The Musa Wars

Looming Clouds

Within a few days after Icy’s warning to Bloom, Darcy and Morgana reappear for more daily sessions of taunts and jeers. Again, everyone tries to ignore them but more than once Musa had to be held back from flying through the barrier to have physical blows with Darcy.

Bloom, realizing that the situation is rapidly becoming a tinderbox as people’s nerves ware thin, starts assessing her resources. True, three of her best fighters were now gone from Alfea College but she found among her students and staff those with similar skills and powers and a few with skills she hadn’t realized she would need in a fray. Bloom had expected the thirty Witches who now attend classes at Alfea College would want to go back to Cloud Tower to side with Darcy and Morgana but, to her astonishment, all thirty elected without hesitation to remain and take up a stance alongside the Faeries.

Several years before Icy became the protégée of Lady Shakira, the former headmistress of Cloud Tower, Bloom learns, Morgana had occupied that position as Lady Shakira’s golden child. Morgana indeed had the potential for greatness. She was gifted, beautiful and highly intelligent but like, her ancestress, Morgana Le Fay, Morgana Of Alfea had inherited the same vaingloriousness and penchant for untold cruelty that shocked even the most hardened of Witches. However, Lady Shakira soon came to her limits with Morgana’s constant troublemaking and general lack of interest in her work and her ingratitude for her tutoring. When she met Icy, she realized that here was someone with diligence, a thirst for knowledge and willingness to learn. Because of this, Morgana lost her positions of golden child to Icy who became her new protégée. This sparked an air of feuding between Icy and Morgana. Morgana attempted to make Icy’s life as miserable as possible in the hopes that Icy would leave Cloud Tower and she could once again enjoy her position of privilege. Icy, however, already possessed the power of the White Ice Dragon and when it came to a showdown, Icy beat Morgana soundly. Lady Shakira, finally having lost any hope of Morgana amounting to anything, ordered the Cat-Witch Guard to deal with the problem which they did by roughly escorting Morgana off the Cloud Tower campus with her bag and baggage and made it clear to her that she was never to set foot on the Cloud Tower campus ever again. Morgana never forgave or forgot that “injustice” and vowed to have her revenge.

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