Are We In Love (Spencer Reid X Reader)


Who knew death could bring people so close together. After the death of their mutual friend Spencer Reid and Y/N Y/L/N see each other at a park after the funeral. While bonding over their trauma will they fall in love or stay just friends and will they be able to survive the shocking truth. I swear the story will be better than the description. Also, this fic includes sub Spence. So if anyone wants to read about dominating Spencer this is the story for you.

Romance / Drama
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Hello everyone and welcome,

This is a story about friendship, love, trauma, lust, drama, and hardships. This story has some spoilers for season 6 so if you have not watched that I suggest you do that before reading this story. It won’t be exactly like what happens in the show but I will be using some of the plot of that season for this book.


Since this is a Criminal Minds fanfic there will be mentions of violence and other things. Some of these topics that I will mention are very heavy and a lot of people can be sensitive. With that in mind I will add trigger warnings at the beginning of any chapter that needs it. This fic will be pretty sad but I promise it will have a happy ending so no matter how sad it gets keep that in mind.

Also just a reminder that I do not own the criminal minds name, any characters that are in the show, or it’s plots. I do however own any character that I make up and add to this story.

So far I’m really proud of this story so I hope you all enjoy it. Without further ado I present to you.......

Are We In Love

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