The Musa Wars

Our Homes... So Far Away: Tecna

“Tecna, is it not true that your home world also has two names?” asks Flora.

“Yes but not for the same reason that Bloom’s home world is known as both Sparks and Domino,” replies Tecna.

“Oh? How is that?” asks Flora.

“Binos is one of the longest inhabited planets in our universe,” explains Tecna seriously. “The first inhabitants called themselves Binars so it was very logical to call the planet Binos. The Binars thought themselves to be very clever, inventive and industrious which they were although somewhat arrogant about it. After two hundred millennia of research and discovery they believed that they had reached the pinnacle of achievement and to celebrate this they renamed the whole planet Zenith. The millennia went by and the Binars devoted themselves to pleasure and sumptuous living but that soon became boring and the whole of the planet started going into decline. Then one fine day, an aggressive race of space farers from the planet Elektra found the planet Binos now called Zenith and decided they wanted it for themselves. The Binars scoffed at them saying, ‘We are better than these guys so we can defeat them easily,’ and so they went to war against the Electrolytes.”

“And they beat the Electrolytes?” asks Stella.

“No, it was the Binars who ended up being soundly defeated. But then something really strange happened,” says Tecna, drawing everyone’s interest into her account. “When the Electrolytes started to take over the planet, they delved into the Binars’ history and found that there was much about them to admire and the Binars delving into the Electrolytes’ history found in them a kindred spirit. So the two groups began to intermarry and produce offspring and within a few centuries there was not one purebred left of either species but the two together had evolved into a new species that was even better than the two founding species. This new species decided to revert to the name Binos in honour of the first founding race and also as a reminder never again to become as arrogant and conceited as the first Binars and to remember that no matter how much they thought they knew there was always more to learn and new goals to achieve. And that’s how my home world came to have two names.”

“That’s fascinating, Tecna!” say Ishandra and the Faeries.

“You liked that?” asks Tecna seriously.

“Yes!” chimes everyone.

“Well, I’m glad you did,” says Tecna pokerfaced, “because I just made up the whole thing.”

Everyone looks at Tecna who is still maintaining an absolutely straight face until realizing what had just happened, Ishandra says just as coolly, “Ladies, I believe that we have been had,” then everyone including Tecna breaks into laughter.

“Seriously, Tecna,” asks Bloom, “how did your home world come to have two names?”

“I don’t know,” Tecna tells her. “There may have been a reason but it is now lost in the mists of time.”

“Well, I’m glad to see you’re developing a sense of humour, Sweetie,” says Flora to Tecna.

“Well, it is either that,” quips Stella, grinning, “or the poor dawling has developed a serious Tecna-cal glitch.”

“Stella!” exclaim all the others but then realizing the humour of it all break into unrestrained laughter until their sides ache and tears are streaming down their cheeks.

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