The youngest marauder


Every one has heard of the marauders, the night in godric’s hollow, but what if Harry wasn’t the only to survive? What if Sirius did find love before the tragedy to which ended his life.... This is the story of Alana Lily black

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Chapter 1

31st October 1987

Sirius Black ran his fingers through his long dark hair, listening to the quiet gurgling noises coming from the crib that was placed at the opposite side of the room to where he was sitting. Sighing contentedly he got up and crossed the room, stopping at the cribs side and gazing into it. Sirius's infant daughter gazed up at him with eyes that mirrored his own and smiled.
"Dada" she cooed, repeating her first word. Sirius smiled even more
"That's right, Alana, Daddy's here" he whispered, picking up the small child. Alana giggled and snuggled up close to her father. Sirius heard a slight noise behind him, and spun around, but it was only his wife, Alexandra. Sirius's jaw dropped. Alexandra was a slightly built woman with long honey coloured hair and deep, pale blue eyes. She wore a red dress that made her look even more irresistible. Sirius flashed a charming smile at her.
"You know, I think I ended up with the best looking girl in our year at Hogwarts" Sirius commented
"You better not let James hear you say that, he'd beat you to a pulp." Alexandra laughed, crossing the room and tickling Alana underneath her chin. Alana giggled, while Sirius snorted
"I would like to see him try" he laughed. Alexandra picked up her handbag and Alana's baby bag, and headed towards the door. Sirius grabbed Alana's toy dog, which was her constant companion, and followed Alexandra. They were going out for dinner, and James and Lily had offered to baby sit Alana for them. Sirius took Alexandra's arm, and together they apperated to Godricks Hollow.
James walked up the garden path to the home of Lily and James Potter. He knocked at the door in the special tune that James had selected, and called out to his best friend.
"Prongs, it's me, Padfoot!"
"What did Professor McGonagall give us detention for on the first day of class in first year" the voice of James Potter asked. Sirius snorted with laughter at the memory.
"We set fire to Snivles's underwear, while he was still wearing them" he grinned. From behind the door, Sirius heard James laugh.
"Come on in" James opened the door, allowing Sirius and his family into the house. Sirius grinned at his best friend.
"That was a nice question" Sirius joked
"Yeah, I though you'd like it" James laughed, closing and relocking the door. James led Sirius and Alexandra into the living room, where Lily was sitting, with Harry perched on her lap. Sirius walked over and beamed at Lily as he carefully sat Alana next to Lily.
"Why, if it isn't Mrs. Prongs and Pronglet" Sirius joked, referring to the 'marauder names' Lily and Harry had been given. Alana rolled onto her stomach before getting on all fours and then whimpered. Sirius frowned, and then grinned.
"Oh yeah!" he smiled, reaching into his coat pocket and pulled Alana's toy dog out. Alana gurgled happily as Sirius put the toy on the couch next to her. Lily laughed.
"Sirius, honestly, if you and that girl were any more alike, Alexandra would have to buy two sets of nappies, instead of one."
"Yeah, I think it's because he's like a child himself, he was away from school the day you were taught how to grow up" Alexandra teased. Sirius walked over to his wife and hugged her.
"I beg to differ, my dearest, I can be very, very grown up when you and I are alone at night time" he muttered seductively. Alexandra giggled and blushed, while Lily had placed her hands over Harry and Alana's ears.
"Please, not in front of the children" she scolded, smiling.
"Yeah, you two kids get out of here before you make a bad influence on them. Snufflet will be fine with us, I promise." James joked, ushering Sirius and Alexandra towards the door. Sirius dodged James's arms and raced back to Alana. He kissed her on the forehead and tickled her under the chin.
"I love you, Snuflet" he whispered, before heading towards the door. Sirius turned to face James.
"I'll pick her up at about 10. Thanks for looking after her tonight" Sirius muttered. James nodded.
"Will you go and have fun" James grinned.
"Right," Sirius grinned, "Bye Lily, Bye Harry, Bye Alana, See-ya later Prongs" He called. Lily waved from the couch, where she was trying to stop Alana from crawling over to the edge. Sirius grinned, and then walked out into the cool Halloween night. As James closed the door, a tingle ran down Sirius's spine, and he shuddered.
"Why did I just get the feeling that I would never see James or Lily again?" he asked Alexandra.
'It's probably nothing, nobody knows they live here, and Wormtail wouldn't tell anyone, he's devoted to you guys, he's one of the most loyal men I know, and I know a lot of great men."
"Yeah, you're probably right" Sirius shrugged away the feeling and wrapped Alexandra in a hug. Carefully, he tickled her in her most ticklish spot, and Alexandra shrieked with laughter as they dissaperated.

Word count- 854

I know this is really short but I wanted to split godrics hollow into a few chapters to make it sad xx
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