The man i cant have


I never thought that coming to a foster home would change my life. I was just 12 but i already knew i was gay. But that wasnt what changed my life, the big teenage boy living with us did. If you are curious, then join Lizzsherry.

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Chapter 1

Lets get this straight, my story have unimaginable things and sexual themes. Language and twist. Trend carefully.

They never allowed me to mourn for my parents long before i was shifted to a foster home instead of an orphanage. I was thankful thou, since stories of how they treated new kids at the orphanage wasn't at all appealing to me.

Mrs. Maria explained to a twelve year old me about the foster home they were shifting me to.

I was quiet while she rumbled of how the woman in that house expected discipline and obedience. Maybe it was her voice or the fact that she was boring me with all that talk that i fell asleep.

I jolted awake panting after another episode of nightmare hunted my dreams.

Ones again i was hiding under my dad's desk when i had two female voice cursing and shouting at each other. I tried peaking but i was scared of been seen.

The yelling went on until i had my father's voice and another man arguing too. Next thing i knew, vases and flower pots were flying and crashing on the floor. Some cracked pieces also scattered under the desk just next to me.

Next thing i knew was blood and the unmoving body of my mother laying on the floor with her eyes wide open staring directly at me.


"Arthit," I had someone yell out my name before i realized i was spacing out again.

"Yes what?"

"We are here," she said parking her car. - "Now remember, you have to be a good boy. Mrs. Suthiluck is a very...blah...blah....

I had muted her again. I was a good boy so why the hell was she repeating the same thing over and over again.

I exited the car and walked towards the boot where my suitcase laid.

After taking it, I followed Mrs. Maria who was already at the door. She rang the bell twice and waited for someone to open it.

I could hear yelling and shouting before the door was opened.

"Hello, you must be-

" Mrs. Maria and this is Arthit, "she said pulling my hand.

My inside voice urged me to swat her hand away and stomp on her foot but I went against it. I still had to make my first impression to this woman very impeccable.

" Come in please. We were just about having lunch before i get ready for my shift at the hospital," she said.

I already liked her. She was beautiful with her tanned skin and long black hair.

We went inside the house and i was in awe. Not because it was big but because it was neat, considering more kids lived here. It wasn't that big but unlike our mansion, this one was very warm.

" You must be really hungry Arthit," she said before calling out to one of the boys.

"Jay, take this suitcase to Kongpob's room. He is the only one without a roommate."

The boy, Jay who looked alittle older than me winked before taking the suitcase from me. I looked away obviously blushing like the kid I was.

"Let's head to the dinning room."

We followed her to a very well arranged dining table. My fast task was to count how many plates.

Did she include us, or were all this for the family?

"We are seven in total but we put extra plates incase of a visitor pops in. Just like you did."

I smiled as i took a seat at the middle.

One by one i heard steps running from downstairs. I was scared to look and see faces that would probably judge my snow white skin.

" Who is this cutiepie? "

" Delicious meat."

Was he talking about me or was meat part of our lunch meal?

I slowly opened my eyes and met Jay looking at me weirdly. Quickly averting my eyes to the left, I was met with green emeralds staring back at me.

"Call me Stacy." Her voice was melodious and those eyes were just mesmerizing.

"I told you guys my eyes are bewitching. The kid is lost in them," she said smiling.

I felt embarrassed and decided my hands and fingers were mesmerizing too.

"You made him shy Stacy. Come on sweetheart, let me introduce you to everyone."

I looked towards the right where the voice was speaking from. Ones again, a very beautiful girl stared at me lovingly. Like she had known me for years.

"I'm Prae. On your left is stacy. On my right is Fiat the quiet one. Opposite you is Jay the flirt, May the spreader."

A grape came flying towards Prae who caught it easily. - "Truth hurts May."

What truth? I was still stuck trying to define 'Spreader'.
What did it mean anyway?

"Enough girls. Come on Jay, say the grace, Mrs.Suthiluck warned.

Before Jay could say the grace, someone came rushing in shirtless, with only basketball shorts on huging on his waist.
" Sorry, the game went on for too long, "he said pecking Mrs. Suthiluck.

" Go freshen up quickly then. Oh and we have a guest. He will be sharing your room. "

He looked annoyed as he raised his head. He scanned around the table until his eyes met mine.
His annoyed face was replaced by a sly smirk which brought unfortunate war inside my stomach.

I looked away quickly knowing fully well that i was fucked up.

Is it too late for me to go back with Mrs Maria?


I hope you loved the first chapter. Until next time
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