Fire And Silk.


Aria Lestrange, a lonely Slytherin finds herself falling for a tall redheaded Gryffindor named Fred Weasley. She thinks he likes her too but who would fall for a heartless Slytherin? At least that's what she thought but soon Fred would start to bring out the best in her. Her life was about to change.

Romance / Fantasy
Age Rating:

A night to remember

Aria looked radiant in her floor length, emerald green ball gown. It perfectly complemented her green eyes and highlighted her curves. All eyes were on her as she made her descent from the hallway down the stairs, she couldn’t help but think whether the only person she cared about was looking. A tall red headed boy in the year above, Fred Weasley. Knowing that he was in the same room as her with his date drove Aria crazy. She needed a way to talk to him without arousing suspicion, her being a Slytherin and him being a Gryffindor that would be difficult.

Aria winked at her fake date Draco Malfoy standing before her. He was her best friend, her only friend really apart from a few girls in her dorm. He was wearing a stunning dark emerald suit to match Aria and his hair was rugged, he looked very handsome.

“Wow Aria, you look amazing.” Draco said softly.

“Thanks darling,” Aria responded playing along. With people watching she had to make their relationship convincing so she gave him a quick peck on the cheek and went to enter the great hall. It was decorated beautifully. Sculptures, large christmas trees, ice archways, boys in smart suits and girls in graceful gowns. It really was going to be a magical evening.

But would it be as magical if she couldn’t spend it with Fred.

She didn’t know whether Fred reciprocated her feelings although she hoped he did, they had sweet little moments together when no one was looking. He’d always call her cute nicknames and find some way to tease her but did he do that with everyone? Did he just see her as a heartless Slytherin like she saw herself?

All would be revealed tonight.

Later on while pouring herself some fruit punch, Aria’s eyes fell on the beautiful Hermione Granger entering the great hall arm in arm with Viktor Krum. Aria could see the pain in Hermione’s eyes as she stared at George Weasley across the room dancing with his date. People knew that Hermione didn’t really want to be with Viktor tonight but she was too shy to say anything to George. Aria wasn’t paying attention when someone knocked into her spilling his drink along the way.

“Shit, I’m so sorry Lestrange.”

Aria looked up and there he was, Frederick Gideon Weasley, handsome as ever. He was in his signature plum suit with his tie no where to be seen, his hair was messy and he was taller than ever. Perfection.

“Fred! You’ve ruined my dress, what am I going to do?”

“Here come with me, I’ll help you.” He said taking Aria’s hand and leading her to the girls bathroom on the second floor.

Inside there were a few people both boys and girls, it seemed to be the ideal make out spot but all Aria cared about right now was her expensive silk dress. Fred ran his fingers through his fiery red hair and looked down at Aria all flustered. “Fred?” she asked.

“Yeah?” he responded.

“My dress?”

“Oh yeah, right.” he said walking over to a cubicle and grabbing some paper towels. “I know a spell that should get rid of the stain but it needs be dry first”

Aria took the handful of paper from him and started dabbing the stain, Fred stood there watching her and Aria began to blush. She knew she looked good tonight, her long dark hair draping over her shoulders, her black nail polish, her hourglass figure all being taken in by Fred.

“I must say Ar you look magnificent tonight,” He said immediately followed by an embarrassed look.

“Thanks, you don’t look too bad yourself.” Aria replied.

She continued dabbing the stain on her dress thinking of all the things she could say to him in that moment, the fact that she lays awake at night thinking about what it would be like to be wrapped in his arms, the fact that she’s liked him since he flashed her a smile in their first year before the sorting hat messed everything up. Aria was a Slytherin and Fred was a Gryffindor. Therefore it made it impossible for them to be together because of her parents, they believe that she should be with a pureblood, Slytherin like Draco Malfoy. Fred Weasley wasn’t a Slytherin nor a pureblood but she still found him desperately handsome and charming, she didn’t care what house he was in or what his blood status was but her opinion didn’t matter in the eyes of her parents.

“Ar?” Fred said startling her mid thought, she jumped and then apologised.

“What were you thinking about?” He asked.

“Nothing don’t worry,” She replied “Is this dry enough?”

Fred reached down to touch the stain, he dabbed and moved his hand over the stain and she could feel the warmth and the love that he possessed. “Yeah that should be good enough.”

He reached into his lower pocket and pulled out his beautifully constructed wand, he aimed it at the stain and mumbled Scourgify. Miraculously the stain vanished and he looked pleased with himself, “Wow it worked.” he exclaimed.

“Thanks Fred!” Aria said actually smiling.

“No problem, I wouldn’t want your dress to be ruined on such a special night.”

“It is special, isn’t it?” she asked and there was no need for a reply. They both just stood there studying each others facial features in silence until Pansy Parkinson came bursting through the girls lavatory doors crying, a few girls following.

“I’m so sick of Malfoy!” she cried. Her royal blue ball gown dragging after her, dipping in a puddle made by moaning Myrtle. She sat herself down on the window sill looking out towards the moonlight and started complaining again.

“I try and I try and he doesn’t even notice me, he’s too busy drooling over that loser!” she yelled.

Her followers all voicing their agreements because frankly they’re afraid to say anything else. She hadn’t noticed that ‘the loser’ and Fred Weasley were standing right there, Fred and Aria exchanged a look and hastily walked out of the girls bathroom.

“That was...” Fred started.

“Interesting,” Aria finished.

They chuckled and maintained eye contact for a moment, Aria felt all the trouble float away as if she was on a cloud with Fred Weasley and only Fred Weasley. She wanted to stay on that cloud forever but all good things must come to an end. “We should probably get back to the party,” he spoke quietly not wanting to ruin the mood either but their dates will be wondering where they’ve gotten too.

“Oh yeah, well thank you.” she said disappointedly.

“No problem lestrange, have a nice rest of the night.”

“You too.”

Aria watched as Fred slowly trudged away from her, she hoped he would turn around and run back to her, she hoped he would say that it was her and it had always been her but then again dreams don’t come true very often. She slid her back down the wall in her perfect green dress and held her knees close to her, it was quiet on the second floor. The distant sounds of chatter and ballroom music were peaceful and Aria just sat there and listened trying to find tranquility in such a stressful world.

As she sat there on the floor her mind started wandering and replaying moments she wished she could change, it brought her back to the moment she first met Voldemort. He was in the Lestrange Manor and he had gathered his death eaters for a meeting.

Aria walked down the stairs and entered the dining room. He watched as she opened the door he had an inquisitive look in his eyes “And who are you?” he asked.

“That’s Aria, my lord, mine and Helga’s daughter” Aria’s father said bowing to him.

Voldemort studied Aria for a moment then continued speaking “Is this the girl that....” he started.

“Yes my lord,” said worm tail, his loyal follower.

Aria gave her parents, Helga and Charles a confused look as Voldemort spoke “Bring her to me.” he beckoned.

Worm tail wrapped his long fingernails around Aria’s waist and pushed her towards the dining room table, sat around it was Draco, Lucius, Narcissa and multiple other death eaters. Her palms grew sweaty and she began to perspire, Voldemort stood up bare foot and dragged his cloak across the floor meeting Aria in the middle of the room. He reached for his wand as Aria shot worried eyes at her parents, worm tail grabbed onto Aria’s sleeve. She struggled but eventually he had the stronger grip, he lifted her sleeve revealing her forearm.

Voldemort placed his wand ever so delicately over her skin and it began to burn, she cried out for him to stop but he continued. After a few minutes Aria caught on to what was happening, she looked over at Draco who had averted his gaze. She struggled once more but it was inevitable she was becoming a death eater, her parents had sacrificed her for their own safety. That was the day she realised she wasn’t loved by anyone, the two people who were supposed to love her the most in the world had actually sacrificed her like a piece of meat.

Aria brought herself back to reality but it was too late, before she knew it she was sobbing on the floor, her knees to her chest. No one loved her. No one cared about her. Apart from one person the person she needed the most right now, Draco Malfoy. As if she’d summoned him he came round the corner, worry in his eyes like he’d been looking for her for ages. He didn’t even have to ask why she was crying, he just knew. He ran over to her and sat down, placing his hand on her knee. “It’s going to be ok Aria, I promise.”

She’d heard this so much it was pretty much empty words at this point but it was still nice to know he cared, they sat there for a few minutes just on the floor holding each other until Draco broke the silence.

“If you want to tell me what’s wrong I’ll listen.”

Aria looked up at him, mascara running down her face.

“Thank you, Draco” she said “For everything”

He knew she wasn’t going to tell him so he just embraced her and held her tight, the night had been ruined but at least she knew one thing...

Things needed to change.

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