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Five Stages of Grief


"You!" Ladybug seethed, hot with anger. "You evil bitch!" She screamed, finding no better words to describe the girl in front of her, "Guess what Lila, you did it, you made me crack, at the price of robbing me of my partner!"

Ladybug landed on Lila, strangling the girl with her hands, "Thats...Not...Very...Ladybug...Of...You," Lila choked, trying to pry Ladybugs iron grip.

"I stopped caring after you KILLED CHAT NOIR," Ladybug reminded her violently, "I hope your happy, I heard you like Adrien Agreste and here you are. The girl who murdered him," something in Lila snapped and she no longer smirked.

"I WAS AIMING FOR YOU!" Lila screamed, "Then stupid Chat Noir came and saved you!" Ladybug picked the brunette up by the neck and held her up, over the railing and into the Paris sky.

"What's stopping me from dropping you, right here, right now?" Ladybugs teeth grinded together.

"You can't, you're ladybug and you could never kill someone, even if they killed the love of your life and your partner, Chat Noir, you're weak Marinette Dupain-Cheng!" Ladybug gasped, how did Lila know?

"Yeah, well that was the old me, Chat kept in check, now he's gone, I have no remorse doing this," Ladybug whispered, loosening her grip on Lila's neck and watching as the brunette plummets to the floor and the ever growing puddle of dark liquid oozes and spreads around the floor.

Marinette couldn't believe that she had killed a human being, the only thing consoling her was the fact she had killed a killer, she had avenged Chat Noir, just like she said she would.

No matter how much he would have been against it.


"You can't, you're ladybug and you could never kill someone, even if they killed the love of your life and your partner, Chat Noir. You're weak, Ladybug!" Lila struggled, Ladybug had fantasized about dropping her, she could see the benefits but a nagging voice at the back of her head, which she had quickly identified as Adriens, begged her not to.

Ladybug roughly dropped Lila back onto the platform, the brunette clutching her neck with a new desperation, fear. "Why didn't you drop me?" Lila asked, panicked. "Why are you letting me live?" She cried, tears finally leaving her eyes.

"As much as I want Chat back, he's dead. Although you're to blame, he would never want me to bring myself down to your level," Ladybug spat, swinging away.

Lila Rossi fell to the floor, collapsing like a puddle of water, this was her backup plan, now she would have to do the unthinkable.


"I'm sorry Marinette, but why did you let Lila go free?" Tikki asked, Marinette made her way to the miracle box and slowly pulled out the ring of her ex-partner.

"Hey Plagg," she whispered, the small black cat races towards her and held her face.

"I can't believe he's gone, I was always going to outlive him, but I should have had longer with him," Plagg cried.

"Here, eat it, it'll make you feel better," Marinette offered him a small piece of camembert, he looked down at his once favourite cheese, nothing ever made him lose his appetite, but Adriens death had changed his appetite for cheese.

"Maybe I could have something else?" Tikki gasped in shock, this wasn't like Plagg. This wasn't normal, when their previous owners died, Plagg would make a joke to get over it and be rude about it, but he was different this time.

It was like Adrien taught him something new.

He taught Plagg to show he cared.

Marinette sighed and flopped on her bed, she thought about organizing something, anything to get her mind off of Adrien, but nearly everything reminded her of him.

Her entire room was bare, she had ripped off all his posters and now her room felt cold, like it had lost its warmth. She picked up her phone, the bleak social media apps showed her what kind of state everyone was in.

She pulled up Instagram and went to where the groupchats was, "Hey guys, we need to do something, anyone wanna meet at the louvre tomorrow?" The text was seen by Myléne and Ivan quickly, no response.

Sabrina and Chloé saw next, Sabrina just responded with a no and Chloé left her on seen.

Ivan, Max and Kim declined as well.

Nathaniel, Alix and Juleka said maybe, they would see how they felt that day.

Rose and Alya just left her on seen as well. Nino didn't even check his phone when Adrien was alive, she doubted he would now that his best friend was no longer with him.

Marinette threw her phone at the wall, "What is wrong with everyone? Why do they think they are the only ones going through something?" She screamed.

"Marinette? I think you should calm down," Tikki tried to soothe, Marinette looked towards the miracle box, she pulled out more jewelry and more kwamis appeared.

"Why? It's not like I have to worry about Hawkmoth anymore, Nooro is standing right next to you," Marinette snapped.

"Marinette! You are going through the five stages of Grief, we just need to get you to move on from anger to depression," Duusu pointed out.

"Yessss, why don't you go for a jog, calm yoursssself down," Sass agreed.

Marinette sighed and looked outside, the kwamis were right, she needed to speed through this so she could feel better.

Marinette plugged in her headphones to her phone and put on her playlist, then she proceeded to run outside until she felt better.

Her parents tried to talk to her, but she had ignored them, hell-bent on running around the block to cool off steam. Well, not the block, but Paris was a small city that sometimes it feels like a block.

She had gotten used to not running into Chat Noir on her late night escapades, whether she were ladybug or not, she enjoyed the peace and quiet that the night would bring.

The sound of two cars colliding and the sound of a car alarm stopped Marinette dead in her tracks, in front of her was full of blood, glass and metals shards.

Lila's hand hung over the side of the car and Marinette went closer to inspect it, "Marinette?" She whispered softly, "Tell everyone I'm sorry, for Chat Noir and Adrien. Please also tell everyone that I died because Ladybug wanted revenge, I think it is excusable," she sobbed quietly, Marinette knew this was a lie.

No matter how much she hated Lila, she'd never wish death on anyone, at least aloud. Calling the ambulance operator, Marinette frantically explaining the situation to the women on the other line who sent the ambulance straight away.

Marinette held Lila's hand as the red and blue lights came flashing down, it was all a blur when the paramedics began asking questions and trying to know more.

The only though racing through her head was, "Please don't let another person die in my arms," as she walked into the ambulance to comfort Lila on the journey, it was funny, even a few hours ago, Marinette would have never done this. So why was she?

Marinette waited in the waiting room impatiently, "Marinette? Thank God you're alright!" Kagami exclaimed, racing towards Marinette, enveloping her in a tight hug.

"Kagami, what are you doing here?" Marinette asked, surprised.

"I heard you were sent here, I didn't hear why though," Kagami explained, "We have to look out for each other, especially since Adriens murderer is on the loose," Kagami let go of Marinette and looked towards the doorway.

"That's the thing, Lila isn't on the loose, she's on the verge of death in ER," Marinette squeaked, Kagami looked at her incredulously.

"So you helped her, why?" Kagami sat down on the seat, flattening her skirt.

"I hate her, I hated her before she killed adrien and I especially hate her now, but I can't let anyone die, Adrien would have been disgusted in me if I had left her for dead," Marinette explained, heatedly, Kagami sighed and nodded her head.

"Miss Dupain-Cheng? You came with Lila Rossi right?" A doctor asked, Marinette nodded while Kagami subconsciously grabbed a hold of Marinettes hand.

"Well, I'm sorry to inform you that Lila Rossi is a coma, I'm sorry,"

And suddenly it felt a lot like the night Adrien died.

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