L.L My hand quickly grasped the handle of the steel dagger on a strap around my thigh cautiously, until a firm hand wrapped itself around my wrist. Him. He was always there to stop me from doing something I could regret. That's what I adored, that's what most women adored. "Careful Enid," he said sternly, "You will regret it." Rolling my eyes, I let my hand fall to my side yet my eyes stayed on the white haired man infront of us. "Tell me," the man insisted, "Are you going to continue to defy me for this one, Loki?". Our eyes then connected immediately, I could feel my heart begin to pound at a speed that was inhumane. Taking a step back and intertwining my hand with his, he replied "Always."

Fantasy / Erotica
- mariah.♡
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- none of, which is written, is canon.
- all original characters credit goes to Stan Lee.
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