Attack On Titan [FANFICTION S1]


So In This Attack On Titan Fanfiction. Karen is a sister of Eren Jaeger. She's close with her family, Mikasa, and Armin. Karen and her family (just add Mikasa) lived in Wall Maria, Shiganshina District. After a years of living peacefully, Wall Maria was broken down and Titans are now invading Wall Maria. _ So That's The Only Information I can Give To You Guys. Please Don't Hate It:>

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Attack On Titan S1
To You: 2000 years from now


Karen's POV

I was busy helping my mom with something, when the door opened. I looked up at the door to see Eren And Mikasa carrying firewoods. Mikasa definitely helped Eren.. I said to myself. "We're back." Eren said. "Welcome Home" I welcomed Eren and Mikasa. Eren then put the firewoods to the open part of the floor. (Sorry.. I don't know what that calls)
"Wow, Eren." Mom stopped. "I'm surprised you gathered this much firewood today." Mom continued. "Y-Yeah..." Eren spoke. Mom then pinched Eren's ears. "What was that for?" Eren asked. "Your ear was red." Mom said to Eren. "You were lying." Mom continued. Mom really knows Eren. I thought. "Mikasa helped you, didn't she?" I asked Eren, making him to look at me. Eren then looked down.
"Huh? Dad.. Are you headed out?" Eren questions dad while eating. "For work?" I asked. "Yeah.. I have to go see someone in the inner walls." Dad answered. "I'll be back in two or three days." Dad added. I just nodded my head and continued to eat. It was silent in a moment when Mikasa broke it. "Eren wants to join the Recon Corps." Mikasa said. I widened my eyes in shock. Mom automatically faced Mikasa with shocked face. While dad just changed his usual blank face into shocked face. Eren stopped on what he's doing. "Mikasa, you traitor!" He said banging the plate on the table making me flinch. "Eren, what are you thinking?!" Mom asked running towards Eren. "Do you know how many people die outside those walls?" Mom questioned. "I do!" Eren answered. "You clearly don't!" Mom said. "Eren." Dad called. Eren and mom looked at dad. "Why do you want to go outside?" Dad asked. "I wanted to see and understand the world outside." Eren answered. "I don't want to die inside these walls without knowing what's out there!" Eren continued. Right!! I said to myself. "On top of that, if no one takes on their jobs." He stopped. "Then those who lost their lives will have died in vain!" He continued. "I see.." Dad stopped. "My ship's here. I must get going." He continued. "Wait, dear!" Mom shouted while running towards Dad. "Help me convince Eren!" Mom said. "Carla, nothing can suppress a humanity's curiosity." Dad said while fixing his hat. "Eren." Dad said facing Eren. "After I've returned, I'll show you and Karen the basement that I've been keeping you away from." Dad said while showing the key. "For real?" Me and Eren asked with a huge smile on our face.
"Have a safe trip!" Eren said while waving his hands. "Bye dad!" I shouted. "I won't allow it." Mom blankly said. "You won't be joining something stupid like Recon Corps." Mom continued. "Stupid?" Eren asked. "People who are content living like livestock are more stupid!" Eren continued with an angry voice then run as fast as he could. "Eren!" Me and my mom synced, but he continues to run. "Mikasa, he's truly a reckless boy." Mom said to Mikasa. "Karen, Mikasa... When troubles come, be sure to help each other out." Mom said holding our shoulder. "Okay." Me and Mikasa said, then we ran off. A minutes of running to chase Eren, I saw Armin getting beaten. "It's Eren." I heard. "What a moron, he's back again." I heard again. I looked at my side which is Mikasa who's ready to kill someone. I heard one of them said. "M-Mikasa and K-Karen's with him!" One of them said. "Shit! Run!" They shouted before running off. "Hey, they ran away after seeing me!" Eren proudly said. I just looked at him in disbelief before turning my head to Armin. "No, they ran away after seeing Mikasa and Karen." Armin said trying to stand up, but fail. "Ow." Eren automatically reaches his hand out to Armin. "Hey, you okay Armin?" Eren asked worriedly. "I can stand up by myself." Armin said silently. "Oh, sorry." Eren apologized.
"So, after telling them that mankind needs to go outside eventually, they beat me, calling me heretic." He explained. Eren picked up one rock and throw it hard. "Dammit." Eren angrily said. "We just want to go outside. Why does everyone hate us?" Eren angrily ask. "Well, it's been peaceful living inside these walls for the past 100 years." Armin said making me and Eren look at him. "Titans might be let inside when people leave the walls, so the king's government banned people from showing interest to the outside world." Armin said. "We're risking our own lives." Eren said. "No one has the right to stop us." Eren said again. "Eren's right. No one has the right to stop us." I said, agreeing to Eren. "You guys can't do that." Mikasa said, frown in her face. "No way." Mikasa said, facing Me and Eren. "I know.." I said. "Even we wanted to go outside, we just can't do that." I added. "Mikasa! How dare you tell my parents!" Eren angrily said. "I don't remember agreeing to help you." Mikasa said again. "So how did it go?" Armin asked Eren. "Well, they weren't happy about it." Eren answered. "I figured." Armin stopped on what he's saying. "People are crazy for believing that this walls will protect us forever." Armin then continued. "Even though the walls have been intact for the past 100 years, there nothing that can guarantee they won't be broken down today..." Armin said. After he said that, it was silent in a moment when there's some sort of lightning strike, making the ground shake. We fall and hit the ground. "Ouch.." I said silently. "Wh-what was that?" I heard Armin asked. I immediately stand up to see what's happening. "Was it an explosion?" I asked. "Over there." I heard some people talking. "Something fell?" Someone asked. "I'm not sure." Someone answered. Armin then run off. "Hey, Armin!" I shouted before following him. "What happened?" Eren asked. "What are you looking at?" I asked, before turning my head up to look where he is looking. I widened my eyes on what we are seeing right now. "You're kidding... That wall is 50 meters high!" Armin said nervously. "It's them.." Eren said. Them? The titans?! I thought. "Titans!" Eren said again, and with that, the titan broke the wall with just one single kick. Th-the wall broke?! I asked myself. The titan who broke the wall vanished. "H-he.. Made a hole in the wall.." Armin said. "W-we need to getโ€“" Armin stopped on what his saying and widened his eyes. "Eren!" He called. "Our house is over there.." Eren quietly said. Oh right! I said to myself. What a dumbass am I. I said again to myself. "Mom is.." He said. Me and Mikasa run, leaving Armin who's shouting our name. Me, Eren, and Mikasa continued to run. (This one is Third Person's POV) Our house is definitely safe! Eren and Karen thought. Once I make turn here, our house will be there as always! Eren and Karen continued to thought. (Back to our precious Karen's POV) Once we turned, our eyes widened. "Mom!" Eren and I synced. "Mikasa, Karen, grab that side." He said to us. "We need to move this pillar." He said . I quickly grab the side he was talking about, trying to move it. Our eyes widened to the sights of titan. "Hurry, Karen and Mikasa!" He said while struggling to move the pillar. "We know!" Mikasa said. "The titans are coming in." I heard mom mumbled. "Eren, take Karen and Mikasa." Mom said to Eren. "Hurry!" She added. "I want to run too!" Eren said still struggling with the pillar. "Hurry up and get out!" Eren shouted. "My legs have been crushed by the debris." She said and my eyes widened. "I can't run even if I get out. Do you understand?" She questioned. "I'll carry you and run!" Eren shouted. "Why can't you just listen to what I say for once?!" Mom asked. I just looked at them, tears continue to fall. "Please just listen to me! Just one last time!" Mom shouted. "Mikasa, Karen!" She said. I looked at her with so much tears. "No! No.." Me and Mikasa said. "At this rate, all four of us will..." Mom said. I heard something, so I looked where is it and saw Hannes with something on his waist. "Hannes!" Mom shouted. "Take the kids and run!" Mom shouted again. "Don't take me lightly, Carla." Hannes said with a smile on his face. "I'll kill the titan and save all four of you." Hannes said before using his gear to kill the titan. "Wait! You can't fight it!" Mom said. (Hannes POV) She's right. I can definitely save three of them. Hannes thought. But now is my opportunity... To repay my debt! Hannes thought again.(to our precious Karen's POV again) I looked at Hannes who's running towards the titan. I was really hoping that he can kill the titan, but my hope for him vanished when he stopped. He come back where me, Eren and Mikasa. He carry the three of us. "Hey, Hannes!" I heard Eren. "What the hell are you doing?" Eren asked. "Thank you." I heard mom said. I continued looking at my mom who's trapped in our broken house. "Mom is still trapped in there!" Eren shouted. "Eren! Karen! Mikasa! Live on!" Mom shouted. I widened my eyes, trying to let go on Hannes hands. I widened my eyes when mom is now in the titans hands. "Stop!" Me and Eren shouted. I was shocked on what I'm seeing right now. Mom getting eaten by a titan.

On that day, mankind received a grim reminder.
We lived in fear of the titans, and we're disgraced to live in this cages we called walls.

To be continued...

Sorry for Grammatical Errors.
This is my first ever Fanfiction so don't hate it that much ๐Ÿคง
No Hate Just Loveโœจ
You can watch AOT S1 on facebook ๐Ÿ‘ป
I skipped some of the parts
1682 words๐ŸŒณ

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