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Neverland's Heart


This is a story about a girl named Isla, she's had a pretty normal life, being a crew member on the Jolly Roger, finding herself in the land with no magic in a town called Story Brooke, and to follow all that being dumped onto the shores of Neverland. After making the island her new home, things start to change and she can't explain why until a family of heroes show up, looking for their son.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Neverland was once the happiest place, bright colors, birds singing, children laughing, mermaids splashing a hello, and now everything’s changed. There is no bright colors, no birds singing, the mermaids have almost ceased from coming to the surface, and laugher is a rare thing. The island itself seems to be changing as well as the people who inhabit it, I can’t help but feel bad and morn the lose.

Standing on my back porch, drinking a warm cup of earl grey tea, from my black coffee mug, all while staring out into the forest. I miss mornings like these, the peace the island can bring you but also the mystery behind every shadow and under the smallest of rocks. The wind blows through my wavy, dark, golden brown hair, the air is still warm, so we haven’t started into fall yet.

As I’m lost grieving memories of the past, I fail to feel my best friend enter looking for me. “Hey Isla, there you are we need to get going or we’re going to be late.” He states pocking his head out from the door behind me. I scream, jolting my tea onto my cream blouse, “What the hell Felix, haven’t you ever heard of a thing called knock!”

Turning to face him, I see his dirty blonde hair shaking signaling he’s laughing. “Well I did and I called for you, so sorry not sorry.” He replies smiling, showing his crooked teeth, I chuckle back. I look up from brushing off the loose liquid taking in his presence, he’s wearing black pants, black combat boots, and a nude long sleeve shirt. His sword is strapped to his back hidden underneath is brown cloak.

“Your fashion sense is as impeccable as always, but if you’ll excuse me I must go fix mine.” Chuckling I push past him inside, moving to the right to set my mug down in the kitchen, then going to the left toward my bedroom and bathroom. After I remove the stain, I change into a brown short sleeve blouse, tan fit pants, and pair it with brown knee high boots.

I look at my outfit and admire my tattoos, a rose on my right forearm mixed with a sword. Fixing my hair into a single braid as I make my way to the living room, entering I see Felix lounging on my couch. “Finally, we are officially late to the group meeting, as always.” He chuckles pushing his hair away from his gray eyes.

“No thanks to you.” I argue grabbing my grey cloak from the hook next to the door. He stands up and opens the door for me, “On the contrary, it is your fault, you spilt your tea all over yourself.” He snickers as I walk through and down the stairs. “All because you scared me by not knocking like the heathen you are.” I tie off my cloak around my neck.

He laughs and we set off on the fifteen minute walk to camp, bantering back and forth about who’s fault it was or not. Reaching camp we see everyone is still gathered around, we reach the group and are told to go up front. “Look who finally decided to show up.” I hear a high pitched voice say with her arms crossed.

“Well hello to you too Wendy.” I respond dryly. “Sorry we’re late, there was a tea spilling incident but we are here now.” Felix explains stepping in front of me slight, blocking her from my sight. “Tardiness is unacceptable, it has gone on for far too long and stops now.” Wendy demands looking to everyone, they just stare back at her blankly.

“Anyway, everyone is dismissed for daily tasks but group A and B.” Peter Pan interjects waving his hands, scattering the boys. “Now getting to business, group B will be taking over group A’s tasks for the time being.” He continues nodding to each group. Me and Felix nod but one of the boys had some issues with the arrangement.

“Why do we have to do group A’s tasks?” One asks, they all nod in agreement. “The reason why does not concern you, but you are more than willing to go join another group if you wish.” Peter counters cocking an eye brow. They shake their heads quickly quieting down, bowing their heads, and listening.

“Good, now each their tasks and we’ll be back for group A shortly to give them their new task.” Wendy stated, holding onto Peter’s arm walking back to their house. “So where’s group A, I wanna get a head start so we can finish at a decent time.” The same boy from before asked with a scoff. “Yea, what do we actually know about them anyway?” another asked.

Felix and I just stand back and listen to their conversation, waiting to see what happens. “Group A is Pan’s go to group, they are the group he trusts the most, and the most powerful and skilled under Pan of course.” A boy around our age, nineteen, explains looking straight at us with a cold look on his face.

“Ha, then why were they not here for the for the scavenger hunt a couple months ago?” A boy around eighteen or seventeen questions crossing his arms over his puffed chest. “That’s they thing, they were there, they were what we all had to find but we all failed because no one could find them.” The boy states, his curly black hair bouncing as he shakes his head.

“Bullshit, Pan said we were searching for something powerful and if we found it we’d have to take it down.” The red head responds confused. “Exactly.” Was all the darker boy said before Felix laughs causing the group to whip their heads around and stare at us, confused at why we are still here. “Sorry for interrupting your little pow wow boys.” Felix laughs holding up his hands.

“What do you want Felix?” The red head questions stepping in front of the others. “We are here to give you group A’s tasks.” He responds shrugging his shoulders tilting his head in my direction. “What do you mean ‘we’ it’s only you and some girl.” “Ah, but that’s the thing my friend, she’s not just any girl she’s Neverland’s first true Lost Girl!” Felix exclaims presenting me, I just laugh and smack his shoulder.

“Would you quit that shit, they want to get started so lets let them.” I laugh walking over to the boys handing them our task list, that I keep in my pocket. “How the hell did a girl make it onto Pan’s secret team?” The red headed boy asks not taking the paper. “It doesn’t matter how, just take our task list so we can get moving.” I reply growing tired of his attitude.

“I don’t believe that you’re a Lost Kid, prove it.” He challenges smirking standing in my face. I look up at him with a challenging stare, “You sure about that boy?” He nods in acceptance, his group starts chanting “Challenge” over and over. “There’s been a challenge?” I hear Peter ask, I look away from the pale boy. “Yes, Blake here has challenged Isla.” Felix states with a huge smirk, looking back to him I match his smirk.

“Is this true Blake?” Peter asks rubbing his chin. Blake responds with, “It’s true, I don’t think she’s a true Lost Kid so I want to see what she’s got.” “Yea, apparently he’s got a death wish.” Felix laughs putting his hand on my shoulder guiding me away. I hear Peter chuckle and agree before asking, “A challenge has been presented and received, Blake as the challenger, you get to make the rules.”

“The rules are only weapons.” Blake says proudly. “That’s the only rule?” Peter questions hiding a smirk. He nods, “That’s all I need to win and show that this island isn’t meant for dainty little girls.” He looks to me smiling, I meet him with a sweet smile and wave. That causes him to scowl and look away, laughing I go to the weapons hold and pick out my weapon next to Blake.

“What are you gonna use?” I ask innocently looking over them all. “I guess telling you won’t hurt I’m using a double handed sword, shows strength and determination.” He replies picking it up and admiring the golden hilt. I nod and reach for a classic dueling sword, I hear him chuckle behind me,

“Of course you would chose a dueling sword, shows swiftness and slyness.” I turn to face him with the most serious look I could muster, “It is very dangerous to judge a book by it’s cover.” After that I smile and skip out of the hold, twisting to see his confused face and laugh all the way to Felix.

“Now that weapons have been selected, lets move to a better suited area shall we?” Peter tells moving us and everyone else that had gathered to see the fight to the training fields. A circle forms giving us our arena to fight in, me and Blake start warming up ready for a fight.

One is ready for a good easy fight, waiting to prove themselves, and show who belongs there. The other is ready for a good show, ready to fight and play, showing their true colors and reminding everyone who they are and how they got here.

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