob had his dick in his hand and was jerking himself at the same pace as Arthit was fucking his fingers.

"Oh, God..." Kongpob moaned, never more turned on in his life, and when Arthit suddenly stopped, he could have screamed.

Arthit lowered his legs again, putting them to the ground. His chest rising and falling at a quick pace. He was breathless when he raised his hand and crooked his finger, telling Kongpob to come to him.

Kongpob was beyond aroused. All professionality and insecurities be damned! He desperately rushed to the other's office with a heart that beat so fast, it almost punched out of his ribcage.

Am I really going to see him naked for real? Touch him?!

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